Travel Essentials

I am getting ready to embark on a long travel journey and travel essentials are just about all I can think about. I am not talking long like 3 or 4 or 5 hours. I am talking long as in travel experts even complain of the distance. It is often said that travel is the one thing money can buy that can make you richer, and I completely agree with that. There is so much in this world to see and take part of that it is a shame not to go explore (especially when you have no attachments like me).

People often complain of travel, and I see why. Long lines, delays, cramped quarters. However, if you are savvy and know how to travel well, the whole process becomes a lot less taxing and a little more enjoyable. If you don’t have the miles to upgrade, create your own first class. The right products and rituals will leave you arriving fresh and ready for your destination.

Just in time for your summer travel, here is my list of everything you need to arrive in style.

Keep An Open Tab

Flight Status Track your flight in-flight and get your real time of arrival (flight plan and radar included)

Turbulence Tracker  (I kind of freak out about it, this app prepares me for it)

One Mile At A Time A useful blog with reviews of trips and how to make the most of your points. (PS If you want to travel internationally, stop flying airlines that are only domestic… earn those miles and points and then take your dream European vacation). Sorry Southwest, I still LUV you.

Travel Agents Planning incredible trips all over the world with lots of perks.


Carry It All

Brics LuggageBrics luggage carry-on

I can’t rave enough about Bric’s hard case luggage. It is stylish, functional, and fits more items than you would think!

Gigi NY Hayden Satchel Louis Vuitton Eppi Tote


Gigi’s Hayden Satchel can be monogrammed and is a safe cross-body bag for traveling. It zips up and flaps over so no sneaky hands can make their way in.

An understated but luxurious carry-on tote is the Louis Vuitton Epi leather tote. It fits quite a bit, and also has a removable pouch than can double as a clutch for the evening.

Mark and Graham weekender bag

This canvas weekender tote from Mark and Graham can be personalized and provides a great deal of room for a last minute weekend away.

WOLF Travel Jewelry Case

One thing I think is essential for traveling is carrying on your jewelry.  This WOLF travel jewelry case is a stylish way to keep everything in its place.

Baby Audrey Camel Makeup bag

I own this Louenhide makeup bag and it fits a great deal more than you can imagine. It is also lined in chic black and white stripes.

Tory Burch Makeup Case

I love the shape of this Tory Burch makeup bag. A larger way to carry all of your toiletries.


Smythson Passport Cover


Could you imagine anything better for your passport than this lovely blue Smythson holder?! Monogram it for an extra luxe look.



Bring It All

Amazon Kindle

So I used to be one of those people who only really needed an iPad to do anything. While I love my iPad, my friend urged me to get a Kindle. It is so lightweight, so easy on the eyes to read, and delivers your amazon books instantly to the device. My new obsession for all the books I plan to read this summer.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones


I bought a pair of Beats headphones last summer for an international trip, but the plane offered Bose quiet headphones. I compared the two, and I must admit that the Bose were much better at quieting out the sounds of the plane, and more comfortable for falling asleep.

GiGis NY notebook

I thought this little notebook was so adorable from Gigi New York. What a great little item to jot down your to-dos and ideas for your trip.

Anthropologie Cashmere Travel Blanket Set

Anthropologie makes this great cashmere travel set. I love the dark hunter green of the blanket, which comes with a pillow and eye mask at a reasonable price.

Sofia Cashmere Travel Blanket via Amazon


If you want to splurge on some super soft cashmere, this Sophia blanket is certainly the way to go. I adore the charcoal gray color which looks good on just about everyone.


Goop City Guides

Gwyneth knows best, right? People love to hate her but she has impeccable taste and I trust anything with her stamp of approval.


Luxe City Guide Hong Kong  Luxe Cuide App


I swear by these handy guides for any city. Luxe gives you a perfect characterization of the restaurants, hotels, shopping (interior stores), and a true inside guide of tipping, reliable doctors, and the best ways to get around town.

Oh, and they have an app too!

And, hint hint*


Use It All



Bio Calm Repair Masque by Renee RouleauSkin Drink by Renee Rouleau

I am a big fan of Renee Rouleau products. She may have Dallas spas here which make her accessible, but her website is also easy and efficient for shipping for those non-dallasites. I post these products in particular since my favorite esthetician, Alison, created a skin ritual for long-haul flights. The number one issue: dehydration (it may not seem like it with oil on your face). The steps are as follows:

1: Wipe your face down. Makeup wipes are the easiest, or use highly dissolvable cleanser with cotton balls, followed by some toner.

2. Apply the Bio Calm Repair Masque. It hydrates and calms the skin from all the drying elements.

3. Clean off the masque with cotton balls soaked in toner.

4. Let it dry before applying Skin Drink. Let it soak in for the flight and reapply if you are feeling dry.

5. Your skin will be refreshed, hydrated, and blemish free.


EO Lavender hand santizer La Mer hand treatment   Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer is something you can easily get at Whole Foods. It uses natural oils, kills the germs, and smells calming and clean.

Skin often gets dry on planes. La Mer hand treatment is a splurge, but totally worth it. If are reluctant to make the full purchase, go ask the makeup counter for a sample. It will still be better for travel.

Sugar lip balm by Fresh is the most moisturizing and reliable lip treatment out there. A must for any flight or any day!




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