A House in The Country

It feels like time has not been a friend of mine, but I am so desperately looking forward to some down time. I had a brief window of down time for the first time this weekend, and I was able to enjoy browsing through the new book, A House in The Country, by renown architect Peter Pennoyer and the always chic and colorful designer Katie Ridder. While they are accomplished in their own right, the husband and wife team joined forces to create a picturesque retreat in Millbrook, New York.

The book showcases the wonderfully crafted architectural details that went into this home, from the moldings to the columns to every curated space. The Greek Revival architecture pairs wonderfully with Ridder’s colorful and dynamic palette of design. She leaves no detail untouched. The design of each room seems unexpected, yet the vibrant hues flow beautifully throughout. This book is truly a treat and feast for those who appreciate a fantastic house and memorable design. The book itself shows the layout of the garden and identifies each flower they used. It is every bit as educational as it is beautiful.

Below are some photos of the home published a year earlier from AD. Pick up your copy of A House in the Country to see the real beauty. Also, check my Instagram Story to see more of the home. It is exactly the place I would want to be this fall.

Click here purchase A House In The Country with design from Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder.



peter-pennoyer-and-katie-ridder-via-ad-5  peter-pennoyer-and-katie-ridder-via-ad-6

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A close family friend recently sent me an article about Meg Ryan’s New York City loft. It has a bit more of a modern edge, while still maintaining a classic appeal. The bones of the loft allow for a seamless transitional space, where Ryan incorporates texture and contrast. Her style is every bit eclectic and cool. A nice refreshing palette  that can be appreciated in my land of espalier and chinoiserie.

All photos from Architectural Digest.


A great arrangement of texture, contrast, and intimacy that is so rare to find in a loft space.


Another view.


I love the white exposed brick.


Excellent display of tall open shelving. If you are doing shelving- go all the way to the ceiling!!meg-ryan-home-via-ad-6

A beautiful combination of texture and contrast.


I adore the collected sense of this space.


Beautiful dark hardwood.


I love the pattern in the tile and elevated tub in this bathroom.

Fall Bunny

I love the feel of the seasons, and Bunny Williams and John Rosselli have a home that embodies a comfort that withstands every season. One Kings Lane featured their beyond beautiful home, and it is exactly the type of home you would want to grow up in and truly live a life of warmth and splendor. Their home is collected and livable. Nothing looks untouchable or overly contrived, and that is the main goal of any home.

Photos via One King Lane



bunny-williams-home-via-okl-14  bunny-williams-home-via-okl-4



bunny-williams-home-via-okl-2bunny-williams-home-via-okl-10   bunny-williams-home-via-okl-13





A Dallas Treasure Trove

My friend recently told me about a home that just sold here in Dallas and the treasure trove of design that lies within it. Betty Gertz is renowned for her antiques here in Dallas, so it is no surprise how well she displays them in her home (now, her former home). Gertz enlisted the worldly Belgium designer Axel Vervoordt to create this enchanting and collected home. It seems that every turn leads you into a room not like the other, yet they all flow seamlessly. I love that there is an unexpected surprise around every corner in this treasure trove.

All photos via Architectural Digest


What an entry. Could you imagine having flowing vines throughout. The skylights really give an outdoors-indoors appeal. dallas-home-of-betty-gertz-designed-by-axel-vervoordt-via-ad-2

I love the washes in this room. Really quite beautifully appointed. The details in the molding are beyond. Also, don’t you love how wide that skirted coffee table is?


Another view of this fabulous room in its violet hue.



What a way to display blue & white.


I normally love a white kitchen, but this does the trick. The woodwork is beautiful.


A wonderful combination of textures and understated simplicity.


The entrance of the home just proves it’s a hidden gem.



Gertz brought some of her former home to her house. The landscaping is unbelievable.



Fall Back

Finally! Cooler temperatures and the month of October give reason to bring out the pumpkins and Fall decor. Yesterday, I brought out my beautiful hand painted blue & white pumpkins from Dana Mahnke of Indigo Home Shop and from Karolyn Stephenson of The Relished Roost. They are ideal next to all my other blue and white pieces. Fall decorating really gets me into the spirit of the season. Nothing says Fall quite like a Pumpkin Chai candle from Nest, as well as large pots of white mums. Also, this season I am very drawn to white and green pumpkin (pictures coming soon).  I love the clean and subtle chic look (I decided to leave orange to the leaves). Here are some of my favorite Fall inspired images to get you ready to Fall back into the holidays.

All photos via Pinterest unless otherwise noted.


Photo I took at a garden tour last year. My inspiration for green and white pumpkins.


Another view.




I love all the greenery here.




Every year, I buy a pumpkin from Dr. Delphinium here in Dallas. They make remarkable pumpkin arrangements that last all season.



A perfectly chic display of green and white pumpkins.


A beautiful Fall arrangement I spotted at a Dallas home last year.


Lovely tabletop.


I love the monochromatic tone of this pumpkin topiary.