Sunshine Statement

The Dallas area got 5″ to 7″ of snow yesterday, which undoubtedly shuts down our city. While the snow was beautiful and delightful, I must say it was far more exciting to see the sun! Sun is definitely on my radar, since I will thankfully be flying to the sunshine state today.

Stay tuned for some fun posts next week! Until then, I’ll let you dream of the beach. That just so happens to be my hometown….

As always, check my instagram for photos of my visit.

Happy Weekend!







2 thoughts on “Sunshine Statement

  1. Christina – If you have any spare time when you are home and want to do some interior design consulting, let me know. If you just want to relax and enjoy the FL weather I completely understand. Just looking to spruce up things around the house and I am enjoying following your blog.

    • Hi Mrs Degnan! Sorry for just now responding! I have a pretty packed schedule of friends to visit, but send me an email at and I will do my best to swing by! I am more than happy to make some suggestions! Thanks so much for following, don’t think I have seen you since my Canterbury days! XO- CD

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