Light The Way


You can have beautiful furniture, fresh paint, lovely art, and top notch appliances, but all of that can be overshadowed by one thing- bad light fixtures. Our eyes tend to gravitate towards them more than we realize. They literally hang in front of our faces, illuminating the spaces we love. So often I see a gorgeous home with a beautiful front door flanked by the most hideous, tiny fixtures.

This Charleston row house does not have that problem. As you can see below, this home was outfitted with chic and stylish light fixtures from The Urban Electric Co. and put into place with the help of the fabulous design team from Workstead. The result is an abundance of fresh feels in a space that is full of both natural light and chic warm tones. It is the ideal juxtaposition of classic architecture with current minimalism.  Enjoy these swoon worthy light fixtures and warm airy spaces. I don’t know about you, but these lights make me want to buy all new ones!

And let’s be honest, everyone can use good lighting.

All photos by Matthew Williams Photography

Courtesy of The Urban Electric Co. 4 Rex Wall_previewCourtesy of The Urban Electric Co. 8 Rex Wall_preview

The Rex Wall Light sets the tone for a chic and sophisticated twist on an historic Charleston row house.  Courtesy of The Urban Electric Co. 26 Kensington_preview

I adore how the Kensington makes an immediate statement in the entry.

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 4_preview

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 3_preview

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 11_previewCourtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 29_previewWhat a phenomenal space! Everything from the open glass cabinets, to the large round marble island to the exposed brick and fireplace is entirely unique and chic.

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 30_preview

A gorgeous black range set back in a nook of marble.

Courtesy of The Urban Electric Co. 19 Harford_preview

The Harford in this white-washed den makes a bold, yet silently chic statement.

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 8 UECo Kensington Pendant_previewThe Kensingnton fixture is the ideal mirror reflection.

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 25 Rex Lamp Workstead Pendant_preview

So many layers of lights, including the Rex Table Lamp on the vanity.

Courtesy of The Urban Electric Co. 17 Yves Hang_preview

An eye-catching shape and focal point, the  Yves elevates the master bedroom with a touch of glamour. Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 17 Bishop_preview

Courtesy of Workstead Photog Matthew Williams 16 Bishop_preview

All in the details. Super chic Bishop fixture.

Keep Me Where The Light Is

I have mentioned before my appreciation and obsession with Christopher Spitzmiller lamps. The odds are substantial that if you see a beautifully designed room, his lamps are somewhere in the mix. Spitzmiller is the master of his craft, so it is no wonder that his upstate New York home would be crafted with the same meticulous eye for detail. The comfort of being instagram friends with Spitzmiller has made me feel very accustomed to this home (in the weird way that social media can make one familiar). I love scrolling through to see Spitzmiller’s and Sam Allen’s posts of the view of the garden at Clove Brook Farm in rain, fog, snow, and sunshine. Imagine my delight when I see the latest Architectural Digest, featuring a cover-worthy,  glossy and in-depth look at their home at Clove Brook Farm.

The glossy, orchid color door is a cheerfully chic indicator that this Greek Revival farmhouse is going to be something quite delightful. Sure enough, the interiors are elegant, polished, and gorgeously colored, just like Spitzmiller’s lamps. Clove Brook Farm is an ideal retreat that has the warmth of home and the roaming grounds of the countryside. This farmhouse is full of natural light by day and Spitzmiller’s light by night. In my opinion, that is how it should always be!

William Waldron featured in Architectural Digest. Architectural designer Jonathan Parisen advised, Harry Heissmann collaborated on the interiors, and P. Allen Smith assisted with the landscape design.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD

The oh-so-timeless Greek Revival farmhouse shared by two very talented individuals. I can’t get enough of those glossy, deep orchid doors.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 5

An incredible open kitchen area all dressed in white. Imagine the glow of the fireplace in the tall wood-beamed room.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 4

Dodie Thayer lettuceware is a vibrant pop of color in the kitchen. The use of wood work is incredible.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 7

Elegant, layered, and full of scrumptious texture. How ideal would this room be on a snowy day?!

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 2

A fabulous blue floor and red patterned walls gives this guest room a sophisticated Americana ambience.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 3

A serene setting for a goodnight’s sleep after a day on the farm. Harry Heissmann had the chic wallpaper custom made.

Spitzmiller and Sam Allens home at Clove Brook Farm via AD 6

What a picture perfect farm! I encourage you to follow Christopher and Sam on instagram. You won’t regret it!


Gegan Day

It is my grandmother’s birthday today. As many of you know on instagram, I simply refer to her as “Gegan.” It is a term I created at two years of age after failing at my attempt to call her “Grand Dana.” If that doesn’t give you any indication, Gegan is a very grand person. She sees the world through her very unique lense. She looks at a color like purple, and sees “a deep orchid” or observes the color orange and refers to it as “a tangerine summer sherbert.”

I recently fell in love with a twin bed. It is an antique upholstered head and footboard with a lovely gray chonsierie vine pattern. I called Gegan and told her about how much I loved this bed, but yet do not have a place for it (nor am I willing to downgrade my comfy queen tempurpedic for a small twin). Gegan’s reply was shocking and insightful. She said, “Get rid of your sofa. Display the bed as a daybed, throw on a bunch of pillows, and use it right in your living room.” If you know me personally, you know I hate my sofa yet can’t bear to get a new one for fear of my “hot mess” pug, Emmie, destroying it. Gegan sees opportunity in the unexpected and uses small details to create grand design.

Happy Birthday Gegan! Thank you for teaching me that everything can be beautiful (and passing down a sliver of your good taste genes to me). I guess I am off to buy a twin bed!

Here are some beautiful images from her home and for her birthday inspiration. XO


The Potted Boxwood 10

Gegan’s dining area. So simply elegant and classic with lots of inspired Asian arts and antiques.

Beautiful sitting area by Charles Faudree

Gegan grew up in Tulsa, the base of interior designer Charles Faudree.

The Potted Boxwood 4

An aerial view of Gegan’s bedroom of John Robshaw sheets and a chinoiserie matilesse. Very soft and feminine. I am obsessed with her Russian Glass chandellier.

John Robshaw Pillow

Speaking of John Robshaw, he is one of her favorites. His pure use of colors and design always put a smile on her face.

The Potted Boxwood 6

A fabulously Floridian vignette in her home. She is playful with her placements, yet very intentional with their display.

The Potted Boxwood 3

An “eyes on me” moment I had earlier this month at her home. There are always things to notice for the first time at her home, no matter how long they have been there.

Jonathan Staub Marion Philpotts Miller fretwork daybed via the aestate

A room fit for Gegan by Philpots Interiors. A lacquered blue day bed with lots of texture and tones in accompaniment.  Via theaestate

The Potted Boxwood 8

A living room area in her home. She has the most beautiful screens and displays, none of them the same way. Lots of Asian inspiration.

The Potted Boxwood 2

Once upon a time she was quite the entertainer. Lots of fun treasures in there…. I love the bird that perches on the floor lamp as well.

Russell Page at the Frick in NYC

Gegan has quite the green thumb. This garden at The Frick is by Russell Page. She purchased a book of his garden work for me in Paris a couple summers ago.

The Potted Boxwood 9

Gegan’s desk area. Casually chic and surrounded by all things “pretty.”

The Potted Boxwood 5

Another glimpse of her coffee table display.

Blue and white display by Charles Faudree

A blue and white wall display by Tulsa designer Charles Faudree. Very similar in design to Gegan’s outdoor spaces.

The Potted Boxwood 7

A long mirrored screen in her home reflects the light of pretty blues and whites.

The Potted Boxwood 1

She even has a way with potted boxwood…Happy Birthday Gegan!


Perfectly Petite

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine living in New York City, asked me for some advice on decorating her small SoHo apartment. As many of you have heard me say here before, a space does not have to be large to be effective. In fact, I prefer a small space since it can make a bigger impact. While I have done posts on small jewel box spaces before, this apartment by interior designer Lilly Bunn caught my eye. Her ability to be bold, fresh, and playful while designing this petite space is truly remarkable.

This apartment by Lilly Bunn was photographed by Maura McEvoy in House Beautiful.

Phillip Jeffries Jute wallpaper by Lilly Bunn in House Beautiful

A jewel tone and feminine ambience in this entry covered in Phillip Jefferies jute wallpaper.

Living room of Manhattan Apartment by House Beautiful

The dark chocolate colored walls are effective in showcasing the white curtains and accents. Bunn notes that sometimes if a space is dark, you just have to embrace it.

Dining area by Lilly Bunn in House Beautiful

A bar tray sits to the side of this acrylic table in the living room. I also live in a small space, and I must admit I use my dining table as a display of coffee table books. Why bother making it the focal point?   Just make it a fun accessory!

Kitchen by Lilly Bunn in House Beautiful

A window shade of black and white fabric, as well as a pop of blue and white, brighten this small kitchen.

Manhattan Bedroom by Lilly Bunn in House Beautiful

I adore the use of green lamps in this bedroom of luxe blue and white Matouk linens. Green, Blue, and White- a phenomenal combination!

Bedroom chair by Lilly Bunn in House Beautiful

The softer blue and white print shades tie the room together, while the vibrant orange print pillows add an element of the unexpected.

Gifted & Talented

I hope y’all had a warm and relaxing Thanksgiving. Thankfully I will not be braving the large malls, but only the small town streets in the land of the pines.  I recognize that there are so many gift guides to choose from, so I am merely suggesting some of my favorite things this season of good quality and design. I included items that can be purchased from small boutiques to chain stores.  A little bit of everything for everyone on your list.

Please click the pictures for links to products. Happy shopping!


For The Hostess And The Home

the most important list of all

Jana BEK Navy Brushstroke Lamp  Jana BEK brushstroke lamp in fushia

My favorite instagram find has been these brushstroke lamps by Jana BEK design. They come in striking colors, but can be customized as well. Isn’t the navy divine?!

Ken Downlng NEST exclusive candle from Neiman Marcus

All I can say is I am glad this is not purple (last year Ken Downing had a purple wax candle that my pug conveniently knocked all over my upholstered chair….le sigh).  I am very excited for this Ken Downing exclusive NEST candle that has an aroma of sandalwood, oak moss, wild fig and ginger.

ROX by CJ Designs

ROX by CJ Designs make unique and phenomenal gifts. They are available at select Neiman Marcus stores and in high-end home boutiques in San Fransisco, New York City, Aspen, and Dallas. See my previous post here.

Preserved Boxwood Wreath by Boxwoods in Atlanta

How can I not love a store with the name of Boxwoods! A preserved boxwood wreath makes timeless door decor.

Scaladandre Print Pillow from Furbish Studio  Black and White Spotted Pillow from Furbish Studio

Furbish Studio knows how to make chic and playful pillows that add a fierce pop! From the iconic Scalamandre red zebra pillow to the black and white spots, these pillows could find a sofa home in any type of decor.

Throw from Steve Mckenzies in Atlanta

This classic herringbone racing green blanket from Steve McKenzie’s makes for a warm and wonderful hostess gift.

Ginger Jar from Bombay CompanyTollmache Umbrella Holder by Bombay Company



Blue and white are always a delight, and especially at these low prices (seriously…click the pics!). A truly timeless git from the Bombay Company that any friend would appreciate.

Leotine Linens Miles Applique Monogram

Leotine Linens are of the highest-quality with timeless monogram design.

Cream Collection of Needlepoint Pillows by Elizabeth Bradley Home

Elizabeth Bradley Home needlepoint pillows are not just a gift for your grandmother, but can be a traditional addition to any well-appointed room. See my previous post here.

Tory Burch In Color

The new coffee table by Tory Burch is sure to make any good tastemaker merry.

Aerin Lauder Chocolate Shagreen Tray


Aerin Lauder’s chocolate shagreen tray would place wonderfully on any coffee table or ottoman.


For Her

this is my grown-up Christmas list

Ann Mashburn Shaker Stitch Funnel Neck Sweater

A chic blue sweater from Ann Mashburn in Atlanta. So many glorious colors that would make anyone happy.

Taylor and Tessier Blue Stingray Cuff Taylor and Tessier Blue Python Cuff

After I visited their Aspen studio this past summer, I am hooked. Taylor and Tessier make the most exquisite cuffs from blue stingray to blue python and many more fabulous textures and colors.

Jude Frances Lattice RingJude Frances Provence Cuff

Always a fine jewelry favorite. The Dallas designers of Jude Frances make exceptional and unique jewelry.

PJ Harlow Loungewear and PajamasPJ Harlow Loungewear and Pajama Pants

There is nothing I love more than loungewear, and there is nothing more I love than PJ Harlow loungewear. My unofficial-official attire for writing The Potted Boxwood blog posts night after night.

Charlotte Max Malachite Clutch  with white Amethyst Cluster

A Malachite clutch with a white amethyst cluster by Charlotte Max. This Dallas based company makes incredible clutches that inevitably start a conversation.

Smythson Crocodile Agenda

The Smythson 2015 red crocodile agenda needs no introduction.



For Him

masculine, metro, and marvelous

Texas set for men by goop

If you live in Dallas you have the luxury of visiting Gwenyth’s goop pop-up shop in Highland Park Village. If your not near the sophisticated lone star city, you can still purchase goop’s exclusive Texas set online that is filled of a flask, money clip, and denim pocket square.

Black Crocodile Notepads from Madison

While under “For Him” this can definitely be “For Her” too. This black crocodile notepad from Madison 214 is a classic and universally pleasing gift. These can also be monogramed.

Tizo Lacquered box from Gracious Home NYC

Tizo lacquered tigerwood cufflink box from Gracious Home NYC. A sharp and sophisticated addition to any men’s dresser.

Horned Bottle Opener from Anthropologie

The antler bottle opener from Anthropologie is the masculine way to crack open a corona.

Everlane Cashmere Crew in Moss

Everlane cashmere crew in moss. Fantastic quality and completely classic.

Wusthof Stainless Steel Monogram Steak Knife Box from Williams Sonoma

A monogram box to house this 8 piece steak knife set by Wusthof from Williams Sonoma.


For The Kids

no cry babies

Me & Re Design Seersucker Monogram BlanketMe & Re Design Monogram Blankets

Anything monogrammed is fun for kids, but these blankets from Me & Re Design can grace the twin bed of a little girl to a college dorm of an upcoming grad.

In Bloom Collection of Books by Rifle Paper Company

A classic collection of books from the In Bloom collection by Rifle Paper Company. How fantastically fun would these be on a bookshelf in a girl’s room.

Girl's glitter lodge mocassins by crew cut

Crew Cuts always has the cutest things, and these glitter lodge moccasins are no exception!

Tucker & Tate Plaid Pajama Pants

Tucker + Tate boy’s plaid pajama pants from Nordstom.

Elenis Chirstmas Cookies

Eleni’s cookies are a delicious and colorful treat for kids (and big kids) during any special occasion. Santa will love these too!


For The Pooch

the lucky puppy

Buffalo Check Dog Collar from C Wonder Buffalo Check DOg Leash from C Wonder

The Buffalo Check from C. Wonder would look so phenomenal on my sweet little Emmie Pug.


Reindeer Bucket from Harry Barker

The reindeer toy bucket from Harry Barker.

Italian Wood Black and White Bone Frame

Frame the sweet picture perfect pup in these Italian Wood bone frames available from Boxwoods online.

Mark and Graham Clear Monogram Dog Bowls

Personalized glass dogs bowls from Mark & Graham make for a happy dog and even happier owner.


For The TravLer

jet set at home and abroad


LUXE City Guide Florence LUXE City Guide Hong Kong LUXE City Guide LondonLUXE City Guide Melbourne

LUXE City Guides are a staple for any of my travel plans. If you know someone who likes to jet set or of a friend’s upcoming vacation, these make a smart and dependable gift.

Essex Weekender Tote by Mark & Graham

The Essex Weekender Tote by Mark & Graham. Perfect for the preppy traveler.


Rifle Paper Company Case

Why not give your new rose gold iphone a nice tattoo? Case from Rifle Paper Company

Brics Bellagio Spinner Suitcase Large Brics Bellagio Suitcase in white

The Bellagio Spinner Suitcase from Bric’s is a stylish and durable way to pack all of your travel needs. You can gladly spot me with mine on my frequent jaunts to DFW.

Ballard Designs Jute cosmetic bags

These $15 Jute cosmetic bags from Ballard Designs can be personalized and make for a wonderful travel accessory.


For all Your Hard Work

sweet gifts for those who help you along the way
Ling Chang Calendars Ling Chang desktop calendar

Ling’s Little Calendars can be placed in their acrylic desktop holders and are the perfect addition for any office or home desk (teacher, doctor, real estate agent, etc.)

NEST holiday candle

Nothings smells of the holidays like the NEST holiday candle. I am clearly a big fan of their beautifully burning candles. With this gift, you can’t go wrong.

Coravin wine opener

An incredible new use of technology. With the Coravin wine opener you can drink your wine without opening the bottle. A great gift for anyone who enjoys a nice glass of wine. My only question is, who doesn’t finish the bottle?!

Jasmin Rouge Body Lotion by Tom Ford

There is nothing Tom Ford does that doesn’t scream chic. Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge is my new signature scent. This body lotion would make a wonderful gift that is perfectly packaged.

May Design Notebooks Monogram May Designs Notebooks

If you haven’t heard of May Designs, please let me enlighten you. For $19 you can get cute and easily portable monogrammed notebooks. You simply pick the background, monogram/font style, and how you would like the pages to be filled (lined, graph, agenda). It is as simple as that!