Snow Hope

As everyone in Dallas hopes for a snow day today, I can’t help but think of chic comfortable spaces that would be ideal to ride out a “bitterly cold” day (weather man’s words- not mine). I recently saw this incredibly timeless Queen Anne home restored by Edward Bulmer in England. The home is meant for cozy fireplace days, but maintains a relevant elegance throughout. Pops of modern fixtures and artwork, contrast against freshly painted walls and heavily molded architecture. It is the perfect place to be surrounded by historical antiques and a newly printed novel.

Hopefully this home will warm all your hearts today. Featured in House and Garden UK. Designed by Edward Bulmer. Photographs by Lucas Allen.


Does it get more charming?





I love the updated look with traditional elements.


The paint color is everything.


The color is an unexpected, yet a welcome twist.


conservatory-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639 guest-bathroom-02-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639 guest-bathroom-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639

I love this bathroom. I have never seen a shower quite like this. I also think rugs in the restroom can really make it feel more like a room than a utility. master-bedroom-03-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639

Can we just talk about this wallpaper. No, we can’t, because I just adore it way to much.


Look at that marbled sink.



The grounds are equally gorgeous.

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