Playfully Chicago

Every so often I crave a city. Don’t get me wrong, Dallas is a city, but it is mixed into a neighborhood feel. However, sometimes I want to get lost in a the shadows of sky scrapers and the noise of the chaos. I also really love admiring how people can create a traditional home-front aesthetic in the middle of a bustling city. In the name of great city decorum, I saw a wonderful spread recently in Traditional Home of a Chicago townhouse that is full of history blended with traditionally appointed design.

While Hugh Hefner may have once held the keys to this 1899 townhouse, interior designer Gail Plechaty was in charge of redesigning the interiors in the most elegant and classic style. The Beaux Arts-style mansion may have been a happening home for the playboy bunnies, but now it is full of soft tones and truly refined decorum that would still make anyone blush.

Photos of this home featured in Traditional Home are by Werner Straube.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home

Of course I can’t help but love the black glossy door and the variety of boxwood that surrounds the entrance.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 7

A fabulous entry of stark contrast and beautifully molded detail. Simply elegant.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 6

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 5

Even with high ceilings, notice how the curtains have to go all the way up?! I was getting my bedroom curtains installed last night and it really is so important to have them at the proper height. What graceful drape with tassel detailing.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 10

Look at these panels, almost like wallpaper. When the structural detail is so remarkable (as it is here) you really don’t need much in the way of embellishment.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 4

A sweet room with a daybed, classically upholstered and well appointed.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 3

A more clean-lined approach to blue and white drapery with a perfect line valance. Maybe it is because I recently purchased curtains. but all I can do is notice the different types and styles.

Chicago Townhouse via Traditional Home 9

A lovely array of grays and blues.

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