I Can’t Help But Think

I can’t help but think, “take me back to Florida.” I have become so accustomed to 85 degrees, that this mild 60 degree weather is causing me to have the heat on high. I am still in vacation mode, and with that comes the reality of vacation blues. No matter if you stayed at home and snuggled with your loved ones, or you went away to the slopes or the sand, I am sure you know what I mean. Back to real life and no more excuses to indulge in your favorite treats.

How about one last indulgence?!  This Florida home is my one last day dream before the reality of wintry weather and over-scheduled days. We could all use a little sunshine, and a reminder that warmer weather is only a plane ride away. However, not all getaways are this sophisticated and undoubtedly chic!

This article is from Veranda magazine with photos by BJÖRN WALLANDER.

Palm Beach Home via Veranda 2

Palm Beach Home via Veranda 12Palm Beach Home via Veranda 3 Palm Beach Home via Veranda 4 Palm Beach Home via Veranda 5 Palm Beach Home via Veranda 6  Palm Beach Home via Veranda 8

Palm Beach Home via Veranda 7

Palm Beach Home via Veranda 11Palm Beach Home via Veranda 10   Palm Beach Home via Veranda

Palm Beach Home via Veranda 9

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Help But Think

  1. Dear Christina, I loved seeing this home in Veranda and love seeing it ! One can dream and it is the time to add to my inspiration board! Happy New Year to you and yours!
    The Arts by Karena
    New Years Thoughts!

  2. Dear Christina
    I just wanted to say hello from across the pond. I come to visit your beautiful pages and rarely comment, so I am writing to let you know that I enjoy your posts very much. Especially as I too, love boxwood and blue and white.
    I hope the sun is shining for you today, and wish you a very Happy New Year
    Best Wishes,
    Sally x

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