Perfect Vue

Recently in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to practice some yoga on the perfectly manicured lawn of the Longue Vue House & Gardens. While gazing up into the oak trees on an exceptional day with zero humidity, I found myself completely distracted by a stately and timeless home. The home was designed by Edith and Edgar Stern. They collaborated with Ellen Biddle Shipman and architects William and Geoffrey Platt, to create one of the last great American houses to be built during the Country Place Era. The Platt brothers took three years to build the home from 1939-1942. Shipman started to design Longue Vue’s gardens in 1935 and continued until her death in 1950.

The enchanting gardens and breathtaking estate were clearly designed with a labor of love that will look even more beautiful 100 years from now. Enjoy these pictures from a lovely day on the lawn of Longue Vue.

Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood10Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 9




Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 3

Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 5

IMG_0701 (1)IMG_0794 Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 7 IMG_0659Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 8   IMG_0652

Longue Vue House & Gardens photo by The Potted Boxwood 4

Author Julia Reed’s Magnificent New Orleans Mansion

By: Emmy Berg

New Orleans – the land of wrought iron fences, hot jambalaya (Mrs. Doubtfire pun intended), swanky jazz music, and of course, beignets. But for the sake of this post and all things classically “New Orleans”, we will focus on the ironwork aesthetic.

Whether it be a stroll through the French Quarter, your favorite restaurants and bars, or the magnificent hotels that line the streets, the iron fences are an architectural staple that cannot be missed.

Although most buildings share certain elements in common, NOLA offers an array of structural designs. Ranging from the historic grand homes on St. Charles Avenue, the classic creole cottages, two-story townhomes, and of course timeless southern plantations.

But one of my favorites and TPB approved home in this iconic city is the effortlessly elegant white house in the Garden District that formerly belonged to author Julia Reed. The two-storied, large balconied home is the perfect balance of southern charm and modern influence.

The casual, airy layout of the home compliments the more traditional and formal décor. Large spacious rooms are filled with beautiful artwork and allow for the perfect backdrop for entertaining. One of the best features of the home is its exterior. Gorgeous landscape surrounds the entire house to ensure its rightful place in New Orleans’ Garden District.

Photos by William Waldron for Elle Decor and Pail Costello for Southern Living.


The famous white house on First Street.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.40.51 PM


Traditional New Orleans wrought iron fence secures this upper-level porch.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.32.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.38.49 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.44.34 PM

Julia Reed NOLA

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.33.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.48.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.48.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.27.30 PM


The talented author Julia Reed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.34.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.39.43 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.52.19 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 4.55.43 PM

Great Scott!

Last time I visited Scottsdale, it was the winter and the casitas were warm and the fire was hot. This weekend, it will be the summer and the casitas will probably still be warm and the outdoors will be even hotter. That said, I am so excited for a fun weekend celebrating a good friend.

In all honesty, there probably won’t be pretty white houses with black shutters and boxwood (not exactly the Arizona type of home). Arizona houses bring in the natural elements, often in a grandiose manner. Other times they are understated and no frills. I think I love this Scottsdale home by Michael S. Smith because it incorporates both the typical elements of a desert home, yet has a timeless and chic ambience. It is the best combination there is!

Be sure to check instagram stories for more snaps of my summer travel!

Photos of this home designed by Michael S. Smith are  by Scott Frances via Veranda.

Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via VerandaScottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 7

  Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 4

Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 8Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 5

Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 6

Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 3

Scottsdale House by Michael S Smith via Veranda 2

Booked Up For Summer

The title speaks volumes (pun intended), as I really am booked up for summer. This is exciting for all my followers, because I can share new pretty places, houses, and things that I come across along the way (especially on instagram stories)! Every start to summer, I love to share my reading list of good by-the-pool books. The titles listed are a collection of literature that I have recently read, things my dear friends have read, or books that are highly anticipated. Let’s be honest, there is nothing more rewarding that lounging with a really addicting book. Happy Summer! Happy Reading!

A big thanks to my many friends for some of these suggestions. An especially bigger thanks to my mom, the most avid reader of all. 


The People We Hate At The Wedding

The People We Hate at the Wedding. The title alone is enough to make me pick up the book. This new release highlights family dysfunction in the most comical way.

The Gypsy Moth Summer

The Gypsy Moth Summer. One of the most anticipated books of the summer, this title deals with love, family, and a summer on Avalon Island.

Rich People Problems

Rich People Problems.  I LOVE every book by Kevin Kwan.They are so fun! He writes a fabulous cast of characters, with all the good real life spots mentioned. I am sure this book is no exception.

Do Not Become Alarmed

Do Not Become Alarmed. A total page-turner told from the points of view of children and adults who lose each other on vacation.

Small Great Things

Small Great Things (ABOUT TO BE A MOVIE). Moral dilemmas intertwined with power, wealth and race. Great characters make it a thought provoking page turner.


Party Girls Die In Pearls

Party Girls Die In Pearls. One of my first famous followers of @thepottedboxwood on instagram, Plum Sykes is a woman after my own heart. This Bergdorf Blondes author is back with a high-end and posh mystery set in Oxford.

Fitness Junkie

Fitness Junkie. Lucy Sykes (yes, Plum’s -from above-sister) and Jo Piazza have created a hilarious novel about a woman on a mission to save her job and lose thirty pounds in this fitness crazed, naked yoga, juice loving world.


Fly Me

Fly Me. Set in the seventies, this novel highlights all the fun trouble that can happen in LA.

All The Missings Girls

Missing Girls. An interesting read about two girls that are missing decades apart. One of those where you must pay attention!

Here's To Us

Here’s To Us. I am shocked I haven’t read this yet (came out last summer). I love all of Hilderbrand’s books (she is related to the fabulous designer Lauren Hilderbrand). Set in Nantucket, a man’s death brings about lies, tears, drama and a whole lot more.

The Almost Sisters

The Almost Sisters. Set in Alabama, a fun family romp with some family secrets floating around.

The Girls

The Girls. Northern California, a cult following, and a coming of age story where a girl longs to feel accepted.

The Lost Letter

The Lost Letter. If you loved The Nightingale you will love this. A heart-provoking historical story set during WWII in Austria.

The Girl Before

The Girl Before (READ BEFORE THE MOVIE). This book is a mix of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Thrilling at every turn of the page.

The Cuckoos Calling

The SilkwormsCareer or Evil

Cormoran Strike Book. This trilogy has a plethora of fans. Written under pseudonym by J.K. Rawling, this is a story where a detective’s career comes to life by investigating a super-model’s death.
Into The Water

Into The Water.  From the Author of The Girl on the Train, another psychological thriller to leave us captivated.

Truly Madly Guilty Novel

Truly Madly Guilty. From one of my absolutely favorite authors (the woman who brought us Big Little Lies), comes a new novel with Moriarty’s colorful characters and intertwined lives.

Lilac Girls

Lilac Girls. Another wonderful story set in WWII that brings up all sorts of emotions of love and friendship.


Jackie's Girl

Jackie’s Girl. An inside look at Jackie O’s life with never before heard details told by her personal assistant.
Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy. I have heard this is the book that explains the Trump America very clearly.

 Jo Malone

My Story by Jo Malone. The British fragrance powerhouse has an autobiography that is sure to inspire. A great example of turning passion into a business.

How to Murder Your Life

How To Murder Your Life. A memoir from a former fashion editor living a secret life and the harsh reality of addiction and ambition.

Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed. “If you want to change the world, you should start by making your bed.” A great book to be read by every leader, or anyone who wants to make an impact.

Cork Dork

Cork Dork. Like the movie Somm in a book format, this piece explores the complex and exciting world of wine.

Prince Charles Book

Prince Charles The Passions and Paradoxes Of an Improvable Life
The Crown continues on with the heir in waiting. My mom and grandmother adored this book!

White Jeans Are Coming

Good morning! As we get ready to hit Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would throwback to one of my favorite posts all about white houses! Bring on white jeans, rosé, and sweet summer tan lines.


White picket fence and hedge via pinterest

This oozes charm! I can picture my little black pug Emmie standing guard by the fence. Photo source: Pinterest

White perfection via pinterest

Absolute white perfection (and the boxwoods make their first post appearance).  Photo source: Pinterest (Ugh! Please tell me if y’all know the real source!)

White House_BoxwoodS_via Katie Design

A very fresh and updated use of white! Designer and photo source: KATIE Design

White home with Hydrangeas via Habitually Chic

Hydrangea Heaven. A gorgeous white home with sophisticated white awnings. Photo source: Habitually Chic

The Parent Trap bia Southern Preppy Blog

Here again is the London home used in the Nancy Meyer’s version of The Parent Trap. Quintessentially British.  Photo source: Preppy Southerner

Pamela Pierce home via Veranda

Pamela Pierce’s home in Veranda. While I usually advocate for black shutters, this looks SO sophisticated (or maybe the potted boxwoods are clouding my judgement)!

Palm Beach Home via Ferguson and Shamamian

Can Ferguson & Shamamian do no wrong? This Palm Beach home will still look phenomenal 500 years later. Not to mention that gorgeous blue and white on the wall! Swoon….

White with black shutters in fall via Pinterest

This house has me ready for fresh cashmere and riding boots, but something tells me it looks great in all seasons! Photo source: Pinterest

Nantucket Beach House_With love from Kat

Now this is my kind of beach house! Definitely helps that it is on my favorite island of Nantucket. Photo source: With Love From Kat

Mark D Sikes Home via Mark D Sikes

Mark’s style is everything. I really don’t know what else to say.  He gets white, he gets boxwood, he gets blue and white, and I adore his style! Mark D. Sikes

Kentucky Greek Revival_WSJ

A very historic and fantastic Kentucky Greek revival. Photo source: Wall Street Journal

Italian home with vines via cool chics style fashion

An Italian masterpiece, and I love the open look of the shutters. As my parent’s friend always jokes, “Those rich people and their gravel driveways!”  He is so right though! Photo source: Cool Chic Style Fashion

Dallas home_Veranda Mag._Photo by Max Kim Beejpg

I have yet to come across this Dallas home, but I think I would surely get in an accident for braking suddenly when I saw it. What a gorgeous robin’s egg blue door. Very stately. Photo source: Veranda

Charlotte Moss via

Charlotte Moss masters the art of black and white here, not to mention total elegance. My pug, who recently chewed through her “A Flair For Living” book (wahhh) would have to agree. Photo source: Belle Vivir

Boxwoods and White Home via Jan Showers

Perfect in every way. What a great use of boxwoods. Designer and Photo source: Jan Showers

Boxwood Estate via Veranda Mag

Guess why this is my favorite picture? Ok, I’ll tell you. It is called the Boxwood Estate. It also helps that it is truly historic and beautiful. A personal favorite! The architect of this well-known Nashville estate is Gil Schafer and the photo source is Veranda.

Atlanta Georgia Revival>Emily Jerkins Followill_Things That Inspire

Staying in the South, let’s move to Atlanta. This Georgian revival is classically attractive. Photo source: Things That Inspire


The original Affair With A House. Bunny Williams’ interiors never go out of style. Photo source: Mark D. Sikes


Can I move in? This house has a little bit of everything going for it. Sadly, I have a lot of everything going on in this busy start to summer! Photo source: Pinterest