America, The Blue…tiful

I hope my last posts have inspired you to get some wanderlust and set some travel plans in motion. That said, there is no greater feeling than when the wheels are down on your homeland’s soil (wherever your homeland may be). For a majority of my readers, U.S.A. is neatly stamped on our return address. While it is important to explore, it is also crucial to realize just how precious it is to be born here, live here, and be a part of an exceptional nation.

Today, I want to share with you images of my beloved blue and white, with red mixed in. People often shy away from colors that look too holiday, but this combination has a sophistication and cultured flair that is often unexpected. So go and enjoy this special birthday celebration of our young country. May your days be filled with Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Have a happy 4th!


Let Freedom Ring

Samantha Knapp via Lonny

Samantha Knapp’s bedside table with the perfect red, white, and blue prints. Via Lonny

Dining room by Kemble Interiors

A super chic red lacquered dining room with blue velvet chairs by Celerie Kemble. Via Elle Decor

A perfect mix of red, white, blue in this bedroom

A classically lined and streamlined designed red, white, and blue bedroom. So fresh! Via Pinterest

Blue white and red in teh home of Christopher Spitzmiller via AD

Featured recently on TPB, this bedroom is full of pattern, sheen, and glossy splashes of color. Christopher Spitzmiller is fantastic. Via AD

Charles Faudree designed bedroom in blue and white and red

Charles Faudree is the master of French country design. I have a true appreciation for his style.

Blue white and red sitting room by Alessandra Branca via AD

Alessandra Branca knows best with this light-filled, white clapboard mixed with subtle prints and bold solids. Via AD

Istanbul home via Veranda

This home of Serdar Gulgan Istanbul looks pretty patriotic to me. Obsessed with how effective the blue and white ginger jars look on top of the red coffee table. Perfection. Via Town & Country

Red white and blue room by Peter Pennoyer and Jeffrey Bilhuber via AD

Shades of blue and contrasting textures pop atop of the red oriental rug designed by Peter Pennoyer and Jeffrey Bilhuber. Via AD

red white and blue room in Sig Bergamin’s Manhattan apartment via Elle Decor

Red, white and blue living room in an array of patterns, textures, and rich design in Sig Bergamin’s Manhattan apartment. Via Elle Decor

Room by Alessandra Branca via AD

Another superb shot of the home designed by Alessandra Branca with her fantastic blue, white, and red design. How perfect is that chippendale red balcony?! Via AD

A Chic Duo

I recently linked you all over to one of my favorite blogs, The Belclaire House, for a post she did on the fabulous Mario Buatta designed home featured on Bravo’s Southern Charm. Not long after,  I stumbled across an article on the Architectural Digest website about two homes designed by Mario Buatta that were just too chic not to share. The most lavish detail of all was that these two homes, one in Palm Beach and one in the Hamptons, were owned by the same couple, Hllary and Wilbur Ross. The homes are seamless with a timeless style and breadth of fresh flair.

The Prince of Chintz enchants the homes with his signature eye for whimsical tradition, a craft that he has mastered better than anyone in the field. It is this whimsy talent that takes my favorite color combination of blue and white to the next level with pillows and patterns sprayed in a classical eclectic manner. These homes are just edited enough, without looking in the least contrite. Sometimes it is fun to twist tradition, and Buatta proves that it can be done with a gracious sensibility. So let’s go into this Wednesday slightly green with envy that this couple gets two high end addresses with superb design inside.


Photos by Eric Piasecki and Scott Frances via AD.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 7

The garden and the terrace are what dreams are made of…breathtaking.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 2

Timeless, but never stale. Buatta knows his blue and white.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 3

A care free and polished combination of color. Notice how he used the paint all the way on the shutters as well.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 4

A playful sophistication with this drop-dead gorgeous hand painted wallpaper by Haleh Atabeigi. The blue ceiling is a well executed touch.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 5

If your not careful, this room at first glance looks like a child’s room. What it really is, is a continuation of the outside. A cabana ceiling and hand painted hedges.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 6

That traditional twist is apparent in the lines Buatta uses throughout, here it is in the bed frame.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 8

Sweet simplicity. Nothing more lavish than a well hedged pool.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 10

The use of the boxwood is classic, but the curvature is eclectic.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD11

A stunning Hamptons home.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 13

The Ross’ have a fantastic collection of modern art which juxtaposes beautifully with the more understated elements.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 15

A phenomenal canopy. I have never seen potted hibiscus topiaries. Unreal!!!

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD 17

Palm Beach perfection.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD14

Gracie wallpaper that will make anyone green with envy, mixed with a more whimsical multi-colored window treatments.

Mario Buatta on TPB via AD12

A piece of modern art in a hallway of neutral hues.


Talented Tablescape

de Gournay has always been one of my favorite textile houses, so imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my favorite interior designers, Nick Olsen, collaborated with them to create an incredible tablescape at the Lenox Hill Spring Gala. The setting, labeled “The Dark Side Of Eden,” is full of de Gournay’s spectacular hand-painted porcelain and fabrics that evoke a vivid feeling of a lush and complex landscape.

From coral snakes to a hand-painted tree to the fabulous palm tablecloth, de Gournay and Nick Olsen won the night with this playful and colorful tablescape. Plus, how divine are those oversized shiny red apples?! Olsen took his luxurious and high drama design to the next level with the timeless and ever chic work of de Gournay. If only combinations like this could happen every day…

Images courtesy of Nylon Consulting.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 5

Nothing says a luxe night on the town quite like this tablescape. It has an almost Tony Duquette vibe. It has such a powerful ambience.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay

Look at the custom cushions made with de Gournay’s midnight blue duchess satin with Red Roman piping. I can’t decide what I like more, the snake on the plates or on the seat cushion?

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 2

An aerial view of tablecloth. A striking combination of palm leaves on a jet black.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 3

The intertwined detail of this snake..and to think it is all hand-painted!

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 1

The inspiration for the centerpiece design, “L’Eden.”

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 4

Another view of the snake on the Duchess Satin. Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 6


A truly custom dinner plate. Very meticulously crafted and designed, and with such a chic approach.


Sara Gilbane

The other day while at the drybar getting my hair coiffed for a night on the town (aka dinner and then straight to bed), I couldn’t help but flip through the latest design issues. One photo that immediately caught my eye was a bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors. I should note, I look at tons of beautiful images every day so when something makes me stop and stare, I definitely pay attention. The poor woman giving my blowout must have thought I was crazy (no..she definitely did!)  for snapping pictures of magazine articles the whole 45 minutes.

I was just captivated by this photo. The soft texture of the bedroom and the warm sophistication immediately drew me into the design. Then again, looking at all of Sara Gilbane’s work has the same effect. She sprinkles rooms with pattern, but envelops them in a glowing softness. Her work is sensible, smart, and classically chic. I hope you enjoy!


Bedroom by Sara Gilbane via Zhush

A bedroom that masters the art of calm, glamour, and delicate sophistication.


Speaking of glamour, this dining room is a high drama of color, gloss, and gold ceiling. Just incredible! Via House Beautiful

A stylish and lovely vignette by Sara Gilbane Interiors

Fantastic symmetry in this vignette complete with blue and white.

Blue and White is beautiful in this bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

This bedroom has the ambience of comfort and a traditional elegance.

Blue walls and study by Sara Gilbane Interiors via her website

Okay…If you didn’t notice the green shelf lining then we can’t be friends! How divine is that against this stunning dark navy?! Swoon!

Chic and SOphisticated Living room by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A luxe palette of color and texture in this chic living room.

Fresh kitchen by Sara Gilbane Interiors

This kitchen exudes livable luxury. I love the bar stools and the light blue subway tile against the white cabinets.

Functional, hig-end, and full of color by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A wall of windows in this living space complete with a contrasting black wall with gold hardware. A great palette of color- Sara is so talented with her combination of hues.

An eclectic andeloquent bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A fantastic use of pattern in a delightfully eclectic home.

Saara Gilbane via Savvy Home Blog

Sara Gibane Tudor bedroom via House Beautiful

A playful blue and white bedroom of windows in this tudor style home.

Sara Gilbane two tone blue sofa via my design chic

This sofa is everything! Light and dark blue work together to make quite the superb focal point.

So chic in this living area by Sara Glbane via Veranda

Who says your floor has to be a bore?! In this room, the floor takes center stage as the perfect backdrop for the light blue accents, chocolate soda, and fantastic art. Via Veranda

Soft and inviting bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors via House Beautiful

Soft, subtle, and sweet. A sweet canopy over the icy blue velvet headboard is a nice touch. Via House Beautiful

Bridge To Beautiful Rooms

I was re-reading some of my coffee table books recently, and I came across a historic Harlem brownstone designed by Sheila Bridges in “So Chic”  by Elle Decor.  I immediately noticed the mix of soft and serene colors incorporated with bold hues and punchy pattern. She approaches her design diligently, yet casually. Her work speaks eloquently, her arrangement of furniture evokes approachability, and her craft creates an ideal ambience.

Did I mention she creates her own patterns? She uses her schema to create “Harlem Toile” and “Enchanted Forest” among many others. She is an exceptional designer and very skilled creator of inviting and vibrant homes.


Bedroom of pattern designed by Sheila Bridges

Multiple patterns combine to create an exceptional bedroom. Via Elle DecorDining area by Shelia Bridges via Elle Decor

One of my favorite rooms of Bridges. I like the casual formality of this room. The shades of green to the placement of art and sconces. Via Elle Decor

Striped and clean bedroom designed by Sheila Brides

Stripes of delight in this bathroom complete with a lovely claw foot tub. Via Elle Decor

Bedroom designed by Sheila Brides

A more dark and contrasting bedroom. A phenomenal use of orange, blue, and pattern.

Fireplace area designed by Sheila Bridges

Bridges can also create a simple, yet effective space. The furniture is the real eye catching element.

Historic Harlem Brownstone deesigned by Sheila Bridges

Bridges resides in a historic Harlem Brownstone that is full of rich architectural details. Look at the beautiful moldings and woodwork.Via Elle Decor

Stunning blue kitchen by Sheila Bridges

A blue and white kitchen that doesn’t feel too “kitchy.” Such a superb shade of blue. Via House Beautiful

Kitchen with a chic rug designed by Sheila Bridges

A more subdued kitchen that is classic, inviting, and effortlessly tasteful. Via Elle Decor

Living room by Shelia Bridges

A strong use of color in this living area by Bridges. She tends to take two hues and apply them perfectly to a space.

Picture perfect picture window by Sheila Bridges

Quite the window seat. I would much prefer to spend my day here reading away!

Living room by Sheila Bridges

A light filled living space that would be an ideal space for cocktails and coffee. Via Elle Decor.

Stunning neutral bedroom designed by Sheila Bridges


A neutral bedroom that is anything but plain.

Dining room by Sheila Bridges

A dining space that lets the architectural details shine. I wish every dining room had a fireplace.

Sheila Bridges in ger Harlem Brownstone

Sheila Bridges exudes her fresh and bold style.

Enchanted pattern by Sheila Bridges Unique toile pattern by Sheila Bridges 

A toile pattern designed by Sheila Bridges Custom patter by Sheila Bridges


A sampling of pattern designs created by Sheila Bridges.