Door Jam

An absolutely hilarious event happened recently. I got a call from my trusty dad a bit out of breath. To put in kindly and mildly, he is not the “handy type.” Way more cerebral than crafty (which in my opinion is always a better quality). The problem is that he often attempts to fix things, and in turn we sometimes still have to call an expert out eventually. It is always the thought that counts, but that gets hard after 9 years of saying he will fix the running toilet. I eventually just called a plumber when I was in Florida for the holidays. While he claimed to be upset because “he could do it easily,” I also saw a big sign of satisfaction that I took executive action.

That brings me back to the other morning. He was in a fit of frustration over the fact that our front door handle had broke inside. As he tried to “fix it,” I told him he should probably just get a new one. But he tried to fix it and decided to use the lifetime warranty.  New parts arrive soon!  We will see.  I have since been looking at door handles, trying to get inspired for the eventual new purchase. There are so many styles to choose from. Of course, my favorites are when the knob is centered in the door, but not all doors are created equal. Here are just a few of my new favorites I have recently found.


WC Vaughan Co Collection Door Knob by ER Butler and Co

E.R. Butler & Co.


1026 Door Knob by Nanz



Mack Entry Set Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Filigree Door Knob from Sherle Wagner

Filigree Door Knob by Sherle Wagner

75671 door knob by PE Guerin

P.E. Guerin

Tudor-Door-Pull from Urban Archaeology.jpg

Urban Archaeology

Antique Nickel door knob via York Street

York Street Studio

SA Baxter Entry Door Knob

SA Baxter

56232 Door Knob by Omnia


Soane Britian Door Handle

Soane Britian

2 thoughts on “Door Jam

  1. I love your blog! I am building in NC and using the SA Baxter center knob but only on exterior storm door. Do you think it’s a mistake to only use on exterior side of storm door and not on interior side as well. When main door is open from inside of our house you will not see the knob! Since it’s a pricey knob I was thinking of only buying 1! What are your thoughts? I am allowing jamb room in door framing for future to add knob I interior side of storm door if I decide I really need(want) it and could get for next Christmas? Thanks so much! Katie gaylord

    • Hi Katie!! If it won’t be seen, I say go for a less expensive option! Decorating is always a bit of give and take. That said, still get something you won’t mind looking at!

      Thanks for reading! XO- Christina

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