Chic Castillo

I love the timeless, collected, and absolutely beautiful work of Lorenzo Castillo. His work conveys rooms that are approachable, yet undoubtedly chic. They are the spaces you want to curl up with a book, drink a coffee, or just sit and absorb. Honestly, you know you are in a beautiful space when you can find something new to look at and love in a room you see everyday.

Castillo’s residence in Northern Spain is no exception. It conveys a chic masculinity and maturity while still feeling soft and lushly layered. This Dallas weather has been so gloomy recently, I am craving layers- not only in clothing, but also in decor. This design is the perfect fit.

Happy almost Friday! XO

All photos of Lorenzo Castillo’s home are from AD.


Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 2

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 4

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 5

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 3

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 11

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 10

Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 8     Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 6 Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD 9   Lorenzo Castillos Home via AD

Chinoiserie Panels

I could literally chinoiserie all day. I think I could have a home completely wrapped in gracie or degournay and never ever tire of it. Since I am just a single girl living in a townhouse, it doesn’t make any sense nor is it very budget friendly for my lifestyle. BUT, I was beginning to grow weary of the lack of it in my life. So, I am getting a little creative. My wheels have been turning. Many people frame their favorite chinoiserie paper, that way they can take it from house to house and never lose their investment. I am not about to even invest in gracie or degournay (I am waiting for a generous husband to come along for that ;).

I did a little online digging. I don’t quite know the quality, but I purchased two chinoiserie panels from Houzz. I plan to frame them in a beautiful gold frame and give it a go! You’ll have to see later where they end up. I could see them everywhere from the bedroom, dining room, or living room. I think we all could use a little chinoiserie today. Hope you find some great inspiration below! Remember: a little chinoiserie is better than none at all!

Houzz Chinoiserie Panel

pinked framed chinoiserie panels by Nick Olsen via Domino

I love the bamboo style frame! Bedroom by Nick Olsen via Domino

Chinoiserrie panels

Beautiful soft pink chinoiserie panels via pinterest.

  framed Chinoiserie paper via Bliss at Home

I love how well chinoiserie can mix with all styles (modern or traditional). Via Bliss at Home

Framed chinoiserie panel via Domino

A really great room (although those pillows are a little blinding) and a beautiful chinoiserie panel via Domino

fabulous framed shades of green wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

How can you not adore these beautiful panels that fit perfectly in the molding. Love the shades of green. Via Apartment Therapy

Entry by Summer Thorton via House Beautiful

Beautiful entry of blue and white by Summer Thorton via House Beautiful.

 Chinoiserie panels up the staircase by Mark D Sikes

Mark D. Sikes can do no wrong, especially in this California entry. Chinoiserie panels lead up the staircase.

Chinoiserie panels by the bed via Elements of Style

A lovely grey chinoiserie bedside panel via Erin Gates of Elements of Style.

I really just adore how fun this is via chinoiserie chic

I mean- is this room not fabulous?! Chintz and Chinoiserie. I just want a martini and some muled slippers. via Chinoiserie ChicChinoiserie panels by Laura Tutun interiors

A great neutral palette of panels by Laura Tutun Interiorschinoiserie panel in a living room via House Beautiful

I love green in my chinoiserie. This is really brilliant behind the bar cart. via House Beautiful 

Chinoiserie panel framed in a living room by Suzanne Rheinstein

A gorgeously collected formal living area by Suzanne Rhenstein.

Chinoiserie panel by Anthony Hall via AD May June 1972 via the art of the room

What a work of art. Chinoiserie panel in a space by Anthony Hall in the May/June 1992 AD via The Art of the Room.

framed chinoiserie wallpaper by Sara Tuttle

Clean dining area with a chinoiserie punch of color by Sara Tuttle.

Chinoisereiel panels at a rosewood hote

Jaw-droppingly beautiful. via Rosewood Hotels

Absolutely gorgeous framed chinoiserie paper by Michael S Smith via AD

I am obsessed with this living space by Michael S. Smith via AD.

A dining room of framed chinoiserie panels via Rodd Richesin design

A great alternative to wallpapering a dining room by Todd Richesin Design.

Swedish Wish

I once again found myself in all parts of the deep and dark designing parts of the internet. I ended up at the Swedish design website for Skona Hem, and found myself very intrigued by the bare, yet detailed design that embodies that culture. I am obsessed with the paint used throughout this house. It is the perfect amount of white and gray without seeming boring. I would happily tell you more about this, but I can’t read Swedish- so enjoy the details of the design!

P.S. The kitchen is oh so good!


design-via-skona-hem-4 design-via-skona-hem-3  design-via-skona-hem-5

design-via-skona-hem-2 design-via-skona-hem

Red Right

Red. I know I have posted about this before. I have an unsteady history with the color. I often find it either elementary or overkill, cheap or bougie.  Basically, I have trust issues with red. You see- it can be done SO right. In my mind that is the exception not the normal.  Every time I expect a beautiful red, it often ends up wrong. I want a luxe Hong Kong red, or a deep rose red. I love to see it pop on fabric more than paint. I like a red lacquer, not a red paisley. I am very quirky with the color. I love it done right, rich, and perfectly popped!

Here is a little bit of winter red to help you navigate the winter blues.



One of my favorites by the color wizard Miles Redd. Pink and Red looking so romantic together.


Brooke Astor’s chic library by Albert Hadley via AD.

beautiful-red-room by beverly field

A chic red library by Beverly Field.


Mark D. Sikes Kips Bay Showhouse all decked in red.


Again. Miles Redd knows how to pop the perfect amount of red.


Charlotte Moss also knows how to use a lovely red lamp shade in the most feminine way.


Red and green can make the perfect pair without making it feel like Christmas all year round. Then again, why is that a bad thing? Via Elle Decor

Bunny’s Garden

It is funny, the minute I start craving winter and candles and fur blankets,  I immediately want to see spring and green and flowers. I can’t make up my mind sometimes. I love a bit of everything. An aquarius through and through, it is hard to decide on what I want. Currently I am craving green, even though my garden is essentially frozen over.

My best friend goes by Bunny, and she has been a good support system recently. I find that fabulously ironic since, when I want some stability in design, I look to none other that Bunny Mellon. Both are New Yorkers and both have a fabulous sense of self. Below, Bunny shares her remarkable and elusive Virginia garden to Vanity Fair.  Sometimes you need a little bit of bunny business. Happy Wednesday!

Read the article


“Nothing should be noticed”-  Bunny Mellon


Could you imagine….how ideal!


Beautiful grounds.


I really do love white iron chairs. Never out of style.



Bunny loves a trellis, even if the grounds are overgrown.


A little overgrown, but yet so perfect.


Look at all the baskets. I love it.


So much detail from the ceiling to the hidden shelves.