Darling Draper James

I just came back from a truly spectacular weekend celebrating a very close friend’s wedding in Napa Valley. All events took place at Meadowood, which was incredibly enchanting and subtly chic. The resort was full of potted boxwood and had exceptional service.

Immediately upon my return to Dallas, I was heading to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants when I noticed that Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James, opened in Highland Park Village. I had seen that Mark D. Sikes was behind the design of the store and it could not be more chic in it’s style. Between trying on some cute new clothes, I snapped some pictures of the perfect jewel box space. High gloss blue paneled doors welcome you in with spheres of boxwood in the window. The rest is such a fun play of lighting, wallpaper, and patterns. Enjoy the photos, and if you don’t have Draper James near you, it is time to pay Dallas (or Nashville) a visit.


draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-11draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-2 draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-3

draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-7draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-4 draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-5

draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-9draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-6  draper-james-dallas-photos-by-the-potted-boxwood-8


2 thoughts on “Darling Draper James

  1. I’m a big fan of navy blue, but I must say, for this particular project I would have chosen either darker or brighter flooring! I think their attempt of luxury kinda looses points when we look at the yellowish floors! And for the wallpaper, I would have gone with the deep blue versace ones!
    Oh, I’m just being annoying! Sorry! Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing such beautiful spaces! =)

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