Pink & Redd

In honor of the week of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share some of my favorite images of pink and red by one of my favorite designers, Miles Redd. His high-impact design is full of character and pizazz. It is also so incredibly timeless, which makes taking risks in color well worth it. He is masterful with mixing patterns and colors in a way that feels inviting and fresh.

Despite not being the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, I think these images are surely something to love.

XOXO- Christina


All design by Miles Redd


Miles Redd gallery wall

Miles Redd via Veranda

via Veranda

Miles Redd for Ballard Designs

Miles Redd Collection for Ballard Designs

Miles Redd Study via Town & Country

Miles Redd red chairs

Miles Redd via House Beautiful

Via House Beautiful

Miles Redd for Schumacher Miles Redd via Town and Country Miles Redd for Ballard Designs Column Lamp  Column Lamp by Miles Redd for Ballard Designs

Lines of Lattice

I don’t know about you, but there are about a million images that come to mind when I think of lattice. For starters, I think of beautiful espaldia climbing up lattice on the side of a home. I think of elegant pool houses and caribbean homes that are sprinkled like sugar along beaches with lattice detail on balconies. I think of garden rooms in homes of a greater generation that appreciated bird watching and leisure reading.

Lattice work is a lasting way to incorporate texture on a home, in a home, and around a home. There really is nothing else that can elevate an area without using pricey fabric or flashy stone work. It doesn’t go out of style. It is one of those elements of a home you work around, not just work with. Lattice enjoy this Monday!

Blue and white lattice delight via AD

A delight of blue and white and lattice delight by Jorge Elias. Notice how they have lattice columns on the walls. So interesting!! Via AD

China Seas lattice fabric is what dreams are made of in this bahamas bedroom by Miles Redd via AD

Miles Redd designs this Bahama bedroom in perfect blue and white upholstery. Via AD

Gorgeous lattice work in this bahamas house via House Beautiful

Speaking of Bahamas,  breezy green and white hallways in lattice work wonders via House Beautiful.

Lattice Hall via Decor Design Review

Stunning deep blue and white lattice hallway. I love how they incorporated the gold accents and wall hangings. Via Decor Design Review

Lattice Molding via AD

Lattice details line the molding of this green and white space via AD.

lattice work on tory burch hampton home via Vogue

Tory Burch’s gorgeously appointed pool house in her East Hampton home. I love how she contrasted the lattice work with the actual structure. Via Vogue

Bob Christian Decorative Art paints these wall patterns in a lattice form in a Virginia home by Bunny Williams via AD

Bunny Williams so brilliantly designs this dining area in a Virginia home with Bob Christian Decorative Art lattice panels. Via AD

Lattice paper in this chic poweder room via Elle Decor

Lattice designed wallpaper envelops this powder room via Elle Decor.

This is the way to live in NYC

With the help of lattice, this NYC townhouse courtyard becomes the envy of all of the Big Apple.

lattice pattern on shelving creates an open space in this bedroom via Lonny

An interesting way to make a space more interesting. Unique mirrored lattice work in this feminine bedroom via Lonny.

Exterior lattic work on Better Midler's Penthouse via AD

Bette Midler’s penthouse urban garden covered in lattice work detail. Via AD

Naples Florida lattice pool house via House Beautiful by Jesse Carrier

A poolside cabana in Naples, Florida with lattice work windows. So cool and tropical. Via House Beautiful 

Peter Roger New Orleans home and hall of lattice work via AD

One of my all time favorite hallways in the New Orleans home of Peter Rogers via AD.

Trey and Jenny Laird Manhattan couryard via AD

The modernly classic and chic courtyard of Trey and Jenny Laird’s Manhattan home. Via AD

white lattice walls give an old classic twist in this dining room via Domino

White on white lattice work is so simple, yet so classic. And very fresh! Via Domino

A perfect garden via Matters of Style

So much to love about this courtyard area. Well…really, just the boxwood! Via Matters of Style

California Redd

Every now and then I come across a home that makes me think,  “I wouldn’t change a thing.” This moment is very rare. Most homes I love, but yet there are certain aspects that would need some tweaking (a different fabric here or a different chair there). However, this home by Miles Redd from last month’s AD needs no tweaking. Basically, I am ready to pack up and move in.

Redd is known for bold colors and unimaginably chic pairings in decor, yet this California home is slightly more reserved than his usual projects. It is just the right combination of timeless lines, pops of color, and luscious pattern. This home embodies warmth and every bit of sophistication, as well as a longing for me to turnkey.

Interior design by Miles Redd , landscaping by Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design and architecture by Charlie Barnettis.  All photos via Architectural Digest

Redd California Home 2

incredibly charming and scaled to perfection, despite being over 11,000 square feet.

Redd California Home 3

A classic mix of fabric in a room that incorporates modern art and soft blues. Plus look at that fireplace!

Redd California Home 9

An almost tropical ambience in this solarium. It would be the ideal place to read a magazine in the afternoon (but who has time for that?). Very approachable.

Redd California Home 13

I am really head over heels for this kitchen. This is an ideal family house. The dutch door and pop of blue in the lighting keeps things interesting. Note the open shelving under the cabinets!

Redd California Home 1

The grounds of this home are beyond breathtaking! Elizabeth Everdell is a master of her green thumb.

Redd California Home 10


The jewel tone curtains against the flawless de Gourney wallpaper set the perfect mood. Very stately and classic in application.

Redd California Home 12

This is so Miles. Unexpected pop of lacquer in this luxe bar.

Redd California Home 14


A wood panelled room can often be a turn off to me, but this is finished with such detail.

Redd California Home 16

My favorite color trio-blue, green. and white. This is perfection in every way. I feel like this is a room where you can just dream happy. No nightmares aloud.

Redd California Home 8

The landscaping. Endless hearts for eyes emojis.

Redd California Home 19

An eloquent master retreat. Neutrals, antiques, and a canopied bed. Look at the ceiling too!

Redd California Home 7

This architecture will last a lifetime. It never goes out of style.

Redd California Home 5

Can I get my keys yet?

Lamp Lighter

If you are a frequent reader of The Potted Boxwood, then you are most likely familiar with the name of one of my favorite lamp makers, Christopher Spitzmiller. While there are many things I have to research when I post a picture, I never have to look twice once spotting a Spitzmiller lamp in a room. They are distinctive, stunning, and have the phenomenal effect of tying a room together. They can be a fresh pop of color or seamlessly blend with the setting. Either way, the beautifully handmade ceramic lamps are made with painstaking detail and pride-worthy craftsmanship.

There is a reason why top interior designers incorporate them in their rooms, why magazines always note his work, and why they are consistently timeless in their worth and appeal. They may not be in an everyday budget, but they will last a lifetime. For more info on Christopher Spitzmiller lamps, visit his website.

Here are just a handful of photos with his gorgeous lamps. I promise, you will begin to notice his work (if you don’t already)!

Christopher Spitzmiller via WSJ

Christopher Spitzmiller in his studio featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Christopher Spitzmiller lamps in Connecticut home by Ashley Whittaker via House Beautiful

A phenomenal and fabulously chic office with pink Spitzmiller lamps in this Connecticut home by Ashley Whittaker. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Christopher Spitzmiller maps in hall by Tobi Fairley

A hallway with a splash of modern and classic lines and beautiful blue Spitzmiller lamps by Tobi Fairley (also source).

Christopher Spitzmiller Nicholar lamp in a room by Miles Redd via House Beautiful

A stunning gold wall allows the Spitzmiller lamp to shine in this townhouse designed by Miles Redd. Redd is a huge fan of incorporating Spitzmiller’s lamps into his homes. Photo source: House Beautiful

Christopher Spitzmiller lamps in home by Joe Nye via House Beautiful

A soft and dynamite bedside table with an incredible muted pink Spitzmiller lamp in this room by Joe Nye (passed away last year). Photo source: House Beautiful 

Christopher Spitzmiller yellow lamps by Miles Redd via Veranda

Again, Miles Redd adds an unexpected pop of yellow with Spitzmiller’s lamps in this bedroom featured in Veranda (one of my ALL TIME personal favorites).

Christopher Spitzmillerlamps in Elle Decor

Simple  and effective. Spitzmiller’s ceramic lamps make a statement in any setting. I love the gold base against the white. Photo source: Elle Decor

Mark D Sikes window for Hollyhock with Christopher Spitzmiller lamps

Mark D. Sikes designed this window for Hollyhock with remarkable blue and white Spitzmiller lamps. Photo source: Quintessence

Pretty in Pink Spitzmiller lamps

Another splash of pink with Christopher Spitzmiller magic via Pinterest.

Spitzmiller lamps in an entry via House Bueatiful

A green wall, a blue lamp, and a black table. This color palette would be my ideal combination to see daily. So collected and fresh! Photo source: House Beautiful 

Christopher Spitzmiller lamp in Atlanta home by Suzanne Kasler and William T Baker via AD

Suzanne Kasler and William T. Baker use Spitzmiller lamps in this sophisticated Atlanta bedroom. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Spitzmiller lamps in home by Amanda Nisbet via House Beautiful

How can you not be attracted to red lamps in this photo (and I am NOT a red person)!? Amanda Nisbet knows her color, and Spitzmiller lamps are a perfect incorporation. Photo source: House Beautiful 

The office of Eva Chen Editor in Chief of Lucky Mag in Domino

Last but not least, Domino features the office of Lucky Magazine’s editor in chief Eva Chen (if you don’t follow her on instagram– start!). How chic is her black Spitzmiller lamp. A sharp contrast in her light and playful office space.


Animal House

It is often said that you should not wear leopard on a first date. I have really never understood that. I get that it may “scare” a guy, but if leopard scares him then chances are a second date is not in the near future. I admit a whole outfit of leopard may be much, but what is the harm with a splash of it. I love leopard shoes, they go with just about everything. Honestly, this is the same philosophy I have with leopard in decorating. I love pops of animal print throughout the house.

I recently bought these leopard print pillows at Furbish Studio. They add texture, pattern, and neutrality to my space. Animal prints can stand-out if you choose, or blend in seamlessly. It is up to you, your placement, and your light. Yes, light is a huge factor for the tone of your animal print. A dark space with animal print sets a dramatic and opulent tone. Leopard and zebra in a space with plenty of light sets a sophisticated attitude.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Just don’t go overboard.


“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”

-Jenna Lyons

A small bit of animal print via Pinterest

A perfect touch of leopard in this neutral and airy room. Photo source: Veranda

Leopard runner via AD

A gorgeous green latticed stairway with a leopard runner and zebra rug. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Barclay Butera vie his website

Comfy leopard chairs in this dining room by Barclay Butera.

Charles Spada Sofa via Veranda

My all-time favorite leopard sofa in this Normandy home designed by Charles Spada. Photo source: Veranda

DVF's penthouse via AD

A splash of zebra in the NYC penthouse of Diane Von Furstenberg. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Animal Print Staircase in Hutton Wilkinsons home via Bazaar

A dramatic use of leopard on this spiraling staircase in the home of Hutton Wilkinson. Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar

Leopard Bench via Lonny Mag

A wonderfully collected room with a leopard bench for a coffee table. I love the piped lining. Photo source: Lonny

jimenez leopard rug in AD

A neutral leopard rug in this dining room by David Jimenez featured in Architectural Digest.

Leopard walls by Windsor Smith via Veranda

A kelly green desk pops in this room of a leopard linen by Peter Dunham. This room designed by Windsor Smith was featured in Veranda.

Mary McDonald's wall via Interior Design Chat

Lots of print, yet this room works beautifully! Interiors by the glamourous  Mary McDonald. Photo source: Interior Designer Chat

Michelle Adams Leopard Stools via Lonny

I love these incredible ottomans at the end of the bed. A fun mix of black and white in this room by Michelle Adams. Photo source: Lonny

Jeffert Bilhuber leopard sofa via AD

An incredibly worldly and eclectic room by Jeffery Bilhuber featured in Architectural Digest.

Miles Redd den with animal print pillows

A lovely little den by Miles Redd with a bold use of red and leopard.

Nina Griscom Lepard Pillows via AD

Leopard pillows accent this sofa in a room designed by Nina Griscom. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Miles Redd in Boxwood House ATL via Town and Country

Another room by Miles Redd at the Boxwood house in Atlanta, the former home of Danielle Rollins. I have featured this house previously, but it is too good not to post again. That carpet!