Fall Bunny

I love the feel of the seasons, and Bunny Williams and John Rosselli have a home that embodies a comfort that withstands every season. One Kings Lane featured their beyond beautiful home, and it is exactly the type of home you would want to grow up in and truly live a life of warmth and splendor. Their home is collected and livable. Nothing looks untouchable or overly contrived, and that is the main goal of any home.

Photos via One King Lane



bunny-williams-home-via-okl-14  bunny-williams-home-via-okl-4



bunny-williams-home-via-okl-2bunny-williams-home-via-okl-10   bunny-williams-home-via-okl-13





One thought on “Fall Bunny

  1. It takes a lot of effort to look that effortless, but she succeeds in a big way. I’ve been to her home, and it’s splendid, but without being showy. She graciously opens her gardens every year for a good cause, and people flock to see them. She has chickens, in the most beautiful coup I have ever seen, and a vegetable garden that is both bountiful and decorative. There is a swimming pool with a rather extraordinary pool house, and a lovely barn. She even has an orangerie. One could be quite content without ever leaving the boundaries of her estate.

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