Houston & Harvey

Out of respect to our more southern Texas neighbors, I am postponing my post until tomorrow. Hurricane Harvey has been completely devastating to the coast and all those around the Houston area. Please pray for all of those that will continue to get rain into the week. This is a very catastrophic natural disaster that needs all of our attention, support, help, and prayers.

This picture below is from my friend in Houston. This is one of the entrances to the historic and coveted River Oaks neighborhood. It really does look like an actual river with oaks…so sad.

If you are in Dallas, please drop off goods to Trusted World 







2 thoughts on “Houston & Harvey

  1. I am from New Orleans and Katrina left most of my beautiful city like this. The best rises from the depths of despair. Today, I remember the generosity, kindness and comraderie given by so many, much more than I remember the devastation and hard times that followed, but keep those prayers coming and encourage that help.

  2. Praying for SE Texas; our hearts are just broken over all the distress and devastation. We lived in Port Lavaca for five years, so it is especially poignant. The effects of this monster storm will go one for years. Thank you for posting, Christina.

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