Garden Dreams

Happy Monday! With a nice amount of rain in Dallas yesterday, I am admiring everyone’s green landscapes. I felt I hadn’t posted a beautiful garden in awhile, and I discovered the perfect one.

I simply adore this classic and timeless (built in 1743) Charleston home belonging to Cindy and Ben Lenhardt. My reason is very transparent. The grounds of the home are simply swoon worthy. Ben is a natural green thumb, and it shows with just the right amount of formality and natural grace that one can only hope for in landscaped grounds.

Honestly, I am just going to keep staring at these lovely photos. No words needed….

Photos from Traditional Home.

Charleston Garden via Traditional HomeCharleston Garden via Traditional Home 2 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 3 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 4 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 5 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 6 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 7

Simply Sophisticated Shower

Don’t you love when you work on something over a period of time and it all comes together seamlessly?! This weekend was one of those weekends. Over the summer, I decided I wanted to throw a hometown shower for one my oldest and dearest friends, Anne Marie. We have such a long history together with our families, that it only felt fitting to throw her a party to remember. I knew it had to reflect her vibrant and colorful style. She has a Kate Spade decorum that  truly embodies her vivacious and bold personality. If you truly know someone well, it is easy to find the perfect palette to celebrate them.

The shower was held at The Birchwood Hotel in our hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. I was having lunch there with my mom and grandmother this summer, when we looked out at the boxwood walled courtyard and knew immediately that it was the perfect place for the luncheon. I teamed up with Anne Marie’s Maid of Honor, and together we worked back and forth to make this a truly special Saturday in January. We decided to go for black and white stripes mixed with pops of pink and gold. It had such a fun and flirty feel. Everyone felt right at ease in this enchanting courtyard setting, with the effortless excitement of constantly passed mimosas and always flowing Chardonnay.

I have always been a big believer that if you are going to do something, do it right. No one likes a boring party, and a bridal luncheon is hopefully a once in a lifetime party! It is a great way to celebrate a friendship, a bride, and an upcoming marriage that is surely one for the story books. #OnceUponATimm

Photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood

Venue: The Birchwood Hotel

Flowers: Braun’s Fine Flowers

Napkins: LB Originals

Cake: Sweet Divas Chocolates

Place Cards and Serving Tray: Kate Spade


Boxwood Garden Walls for Luncheon

Walls of boxwood make the ideal backdrop for any party! I knew the gold chivari chairs were a necessity for this intimate courtyard space.

Kate Spade Themed Luncheon

Outdoor Bridal Shower

Tiered levels of flowers in gold mercury vases gave a nice shine and reflective quality to the table.

Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

A mimosa bar with the wedding hashtag monogrammed on the napkins created by Memorable Wedding on Etsy. The server also put strawberry in the champagne for a nice touch!

Kate Spade Party Tray Fancy Another

I came across this Kate Spade tray that has “Fancy Another ?” written on the inside. We used some of the extra party favors of personalized champagne bottles in the background.

A bride at a Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Luncheon

The bride! Could she be more Town & Country worthy in this moment. Playful, preppy, and totally embracing this feminine moment to shine as the bride to be!

Tables Setting for Bridal Luncheon

Black White Pink and old Tablescape

Do you love the napkins!?! I mean how can you not!  They allow for any party to become personal. I knew I wanted these to be my gift to the bride, so I didn’t hesitate to contact my favorite monogram instagram friend LB Originals. She did a superb job creating a 4 letter monogram!!! The best!!

Bridal Shower Game Idea

The present table was shared with the game table. That glittered gold fish bowl was created by the Maid of Honor to house everyone’s favorite memory of the bride. It also makes a huge difference to frame any game instructions. Much more polished and put together!

Bridal Shower Cake from Sweet Divas Bakery

The cake was simple, yet detailed with fresh roses and gold foil dots. Sweet Divas Chocolates absolutely blew away every guest’s tastebuds with this vanilla and fresh strawberry cake. Sadly, I only had a bite of my friend’s cake in the chaos of the party. My biggest regret of the day!

Bridal Shower Games

These notecards were another great find by the Maid of Honor. She had guests write down their favorite Date Night ideas and Words of Wisdom. These were then put into a photo album and given to the Bride at the end of the event.

Bridal Shower Menu from Etsy

I insisted on printing my own menus for the party. I found this great template by Grace Designs on Etsy. The header was ideal for my theme. I was able to download the menu straight into Word and play with the other fonts and colors on the menu. A Kate Spade Bride

Could you ask for a more perfect bride!! Back and White Tablescape

Pretty and playful tablescape!Black and White Pink and Gold Tablescape

A Perfect Bridal Shower

Flowing wine and conversation.  It is always great to mix people up and keep some familiar faces together. Showers are a great time to mix extended family and likewise groups of friends. Bride Chair at Bridal Shower

The bride’s seat! I think it is always important to dedicate a seat just for her!

The bride shines against the boxwood walls

Such an adored bride-to-be!

Kate Spade Luncheon with champange favors

Personalized freixenet champagne bottles as party favors! Kate Spade place cards made for an ideal addition to every seat. Like any good hostess knows, place cards are very important!

Kate Spade Luncheon

Black and White, Pink and Gold.          A boxwood wall

A perfect bridal shower for a perfect friend.

Falling Into October

Well, the time has come to get on board with the holiday train. October is the month where all of the festivities officially begin. Get your pumpkins carved today because tomorrow you will need your grocery list for Thanksgiving, and the next day it will be time for your Christmas list shopping. While in the midst of this madness, I need to move as well. I am taking a tiny step out of condo living and inching more towards townhouse lifestyle. A backyard, a fireplace, another room to decorate…..I think Emmie and I can use a little more room and a little more quiet. This also gives me the opportunity for a front door step, which is a whole other space to decorate that leaves me more excited than one should be (it is the little things right?).

When the holidays come around, the front door becomes a true symbol of your holiday style. From wreaths to potted arrangements, this area is the first symbol of your taste in decor. Of course, the most classic and simple route is to put two potted boxwood out front and call it a day. It is also fun to add a little seasonal flair. I think October 1st is the best time to do that, and I think these images can inspire you to get your outdoor entry prepared for the perfect curb appeal.


Ortanmental Cabbage with Boxwood and Spider Web

A picture I took last fall in Manhattan of a festive sidewalk display. I love the ornamental cabbage with the boxwood and the spider web across the sphere. Photo by yours truly.

Fall door decor

A fantastic mix of boxwood, mums and pumpkins. Via The Yellow Cape CodFall door decor via Veranda

A little bit of hay and a whole lot of color. This is definitely a treat for the season. Via Veranda

NYC Haloween Decor by The Potted Boxwood

A photo I took last fall on the upper east side. It is also a secondary residence of a very design oriented Dallas couple. Photo via The Potted Boxwood

Pumpkin and boxwood door decor

I love it when I see compacted displays of pumpkins, gords, and flowers. The more you can pack in, the better! Via Pinterest

NYC townhouse Haloween decor via The Potted Boxwood

Quite the spooky display on this NYC townhouse. If you don’t have a backyard, you may as well have some fun by the front. Photo via The Potted Boxwood

Pumpkin porch decor via The Lush List

I adore this chic pumpkin display by Alicia of The Lush List. Check out her post on fabulous fall decor.

Pupmkin trellis topiary with mums via Flickr

These are incredible! Oversized planters and trellis full of pumpkins and gourds. A great image of fall. Va Flickr

Scary NYC Haloween Decor via The Potted Boxwood

Superbly spooky in the most tasteful way possible (in my opinion!). Photo by The Potted Boxwood

Semini Boxwood

Many photos I often post of potted boxwood tend to have several things in common: large clay pots, fully rounded spheres, and a landscape architect by the name of Michel Semini. His designs of gardens all through Provence are equal parts timeless and beautiful. His works seem mystical with old European influence, yet profoundly current with bold boxwood trimmings.
In my opinion, there is nothing more deflating than seeing a shriveled and uneven potted boxwood. Semini creates only gardens where boxwood is bold, hedging is high, and grounds are plushly layered with layouts that seem like they have been in place for centuries. I think that is what is so unique about Semini’s talent, nothing seems overly staged or like it is trying to fit in. The garden just grows into it’s own design, which is exactly what Semini intends. That is the telltale sign of a true garden expert.


P.S. Did you get my pun in the title? Happy Hump Day!

Many photos are by Clive Nichols Photography via Pinterest.

Michel Semini Garden 2

Pea gravel, white blooming flowers, curved archway in hedges, and beautifully placed terracotta fenniels.

Michel Semini Garden 3

This could look overly forced (the statue, the greenhouse…),  yet instead it looks refined, with rows of boxwood and oversized, distressed pots.

Michel Semini Garden 5

Another view!

Michel Semini Garden 4

Boxwood that is uniquely clipped and shaped to abundance.

Michel Semini Garden 6

So this is my heaven. A scattering of cypress trees, boxwood, a fountain and a lovely ledge to frame the grounds.

Michel Semini Garden 7

A poor quality photo, but a lovely example of a raised boxwood topiary. The provincial homes are the ideal backdrop for Semini’s landscape design.

Michel Semini Garden 9

A picture perfect outdoor setting. I think it is a great idea how Semini places the potted flowers on the marble top tables.

Michel Semini Garden 11

WOW. This is so natural, yet so edgy compared to Semini’s more traditional landscape.

Michel Semini Garden 8

Steps of potted boxwood. Is anything better?

Michel Semini Garden 12

An aerial view of the boxwood garden.

Michel Semini Garden

A natural and effortlessly arranged walkway and loose boxwood spheres.


Under The Bougainvillea

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Cabo, my freshman year Spring Break of college. My friends and I decided we would stop by a very nice resort for lunch/drinks/something (so sad I can’t even remember). Upon entering the vast property, we were greeted with overwhelming blooms of abundant bougainvillea. I  commented to my friends about just how exceptional it looked. Puzzled, they responded, “how do you know that is called bou…gain…- whatever you said?” It wasn’t their fault, they were from the Midwest and parts of the South where bougainvillea is not a household name. It was then I recognized the oddity of my comment. I was from a tropical state where this flowering plant is as common as a fern. I was a native Floridian. We just know these things.

Fast forward to several years of living in Texas, and I have found myself forgetting the everyday commodity of bougainvillea. I feel like the past ten days visiting Florida have been a reawakening of the majestic quality of bougainvillea. It adds a depth to a landscape, whether wrapped around a column, displayed as an archway, perfected as a bush, or growing in a potted fashion. They are ever present in warm weather places like California, Florida, Mexico, and much of western Europe. They make anything look prettier, and who wouldn’t want to start off the week browsing something pretty?!

Happy Monday!

Care Of Bougainvillea

Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 2

This photo I took doesn’t even do it justice. Beautiful bougainvillea enhances this gated entrance to a classic mediterranean revival home on the Gulf coast of Florida.

bougainvillea climbing on the columns of the Gottschalks home in Ibiza via AD

Bougainvillea climbs on the columns of the Gottschalks vacation oasis in Ibiza. Via AD

bougainvillea columns on this patio via Mix and Chic


A sweet spray of bougainvillea on these columns on a effortlessly chic outdoor living area. Via Mix and Chic

bougainvillea covering the exterior of a home via House Beautiful

The most hideous architecture could be hiding under this bougainvillea, but it would still be eye catching. An abundant display of bougainvillea and wonderfully hedged half spheres. Via House Beautiful 

Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 1

Another gated entry that i captured in Florida. It keeps things simple when one plant takes over and the landscape can still look complete.

bougainvillea in abundance via BHG


A picturesque garden door surrounded by bougainvillea. Via BHG

bougainvillea in greece via Conde Nast Traveler

Greece anyone? It really bring ambience to the chic simplicity of a white building. Via Conde Nast Traveler 


Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood

You may have seen this on my instagram over the weekend. This is by far my favorite property in my hometown, strictly for this incredible entrance. Boom- there is a view.

bougainvillea on the balcony of Amanda Peets LA home

I love how the bougainvillea just clings on to whatever it can grasp, as is the case with this second floor balcony on Amanda Peet’s LA home.

bougainvillea patio at the home of Amador Calafat-Busquets in Mallorca

Gorgeous canopies of bougainvillea on the patio at the estate of  Amador Calafat-Busquets in Mallorca.

Multiple shades of  bougainvillea via Houzz

Bougainvillea up the steps, on the wall, and in the bushes. It is such a character builder.

Patio with bougainvillea arching the windows via Traditional Home

I love how it frames these windows.The blue and white paint and roman shades are an ideal addition. Via Traditional Home

Who needs paint when you have bougainvillea?A great Palm Beach home by Mimi McMakin via House Beautiful

But seriously, who needs paint when you have bougainvillea? A great Palm Beach home by Mimi McMakin via House Beautiful


Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 3

Some bougainvillea bushes I spotted with multiple shades growing freely next to one another. A great hedge topping along a property.