Green Rule of Thumb

While most of the county is covered in a dreary cold (although my snowy topiary post is anything but dreary), there is one state laughing all the way to the beach. California tends to enjoy 70 degrees and sunny for the majority of all seasons. There is one home in California that always captures my attention time after time. Green is certainly my favorite color, and this home has no lack of it.

Designers Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley created this Newport Beach home that is classically refined and elegant, yet has a California warmth and approachability. They didn’t overly pattern or lacquer anything, they just applied soft and steady color throughout. The mix of rich textures and botanical elements will leave you yearning for this timeless oasis. The grounds are just as well thought out, but shouldn’t that always be a rule of thumb?


Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 8

A perfectly flawless sage green entry. I love the oversized potted plant on the round table.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 12

Now that is a gorgeous screen! People tend to underestimate the power they have to scale down a large room. Such a serene palette of color.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 6

A simple sitting area, complete with a bird cage. Very livable and relaxed.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 3

One of my all time favorite dining rooms. A gallery of botanical prints and a great influence of greens and grays.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 11

A sweet and ideally textured nook. I love the intimacy of the light fixture.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 9

Another casual living space. Notice how they mounted a picture on the upholstered screen to add dimension and depth to the room.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 14

White washed floors and a white custom banister allow the green walls to pop in this upper landing nook. The light fixture is beyond.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 2

An elegant, yet casual bedroom retreat. Not easily aged.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home

A bathroom with mirrored paneled walls centered around the tub. Timeless details and execution.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 5

Classic architecture and landscape design. How beautiful are those provence citrus planters!

One thought on “Green Rule of Thumb

  1. As a native Californian, I’ve never seen this house and I live fairly close to Newport Beach, but it sure is lovely and it does feel like a California house to me…not that mine is anything as spectacular as this one! :-)

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