Chinoiserie Panels

I could literally chinoiserie all day. I think I could have a home completely wrapped in gracie or degournay and never ever tire of it. Since I am just a single girl living in a townhouse, it doesn’t make any sense nor is it very budget friendly for my lifestyle. BUT, I was beginning to grow weary of the lack of it in my life. So, I am getting a little creative. My wheels have been turning. Many people frame their favorite chinoiserie paper, that way they can take it from house to house and never lose their investment. I am not about to even invest in gracie or degournay (I am waiting for a generous husband to come along for that ;).

I did a little online digging. I don’t quite know the quality, but I purchased two chinoiserie panels from Houzz. I plan to frame them in a beautiful gold frame and give it a go! You’ll have to see later where they end up. I could see them everywhere from the bedroom, dining room, or living room. I think we all could use a little chinoiserie today. Hope you find some great inspiration below! Remember: a little chinoiserie is better than none at all!

Houzz Chinoiserie Panel

pinked framed chinoiserie panels by Nick Olsen via Domino

I love the bamboo style frame! Bedroom by Nick Olsen via Domino

Chinoiserrie panels

Beautiful soft pink chinoiserie panels via pinterest.

  framed Chinoiserie paper via Bliss at Home

I love how well chinoiserie can mix with all styles (modern or traditional). Via Bliss at Home

Framed chinoiserie panel via Domino

A really great room (although those pillows are a little blinding) and a beautiful chinoiserie panel via Domino

fabulous framed shades of green wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

How can you not adore these beautiful panels that fit perfectly in the molding. Love the shades of green. Via Apartment Therapy

Entry by Summer Thorton via House Beautiful

Beautiful entry of blue and white by Summer Thorton via House Beautiful.

 Chinoiserie panels up the staircase by Mark D Sikes

Mark D. Sikes can do no wrong, especially in this California entry. Chinoiserie panels lead up the staircase.

Chinoiserie panels by the bed via Elements of Style

A lovely grey chinoiserie bedside panel via Erin Gates of Elements of Style.

I really just adore how fun this is via chinoiserie chic

I mean- is this room not fabulous?! Chintz and Chinoiserie. I just want a martini and some muled slippers. via Chinoiserie ChicChinoiserie panels by Laura Tutun interiors

A great neutral palette of panels by Laura Tutun Interiorschinoiserie panel in a living room via House Beautiful

I love green in my chinoiserie. This is really brilliant behind the bar cart. via House Beautiful 

Chinoiserie panel framed in a living room by Suzanne Rheinstein

A gorgeously collected formal living area by Suzanne Rhenstein.

Chinoiserie panel by Anthony Hall via AD May June 1972 via the art of the room

What a work of art. Chinoiserie panel in a space by Anthony Hall in the May/June 1992 AD via The Art of the Room.

framed chinoiserie wallpaper by Sara Tuttle

Clean dining area with a chinoiserie punch of color by Sara Tuttle.

Chinoisereiel panels at a rosewood hote

Jaw-droppingly beautiful. via Rosewood Hotels

Absolutely gorgeous framed chinoiserie paper by Michael S Smith via AD

I am obsessed with this living space by Michael S. Smith via AD.

A dining room of framed chinoiserie panels via Rodd Richesin design

A great alternative to wallpapering a dining room by Todd Richesin Design.

Temporary Tattoo

When you rent a space, a certain challenge is automatically accepted. You can’t change the structure. You just hope it has “good bones” to work with. You have to tolerate your floors, your appliances, and the owner’s carpet choices. Luckily, there are some things that you can change that will make a big impact. Light fixtures are one simple fix that make a substantial statement. Another big impact you can make is with curtains and the walls. Paint is always possible, wallpaper is not as straightforward.

I love, love, love wallpaper. It had a really bad rap for a long time, yet wallpaper can add the ideal balance to a room. It can insert texture; it can incorporate pattern; and it can give your walls dimension. It pains me to step away from the paper, but I think I have found some solutions. Removable wallpaper. Have you heard of it? Have you used it? Well, I am actively researching this route to make my new powder room and guest bath have a little more oomph. Of course, I really want a pretty chinoiserie pattern a la de Gournay and Gracie, but that ideal temporary paper does not exist. I also think a dark grasscloth could be wonderful with sconces and great prints on the wall….

Hygge and West removable wallpaper in Jade

A chic jade wallpaper by Hygge & West.

Blue and white removable wallpaper tempaper

Blue and white made right by Tempaper.

Spoonflower peel and stick wallpaper in Chinoiserie

A fantastic and vibrant chinoiserie wallpaper by SpoonflowerBrewster Wallpapers

Brewster wallpapers. I love the soft color but abundant texture.

Graham and Brown Nature Trail Duck Egg wallpaper

Nature Trail Duck Egg wallpaper by Graham and Brown.

Black and White Speckly Removable Wallpaper from Chasing Paper

Black and White Speckle wallpaper from Chasing Paper.

Ikat from swag paper

A blue and white pattern by Swag Paper.

Kate Zaremba on Etsy

A gray and white wonder by Kate Zaremba on Etsy.

Livettes removable wallpaper

Black and white check wallpaper. This would look so good with lots of potted boxwood. By Livettes on Etsy.

Tempaper gray wallpaper in burlap

Gray burlap wallpaper by Tempaper.  Would be wonderful in a small powder room.

Timothy Sue removable Wallpaper

A fantastic pattern mix and color injections from Timothy Sue.

Walls need love removable wallpaper in gold dots

Gold dots can make for a joyful and vibrant wall setting. Especially with some beautiful pieces of black and gold antiques. By Walls Need Love

wall candy arts python

A python infusion by Wall Candy Arts. A great infusion of texture, especially for a bar or small space.

Plot Your Course

I have always found maps to be quite fascinating. They are an in-depth glimpse of the world. Maps point out the places you have been, and allow you to notice all the places you have yet to explore. I find them to be even more fascinating when they are used in decor. From a framed vintage map, to wallpaper the size of the globe, maps can capture people’s interest and can be an instant conversation starter. People love to talk about their travels, hopes of places to see, and rightfully so. Why not shine some light in the world, right from your very own home.

Cheers to summer travel! Here are a handful of tasteful displays to plot your course. I can’t wait to share with you my journeys that are around the bend…


Breakfast nook by Russel Piccione with blue and white map tile via AD

A blue and white mapped breakfast nook by Robert Piccione. Via AD

Jemma Kidds Home via Elle Decor

The ever elegant home of Jemma Kidd, complete with paneled maps. Via Elle Decor

Maps on the wall via Veranda

A gallery wall of framed maps via Veranda.

Trent Wisehart via Elle Decor

A masculine contrast in this bedroom where the maps create the perfect symmetry. Via Elle Decor

Laura Santos Grennwich Village home via AD

I find map wallpaper to be fascinating. I especially love the look of it in a child’s bedroom. Via AD

map in poweder room via Elle Deocr

A sweet mapped powder room with wainscoting to give even more character. Via Elle Decor

I Left My Heart…

…In San Fransisco. Well, I didn’t leave my heart anywhere, but someone who holds a big place in mine is moving there this weekend. Finding friends is hard enough, but finding best friends is a whole other category. I am lucky to have a few very close friends, the kinds that just aren’t available when it is convenient or their significant other is out of town. While I just recently lost one to Nashville, loosing another so soon feels almost unbearable. On the bright side, I will have much more time to make for all of my boxwood friends 😉

Fortunately for me, my friend Katlin decided to move to a pretty cool city that is close to lots of wine (which suits her perfectly). She also is choosing to live in a very posh neighborhood (which also suits her perfectly). So while I write this with tears streaming down my face, I also write with a tremendous amount of gratitude that I was able to find such a great friend and have great anticipation for all of the fun we will have in our visits together in a lively, winding, and close to wine country town.

Best wishes Kat and Nawder…engaged and in a new place to stay! I hope this post will inspire your current house hunting ambitions.

This  spectacular Pacific Heights home is by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny

A 1967 Pacific Heights residence. Look at the door, the boxwood, the beautiful black- in love!

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 9

Contemporary art, classic furniture, and very sophisticated juxtaposition.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 2

Blue and white on display. Notice the block moldings of the wall.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 3

Herringbone floors and an eclectic combination of accessories in this hallway.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 4

A kitchen of gray and chic subway tile. Definitely an image you have seen before on the blog.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 5

I love how Greenleaf doesn’t let any one type of style dominate a room. Everything counteracts each other to create balance.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 7 Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 8

I love the mirrors flanking the bed and the pop of blue.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 11

I love this!

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 12 Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 13

All of the bathrooms in this home are so perfectly appointed. Playful wallpaper, contrasting floors, and chic combinations of color.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 14

The art keep the bathroom bright.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 15

Fantastic detail from the door to the tassel.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 16

Notice how the walls play on the colors in the bed,

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 17

I love the dynamic nature of this home. An addition of contemporary to a very currently classic interior.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 18

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 19

Soft pink and a subtle mix of pattern.

Pacific Heights home by Susan Greenleaf via Lonny 20

Notice the potted boxwood on the roof. The more of them the merrier.


Cinco de Mayo

Buenos Dias! In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would share the serene Mexico retreat of Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman. Their San Miguel vacation home is exactly the type of place where I would want to spend my Cinco de Mayo and my summers. It is full of pretty Spanish tile, handmade textiles, chic courtyards, and lush landscape. Also, the amount of blue and white in the home is enough to leave your head in a dream.

It has the laid back ambiance you would expect from a vacation home in Mexico, yet it also has an inviting sophistication that takes it a step above. I hope you enjoy these photos which originally appeared in Architectural Digest. Do yourself a favor and have a Margarita, or two, today!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman AD

Several split levels in this home and so much space to work with!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weismann 2

Hues of blue and phenomenal texture. A true display of light and fabulous wood beams.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 3

Look at that fixture! A great dining space. That fireplace is perfectly placed.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 9

The fireplaces in the entire home are just exquisite. Again, deep tones of blue and white act as nuetrals.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 8

A sweet a rustically refined kitchen.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 10

The brick ceiling is a great touch.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 12

Not often do you see an oval shaped bathroom. The blue and white tile is so superb in this space. Forget wallpaper!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 13

An elegant and inviting bedroom retreat.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 14

I love all the mix and match of blue and white fabric combined with smart wood finishes.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 15

Very interesting windows. Elements like this add a more modern twist.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 4

Bringing the indoors outside, Fisher and Weisman can use this space to entertain and enjoy the cool San Miguel nights.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 5

I love the use of sconces. This is really just like another room in the house.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 16

A poolside view of the home.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 17

A patio overlooking the town of San Miguel.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 6

A perfect property for summer entertaining and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.