Keeping Walls, Breaking Trends

Let’s talk about this. It might make many of you uncomfortable. Maybe you saw it on TV and got sucked into the light and freedom of it. Maybe you went to a friend’s house and they encouraged you to do it. Possibly, you could have been attracted to these three little words on a shiny piece of new construction. OPEN FLOOR PLAN. I get it. Really, I get it. You have kids and you want to be able to make dinner while watching them watch TV, and soon after watch them eat at the table. You can also see who is at the front door and the backdoor.  You don’t even have to leave your post behind the stove and between the sink.  However, I do not find anything chic about the convenience of an open floor plan. In fact, you are doing yourself a disservice if you like design (If you are reading this I am assuming you do).

I spoke of this in just a small comment at the end of my last post. The comments I received from readers were very reaffirming. Think about going to a restaurant- do you ever get annoyed sitting at the table right by the kitchen door? I do. It makes me wonder why it is so common in our homes. Do we not we deserve peaceful meals? Do you want guests to see the mess of your kitchen preparations in the same eye line of your beautifully set dining room table? Do you really want to display your china cabinet in your living room? Do you really want to walk in the front door and see straight into your kitchen and the backyard? Do you not want the mere privacy of being able to close the door to a room? I would hope your answer is no.

We’ve become so engrained with the concept that the open floor plan is a positive thing. Like I mentioned above, it does have it’s benefit, but to me it is lacking. It is lacking intimacy, poise, and genuine purpose. This article from the BBC says it all, so does this article from Yahoo, and so does this article from Slate. I will quote them below. Really, I am just happy to know I am not alone in this trend to kill the open floor plan. Mr. Builder- do NOT tear down this wall!

Pictures of some of my favorite closed kitchens below.

“…here is one distressingly popular design choice that has spread throughout HGTV’s stable of shows like black mold through a flooded basement, and I can no longer abet its growth by keeping silent. I’m talking about the baneful scourge that is the “open-concept kitchen.”- Slate Article


kitchen via AD

I love the simplicity and thoughtful detail of this kitchen, from the exposed shelving on the island to the splash of windows above the second area of the kitchen. A functional and chic enclosed space. Via AD

 gray and white cabinets in kitchen via house beautiful

I love the color combination of this kitchen. Very sophisticated gold hardware and a walk-in pantry that is worthy of praise. Via House Beautiful

Kitchen by Alexa Hamton via AD


“Oh and did you know the open-plan kitchen can lead to uncontrolled snacking and is perhaps to blame for the recent obesity epidemic? It also encourages shouting; who needs to walk to the next room and merely talk when you can stand still and yell at the top of your lungs to announce dinner?” – BBC ARTICLE


Kitchen by Mick de Giulio via AD

Entering the kitchen through a pair of doors, love that. A clever way to display pots and pans. Mick de Giulio via AD

Kitchen by Suzanne Kasler via AD

Beautiful enclosed kitchen. Love the siding all around the room. Suzanne Kasler via AD


“If I can see my kitchen all the time, I can’t relax,” Roxanne said. “When someone walks in the kitchen, I’ll impulsively start wiping down the counter, even if it’s already clean. An open kitchen is very impressive looking – but it really depends on how you’re living.” –Yahoo Article


Kitchen via Veranda

Pretty enclosed hues via Veranda


Sitting At A Bistro

French bistro chairs are the ideal addition to any breakfast nook or countertop. It is the one chair that can insert pattern and texture, while being versatile and extremely functional. French bistro chairs can come in a plethora of colors and find homes around table tops of modern design or traditional interiors. I like them as chairs, but I LOVE them as bar stools. Their patterns vary, as well as their finishes. They are comfortable and clean easily.

I would buy some bar stools in a heart beat, I just need to wait for a certain pug puppy to calm her cravings….Like This

I must say, these are pretty good copy cats.



Bistro Chairs 1

A great white kitchen with black and white pattern bistro chairs.

Bistro Chairs 2

What are your thoughts on purple?? Not for everyone, but it sure adds a punch of color to this breakfast table.

Bistro Chairs 3

Blue on blue in this breezy breakfast area. Via Luxe Magazine

Bistro Chairs 4

Well fabulous! Blue and white chairs combined with a fantastic light fixture. Via House Beautiful 

Bistro Chairs 5

I never see bistro chairs with cushions  (I think they are comfortable enough). I guess if you like extra comfort and want to add some more pattern, why not add it?

Bistro Chairs_The Everyday Home

This dining area looks so fresh in hues of blue and white.

Bistro Chairs 6

Again, bistro chairs with cushions.  No one chair has looked the same so far!

Bistro Chairs 8

I am obsessed with the pattern on these bar stools. Notice how they continued them with the dining area beyond the kitchen.

Bistro Chairs 9

A great color and pattern on the chairs in this dining area. Via House Beautiful 

Bistro Chairs 10

Why not add some red! How wonderfully chic does it look when you mix and match all of those patterns?!

Bistro Chairs 11

Another great use of bistro bar stools.

Bistro chairs via Decor Pad

Notice the contrasting chair at the head of the table mixed in with the bistro chairs. A green combination of blues and greens.

Bistro Chairs via Style Me Pretty

The black looks pretty stellar at this small table area.

Bistro Chairs via Elle Decor

I have always loved the look of this kitchen.  Via Elle Decor


Cinco de Mayo

Buenos Dias! In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would share the serene Mexico retreat of Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman. Their San Miguel vacation home is exactly the type of place where I would want to spend my Cinco de Mayo and my summers. It is full of pretty Spanish tile, handmade textiles, chic courtyards, and lush landscape. Also, the amount of blue and white in the home is enough to leave your head in a dream.

It has the laid back ambiance you would expect from a vacation home in Mexico, yet it also has an inviting sophistication that takes it a step above. I hope you enjoy these photos which originally appeared in Architectural Digest. Do yourself a favor and have a Margarita, or two, today!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman AD

Several split levels in this home and so much space to work with!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weismann 2

Hues of blue and phenomenal texture. A true display of light and fabulous wood beams.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 3

Look at that fixture! A great dining space. That fireplace is perfectly placed.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 9

The fireplaces in the entire home are just exquisite. Again, deep tones of blue and white act as nuetrals.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 8

A sweet a rustically refined kitchen.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 10

The brick ceiling is a great touch.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 12

Not often do you see an oval shaped bathroom. The blue and white tile is so superb in this space. Forget wallpaper!

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 13

An elegant and inviting bedroom retreat.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 14

I love all the mix and match of blue and white fabric combined with smart wood finishes.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 15

Very interesting windows. Elements like this add a more modern twist.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 4

Bringing the indoors outside, Fisher and Weisman can use this space to entertain and enjoy the cool San Miguel nights.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 5

I love the use of sconces. This is really just like another room in the house.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 16

A poolside view of the home.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 17

A patio overlooking the town of San Miguel.

Andrew Fisher and Jeffrey Weisman 6

A perfect property for summer entertaining and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Virginia Modern

Since my posts this week were about Virginia Garden Week, I thought I would share a different approach to “historic” Virginia. Renowned designer Darryl Carter restored a 19th century farmhouse in Virginia and took a more relaxed and refreshed spin on the design, without sacrificing historical components. While I do love the classic look of tradition in may Virginia homes, you can’t help but appreciate Carter’s home that depicts the essence of casually chic country living.

Wishing you have a casually chic weekend! wherever you are!

Photos of this home by Darryl Carter are by Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 12

A modern rustic farmhouse retreat. I love the simplicity of it all!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 13

Open shelving and a free standing island are very effective in this all white home.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor

Layers of neutral and smart pops of black make for an inviting living area.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 2

I love this dining room, but I love the barn dutch barn door off to the left even more.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 3

A very smart room of shelving that is piled with shades of white tableware.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 4

White steps, white walls, and white floors make the all natural shades of wood strike strongly.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 5

Could you imagine this room in the winter, with a fire and fur blanket?! A true room of relaxation.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 6

Wisteria covered pergola. I love the pigs!!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 7

This galvanized metal tub looks as if it has been there forever!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 8

Serene sitting area.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 10

Neutrals incorporate together to focus on the antiques and woodwork.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 9

A sun-filled bathroom with a light fixture designed by Carter for Urban Electric Company.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 11

That horn chair is such an intriguing twist in this bedroom.

Sara Gilbane

The other day while at the drybar getting my hair coiffed for a night on the town (aka dinner and then straight to bed), I couldn’t help but flip through the latest design issues. One photo that immediately caught my eye was a bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors. I should note, I look at tons of beautiful images every day so when something makes me stop and stare, I definitely pay attention. The poor woman giving my blowout must have thought I was crazy (no..she definitely did!)  for snapping pictures of magazine articles the whole 45 minutes.

I was just captivated by this photo. The soft texture of the bedroom and the warm sophistication immediately drew me into the design. Then again, looking at all of Sara Gilbane’s work has the same effect. She sprinkles rooms with pattern, but envelops them in a glowing softness. Her work is sensible, smart, and classically chic. I hope you enjoy!


Bedroom by Sara Gilbane via Zhush

A bedroom that masters the art of calm, glamour, and delicate sophistication.


Speaking of glamour, this dining room is a high drama of color, gloss, and gold ceiling. Just incredible! Via House Beautiful

A stylish and lovely vignette by Sara Gilbane Interiors

Fantastic symmetry in this vignette complete with blue and white.

Blue and White is beautiful in this bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

This bedroom has the ambience of comfort and a traditional elegance.

Blue walls and study by Sara Gilbane Interiors via her website

Okay…If you didn’t notice the green shelf lining then we can’t be friends! How divine is that against this stunning dark navy?! Swoon!

Chic and SOphisticated Living room by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A luxe palette of color and texture in this chic living room.

Fresh kitchen by Sara Gilbane Interiors

This kitchen exudes livable luxury. I love the bar stools and the light blue subway tile against the white cabinets.

Functional, hig-end, and full of color by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A wall of windows in this living space complete with a contrasting black wall with gold hardware. A great palette of color- Sara is so talented with her combination of hues.

An eclectic andeloquent bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

A fantastic use of pattern in a delightfully eclectic home.

Saara Gilbane via Savvy Home Blog

Sara Gibane Tudor bedroom via House Beautiful

A playful blue and white bedroom of windows in this tudor style home.

Sara Gilbane two tone blue sofa via my design chic

This sofa is everything! Light and dark blue work together to make quite the superb focal point.

So chic in this living area by Sara Glbane via Veranda

Who says your floor has to be a bore?! In this room, the floor takes center stage as the perfect backdrop for the light blue accents, chocolate soda, and fantastic art. Via Veranda

Soft and inviting bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors via House Beautiful

Soft, subtle, and sweet. A sweet canopy over the icy blue velvet headboard is a nice touch. Via House Beautiful