The Potted Hydrangea

I love a beautiful boxwood garden, but I love it even more with abundant hydrangeas. While peonies and tulips are a continual favorite, hydrangeas never disappoint with their full nature, plethora of colors, and always classic appeal.

I am always placing hydrangeas in vases (almost always white ones) around my house for an instant and complete finish to a room. Like potted boxwoods, potted hydrangeas are also highly effective to make your outdoors appear polished and elegant. Here are several inspiring images of potted hydrangeas (often paired with potted boxwoods) that will have you yearning for it to be summer all year round.


Hydrangea Potting Information:




Beautiful Blue and White Potted Hydrangeas by Mary McDonald via Belcalire House

Blue and white pots of dreams by Mary McDonald. Photo source: Belclaire House Blog

Clay Potted Hydrangeas via Pinterest

Gorgeous clay pots full of enchanting shades of purple and pink. Photo source: Pinterest

Entereance with Boxwood via Brooks and Falotico

Another fantastic entry with blue and white potted hydrangeas. Architecture and photo source: Brooks and Falotico

Furlow Gatewood Driveway Photo Max Kim-Bee via Veranda

The Georgia estate of Furlow Gatewood is surrounded with oversized pots of hydrangeas.

Furlow Gatewood Potted Hydrangeas

Another beautiful image of the Gatewood landscape. A perfect use of white pots with blue flowers. Photo source: Veranda

Green Potted Hydrangeas

Gorgeous green hydrangeas with recycled pots via Pinterest.

Hydrangeas with Ferns via House Beautiful

A lovely mix of ferns, sweet potato vine, and hydrangeas. Photo source: House Beautiful

Potted Hydrangea via Elle Decor

The ideal outdoor centerpiece in this rustic setting. Photo source: Elle Decor

Potted Hydrangeas and Roses via Style Me Pretty

Incredible urns of white roses and hydrangeas. Photo source: Style Me Pretty

Potted Hydrangeas by the Pool via Three Dogs in A Garden

I think hydrangeas are the perfect flower for by the pool. Photo source: Three Dogs in a Garden

Potted Hydrangeas via The Fuller View

Aren’t hydrangeas the ideal companion for boxwoods? Photo source: The Fuller View

Potted Topiaries with Hydranges via Things That Inspire

Swoon. Drool. Gasp….Total perfection. Photo source: Things That Inspire

Purple Shades of Hydrangeas via Flowers Gardens Love

This overly abundant potted hydrangea clearly steals the show. Photo source: Flowers Gardens Love

Single Potted Hydrangea via Pinterest

For an opposite approach, this single urn of hydrangeas provides the perfect contrast against the green lush hedges. Photo source: Pinterest

via Belgian Pearls

Notice how they collectively bunched the pots together. It gives a much fuller effect. Photo source: Belgian Pearls

White Hydranges by a white bench via Pinterest

A dreamy place to begin or end a summer day. Photo source: Pinterest

White Potted Hydrangeas via The Pink Pagoda

Blue and white with potted hydrangeas. So much detail just in this small part of the landscape. Photo source: The Pink Pagoda 

Potted Hydrangeas and Boxwoods via Claire Mee

Saving the best for last. A potted hydrangea, a potted boxwood, and a sweet pug. If you follow me on instagram, you already know my love of pugs (and boxwoods).

Savor summer while it is still here. We will be wishing it wasn’t cold soon enough!


8 thoughts on “The Potted Hydrangea

  1. Hi I love your blog. You’ve created a whole new world of obsessions for me! My garden has undergone a complete ‘topiary transformation’. Boxwoods are arriving by the day. I would love a ‘pug’ but will have to be content watching my favourite youtube video ‘lola the pug who couldnt run’. Thankyou for your consistent elegance & quality, you never fail to deliver. Regards Sharon Wright

    • Sharon, thank you so much! There is nothing quite like a garden of beautiful boxwoods. Maybe one day a pug can be in your future! Thank you for reading!
      All my best,

  2. Hydrangeas are one of my my favorites….do you think I could pot them in northern Canada and store them in the Garden shed over the winter? Love your simple elegance


  3. To answer Penny’s question.
    I live in Minnesota and store my Endless Summer Hydrangea that I have potted in a whiskey barrel in my garage during the winter, I water it lightly a few times, it has made it thru two winters and looks beautiful. :)

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