Pleasant Perfection

Sometimes I am just in the mood to see something quite pretty and feminine. This Georgetown townhouse by Frank Babb Randolph embodies everything one would hope for in a pleasantly appointed home. The exterior has a Jeffersonian sophistication mixed with an enchanting and updated ambience. The interior has a light-filled reflection that enhances the rooms with a soft grace and serene demeanor. Randolph has the perfect amount of restraint and embellishment to make this townhome worthy of all it embodies.

Photos by Max Kim-Bee via Veranda.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 7

The divine front entry of this Georgetown gem. From the door to the ivy, it would be hard not to be enchanted.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 1


Beyond beautiful screens flank the walls against the sofa. I love the floating chairs and wonderfully large rug. It softens the space.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 2

Randolph is an expert when it comes to vignettes. He has mastered the scale and dimension of objects in a room.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 6

I love how he subtly uses strong accents of colors, yet everything still appears neutral and refined.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda

A great display of symmetry. Randolph is able to mix historical antiques and modern art.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 5

Another masterful display of neutral, yet anything but dull.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 4

I love the large modern art and to-the-ceiling canopy. The free standing circular table is almost expected for an entry, but a nice formality to the bedroom.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda 3

A more relaxed vignette, with nice display of collectibles.

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