The Great Room Of China

Some people have different versions of “ultimate” luxury, especially when it comes to designing a home. I would imagine a man would think an incredibly large five-car garage would be appealing. Kids may think that having a game room and pool slides would be the ideal wow-factor for a home. Most women dream of a beautifully large closet and perfectly appointed bathroom. Then there are those few who think one special room would be the best display of true luxury- a china room.

If you haven’t guessed, I would fall in the latter category. Don’t misunderstand, I think a roomy closet and fresh carrara marble bathroom is fabulous, but to me a china room would be the ultimate cherry on top of the cake. There is something so wonderful about a room or china closet that can store all of your entertaining essentials. A kitchen is great for food, cooking, and everyday use, but a china room can separate the mundane from the magnificent.

My future Anna Weatherly and Majolica will thank me later. My future significant other…well, probably not so much.

via Pinterest

Large glass cabinets make for the perfect display of china on the side of this kitchen featured in Veranda.

Attic Magazine China Room

A very vast china collection in this home featured in Attic Mag.

Green China via Traditional Home

Speaking of Majolica. Another lovely display of china by Shelley Gordon that also allows for storage below. Similar to the first photo in the post. Photo source: Traditional Home

Bill Ingram via House Beautiful

A fantastically smart room by architect Bill Ingram in House Beautiful.

Blue China Butler's Dining room via Veranda

Lovely light blue cabinetry in this dining room provides an excellent display of function and appeal. Photo source: Veranda

Bunny Williams China Room

A true china room in Bunny Williams’ home. They seriously are a necessity for the ultimate hostess.

Bunny Williams vacation home in DR in House Beautiful

Continuing with Bunny Williams’ love of entertaining is her china room in her Dominican Republic vacation home. Could you imagine the sheet luxury of having multiple china rooms? Photo source: House Beautiful 

China up the stairs of this New York home of Jim Joesph and Scott Frankel via AD

China cabinets along the stairs of the New York home of Jim Joseph and Scott Frankel. A great space saving technique. Photo source: Architectural Digest

French door cabinets for china va House and Home

French doors cover this incredible shelving to display and store dinnerware by Lynda Reeves. Photo source: House & Home

Marie Claire Maison France

An incredible amount of dishes on eclectic open shelving. Photo source: Marie Claire Mason

Traditional Home Butler's Pantry with China

This wallpaper in this glamorous butler’s pantry showcases the display of beautiful china. Photo source: Traditional Home

via Homebunch

French door open cabinetry is such a trend I have seen for storage, space, and display. Photo source: Homebunch

Janet de Botton House

Now that is a display of china. Nothing quite like the home of Janet de Botton. Photo source: Vogue Living

Eisehower China Room via White House Museum

Nothing like the most renown china room in the White House. This was an image via the Eisenhower administration. Photo source: White House Museum

China Room in the Whitehouse

The current china room in the White House. Which one do you like better?? Photo source: White House


3 thoughts on “The Great Room Of China

  1. I love the first image. I have it in my own ‘collection’. It reflects my own personal aesthetic. I have to balance my love of the finer things with my conscience. When so many people have so little to have such ostentatious displays of wealth, I find just wrong somehow. However that said I do love to ‘elevate the ordinary’ & love to use exquisite pieces for everyday use. (My cooking oils are in crystal decanters on a silver tray next to the oven!!)

  2. You are a woman after my own heart. Oh a china room… I treasure my china, I have Anna Weatherly (wedding registry) and 3 sets of antique Spode and Christmas Spode from my grandmothers. Like you, I dream of majolica. Someday, I hope. I could buy china and glassware until forever. Its one of my very favorite things!


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