Summer Down Under

Maybe this title wasn’t the best, but I am a sucker for a good rhyme…  I have many Australian readers and I follow a lot of talent that comes from the land of kangaroos. While they are prepping for colder weather and we are heading into warmer days, I thought I would share a Sydney home that has the perfect balance by bringing the outdoors inside. The home has an airy and refreshing ambience that leaves me relaxed while just looking at the photos. Isn’t that a great way to start your Tuesday…relaxed, refreshed, and already ready for the weekend.

Photos from Australian Home and Garden, Architecture by Phil Abram


Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 2

Just put me in one of those wicker chairs in a Kyle Richards inspired “mumu” and a really nice cold glass of lemonade (or rose). Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 3

I love the ease in which the living room is arranged. Colorful while maintaining the always fresh neutrality of white.

Australian Home via Australian House and Garden

The whole house centers around a central courtyard. The outdoors is simply a transition from room to room.  Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 5

Love all the espalier in the courtyard, it is the only dash of color that the house needs. It’s like your own textured wallpaper out of nature.

Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 6

What a stunning visual.

Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 8

I find the tub to very spa-like (minus the artwork). Natural contrast and simplicity.

Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 4

Casual and eclectic bedroom.

Australian Home via Australian House and Garden 7

A close planting of trees creates a green canopy over this lanai area.


2 thoughts on “Summer Down Under

  1. You’ve captured quite the quintessential Australian home, which brings a contemporary feel into a heritage house. As an Australian, this is a wonderful example of how we love to create what I call a ‘transitional’ decor + comfortable living: using classic antiques; hanging Modern + Contemporary Art; bringing our beautiful outdoors into the house, because we’re blessed with fabulous weather; encouraging a relaxed style, we enjoy a very casual lifestyle in Australia; shaded areas with seating, creating wonderful vignettes; styling our gardens to reflect the traditional + the contemporary; + providing ease of movement from formal areas to casual areas. Did you know that Australians were once known only for their overuse of cushions? Something, we’ve shared with the World!
    I’m fortunate to live in a small Australian country town in NSW New England + my home is an 1888 weatherboard, which I’m currently renovating, although my style is more a blend of French antiques, Boho chic + contemporary – it still reflects the ideals expressed above.

    • Kitty- Thank you for taking the time to write. I absolutely love all the information you brought to my attention. The fact about the cushions is really quite fascinating! Who doesn’t love a good cushion?! I really hope to visit Australia some time soon!!Also, your cottage sounds absolutely dreamy!! Please feel free to share your progress! XO- Christina

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