Chic and Easy

I have always admired the design of Sarah Bartholomew. It only takes a scroll throughout her Instagram and Pinterest accounts to see her obvious sense of tailored style and fabulously chic timeless taste. The fact that Mark D. Sikes counts her as a friend is another compliment of her beautiful sense of classically fresh design. Based in Nashville, Bartholomew uses my always favorite combination of blue and white. I love her pops of green throughout the photos below, whether in a yummy velvet or beautiful arrangement.

All photos below are from Pinterest.


There is nothing better than green and blue together.


Fresh topiaries and fabulous romans.


Another view of this picturesque den.


Exactly how a bathroom should be.


More of my favorite pattern flanks the Barholomew entry. Looks so chic with the leopard runner.


Well balances with clean lines.


This look will never go out of style.  Chic easy living.


Fabulous wallpaper.

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