Stunning At Every Turn

I recently posted a photo of a Dallas home on my instagram feed that did not do the house justice. It is a beautiful white brick home, set back on a very popular street. This home is also featured in the recent issue of Veranda magazine (run- don’t walk to get it!).  It is designed by Cathy Kincaid and restored beautifully by my favorite architect Wilson Fuqua. I have never seen an architect understand the great balance and perfect execution of chic and charm quite like Wilson Fuqua. I found some photos of the home on Mr. Fuqua’s website and I just had to share his unbelievable restoration and Cathy Kincaid’s stunning design of this inviting and totally chic home. Happy Weekend! XO

Photos via


Isn’t this courtyard enterance beyond charming?


Beautiful boxwood landscape surrounds this home. I really love the chic California privacy of this residence.


An amazing sun room. The ideal blend of fabrics and light.



Everything is timeless without looking stale or dated. Cathy Kincaid is really a master at that!


This is the dining room of my blue and white dreams.


Her choice of fabrics throughout the home really speak to the architecture.


Cathy really understands the art of an inviting bedroom. She creates a personal and calming oasis, with a punch of personality.



The architectural details of this room make for the perfect palette to decorate.


Really beautiful shutter color and lush topiary borders.




I love the infusion of brick texture as well as classic cabinetry. Perfection at every turn.

Red Right

Red. I know I have posted about this before. I have an unsteady history with the color. I often find it either elementary or overkill, cheap or bougie.  Basically, I have trust issues with red. You see- it can be done SO right. In my mind that is the exception not the normal.  Every time I expect a beautiful red, it often ends up wrong. I want a luxe Hong Kong red, or a deep rose red. I love to see it pop on fabric more than paint. I like a red lacquer, not a red paisley. I am very quirky with the color. I love it done right, rich, and perfectly popped!

Here is a little bit of winter red to help you navigate the winter blues.



One of my favorites by the color wizard Miles Redd. Pink and Red looking so romantic together.


Brooke Astor’s chic library by Albert Hadley via AD.

beautiful-red-room by beverly field

A chic red library by Beverly Field.


Mark D. Sikes Kips Bay Showhouse all decked in red.


Again. Miles Redd knows how to pop the perfect amount of red.


Charlotte Moss also knows how to use a lovely red lamp shade in the most feminine way.


Red and green can make the perfect pair without making it feel like Christmas all year round. Then again, why is that a bad thing? Via Elle Decor

Gorgeous Gambrel

If you haven’t seen this Bridgehampton home in the June Architectural Digest, you are truly missing out. The ‘pantry” alone is enough to leave you breathless. Steven Gambrel along with Michael Davis Construction created a spectacular home full of light, timeless neutrals, and an ideal balance of color. The front landscape proves that all you need is beautiful and robust bursts of green. There is a collected family feel in this beautiful new home. Normally it takes times for new construction to look established, but I think Gambrel did an excellent job of enhancing the ambience with his talented fresh design.

I really just love this house and had to share today. Again, sorry for the sporadic posting- summertime has me on a varying schedule.

photography by   via AD

Home by Steven Gambrel via AD

living room by steven gambrel via AD

design by Steven Gambrel via AD

china room by Steven Gambrel via ADliving area by Steven Gambrel via AD

bedroom by Steven Gambrel via AD

Bathroom by Steven Gambrel via AD

outside living area by Steven Gambrel via AD

Wonderfully Wolf

I had the opportunity to hear and meet renowned designer, Vicente Wolf, speak at a showroom here in Dallas this past Tuesday evening (hence my absence of post yesterday). It was so refreshing to hear a designer speak so candidly about the changes within the industry, his personal mantras, and his approach to design. An avid traveler to far corners of the world, Wolf spoke of how he draws his inspirations from objects he finds from Thailand to Hong Kong. He passionately spoke of his creative process. Wolf builds a space, scales the space, and then fills it with color and texture.

His visual mind is reflected in the way speaks so fluidly about the industry. He was such a genuinely kind person. He wanted to be asked questions and all relished in his thoughtful answers. Wolf knows good taste. He takes the reigns and creates spaces that only his mind can envision, and in turn everyone loves.

His fourth book is available on amazon here. Below, have a glimpse into the chic NYC apartment of Vicente Wolf. Photos via One Kings Lane.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 4

The first thing I notice about his home is all of the green!! He really brings a great amount of texture indoors with this array of succulents and greenery.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 5

A chic canopied daybed makes for a perfect focal point for a sitting area. Wolf has his furniture floating, which is much more daring than the safe desire to keep things against a wall.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane

I love a white canvas with a sea of contrasts…grays, camels. browns, and blacks. Wolf really knows how to display quality furniture and objects.Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 6

Shades of wood.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 7

Wolf loves photography, and the white walls are the ideal way to display.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 2

This room is so refreshing. There is nothing better than displaying what you love, and living in a room full of natural light.

Vicente Wolf via One Kings Lane 3

Shades of gray and white.



Olympic Gold

I love a good instagram obsession, and I absolutely adore everything that Sig Bergamin posts. Everything is so posh and perfect, yet chic and relaxed. His style reflects the ease of a Brazillian lifestyle with a high focus on aesthetics. Punches of color, stark contrasts, and various textures are abundant in all of his projects. Bergamin adores color and the vibrance of life around him, which is conveyed exquisitely in his interiors and architecture. I find all of his work to be a real treat, and hopefully this will add a bit of spice to your typical Tuesday. Bigerman’s work is surely worthy of the gold.

Sig Bergamin Home via AD 1

Lush fabric and warm colors add an ideal ambience to this den. Via AD  Sig Bergamin Home via Elle Decor 2

Blue and white stripes look fabulous anywhere, but they really shine in tropical landscape. Via Elle Decor

Sig Bergamin Home via AD 3

An array of colors, patterns, and layers. Via AD

Sig Bergamin Home via Elle Decor 4

Blues and whites. I love the juxtaposition of a deep blue against a light blue. Via Elle DecorSig Bergamin Home via Elle Decor

Layers of patterns. Via Elle Decor

Sig Bergamin Federal Style Home via AD

A federal style home in the midst of a Brazillan paradise. Via ADSig Bergamin Home via AD 6

A classic dining room and timeless appeal. Via AD

Sig Bergamin Home via Elle Decor 3

Potted Palms and airy white. Via Elle DecorSig Bergamin Home via AD 7

Trendy and timeless and totally tasteful. Via AD

Sig Bergamin Home via AD 5

A contemporary twist with traditional elements. Via AD    Sig Bergamin Home via AD

Color! Vibrance! So much to look at, but so much fun! Via ADSig Bergamin Paris Home via Elle Decor

Simple, but entirely well presented. I love the pop of red against the yummy wallpaper.  Via Elle Decor

Sig Bergamin Home via AD 8

A beautifully paneled dining room full of elegance. One would think- too much brown- but that really isn’t the case here. Via AD