LUXE Listing

Happy Friday! I just have to share the listing of one of my favorite homes in Dallas. It has gorgeous Gracie, a chic and sultry wood-paneled bar, beautifully hedged boxwood, and an entry that will literally make your jaw drop. I personally have wonderful memories in this home with the lovely family who built it from the ground up. I know all of you will see the meticulous detail in every room. This is a home that is totally timeless.

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3516 Lexington

Architect: Richard Drummond Davis
Interior Design: Barry Williams

Lexington 1

The perfect pair of potted boxwood greet you at the incredible front door.

Lexington 1 6

Lexington 1 7

I love the ornate details yet chic simplicity of this entry.

Lexington 1 3 I love this view into the dining room.

5 Lexington

This Gracie wallpapered dining room makes for an intimate setting with a phenomenal marble fireplace.

Lexington 1 5

Behind all those “books” is a fabulous full bar.

Lexington 9 A great place to gather friends and entertain. I mean, why bother going to a bar when you have one in the comfort of your own home!

8 Lexington

Lexington 10

This hallway is one of my favorite parts of the home. Everything is visually appealing. The lanterns, columns, and french doors work together in perfect harmony.

7 Lexington

Formal drawing room is perfect for entertaining.

8 LexingtonThe green and white trellis marble is so stunning.

Lexington 11

A gorgeous room and practical layout for china.

Lexington 12

A fresh mix of blues and greens in the living room.

6 Lexington

A master bedroom oasis. I love how almost every room in this home has a fireplace.

Lexington 1 2

Getting ready in this closet would be a dream. The chandelier is everything.
Lexington 1 8

A fabulous outdoor area for entertaining.

Lexington 1 4 An expansive back yard, perfectly coiffed.

Snow Hope

As everyone in Dallas hopes for a snow day today, I can’t help but think of chic comfortable spaces that would be ideal to ride out a “bitterly cold” day (weather man’s words- not mine). I recently saw this incredibly timeless Queen Anne home restored by Edward Bulmer in England. The home is meant for cozy fireplace days, but maintains a relevant elegance throughout. Pops of modern fixtures and artwork, contrast against freshly painted walls and heavily molded architecture. It is the perfect place to be surrounded by historical antiques and a newly printed novel.

Hopefully this home will warm all your hearts today. Featured in House and Garden UK. Designed by Edward Bulmer. Photographs by Lucas Allen.


Does it get more charming?





I love the updated look with traditional elements.


The paint color is everything.


The color is an unexpected, yet a welcome twist.


conservatory-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639 guest-bathroom-02-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639 guest-bathroom-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639

I love this bathroom. I have never seen a shower quite like this. I also think rugs in the restroom can really make it feel more like a room than a utility. master-bedroom-03-edward-bulmer-house-29nov17-Lucas-Allen_b_426x639

Can we just talk about this wallpaper. No, we can’t, because I just adore it way to much.


Look at that marbled sink.



The grounds are equally gorgeous.

Some Things Trendy: Greenery

While I tend to stay away from trends, that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to them. Throughout January, I am going to feature some examples of the latest interior trends. The first trend that I am featuring may seem the most obvious for the blog- Greenery. I adore my fiddle fig (faux and always looks fabulous). I also have two bonsai trees, three preserved boxwood, and six orchids scattered throughout my townhouse. The truth is, I could even use more. There is something so incredibly calming about having living (or faux living) plants in your living space. It adds color, texture, and life to any room.

These pictures prove the importance of adding a little life to your living space.

How to care for your indoor plants


Slatkin Foyer via Harpers Bazaar

Laura and Harry Slatkin’s chic foyer with topiaries via Harpers Bazaar

Topiary via Wayfair

Faux Topiary Tree

Design by Cathy Kincaid via Veranda

A gorgeous array of house plants in this stunning room by Cathy Kincaid via Veranda

Design by Nestor Santa Cruz House BeautifulLove to see large basket planters by Nestor Santa Cruz House Beautiful

Ellen Degeneres home via AD

The perfect pop of color in this entry of Ellen DeGeneres’ home via AD

Fiddle Fig via Amazon

Faux Fiddle Fig (I own this and really love it)

House Plant in deisgn

Via Veranda

House plant in design via Pinterest

Another lovely basket planter via Pinterest

Lorenzo Castillo Foyer via Elle DecorThe enchanting Lorenzo Castillo Foyer via Elle Decor

Mark D Sikes Interiors with House Plant

Mark D. Sikes uses a beautiful blue & white planter for his ficus.

Ficus Tree via Wayfair

Faux Ficus 

Miles Redd California Home with large fiddle figs via AD

Gorgeous Fiddle Figs in this California home designed by Miles Redd via AD

Phoebe Howard design house plant

The always stunning design of Phoebe HowardPlant in the bathroom of Ray Booth and John Sheas Nashville Home via AD Plant in the bathroom of Ray Booth and John Shea’s Nashville Home  via AD

Delightfully Danielle

Hi Friends! I recently asked Danielle Rollins a few questions about her fabulous new home that was featured in this month’s Veranda Magazine. If you aren’t familiar with Rollins, she is a tastemaker of every category- lifestyle, design, and now fashion. She is the ideal example that when the going gets tough, the tough get going (and even stronger than ever before). Her Atlanta home reflects her chic vibrancy and colorful demeanor, which is always tasteful. I hope you enjoy these images of her home and her insightful responses to creating beauty everywhere.

To see my post of her former home (one of my very first blog posts): click here

All photos by  Melanie Acevado via  Veranda Magazine

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic in your new home?

I joke that it is Nancy Lancaster meets Wes Anderson because it is such a blend of old school antiques with traditional fabrics and wallpapers, but it is all mixed in an off-the-wall, quirky and bohemian way. I wanted a home that was warm, welcoming and filled with my favorite pieces of art and objects, but always comfortable with a certain barefoot elegance that makes you want to kick off your shoes, curl up on a plush sofa and read a book or enjoy a cocktail, whether alone or with family and friends. I put a lot of thought into how the house would function and operate during the renovation period, like the supporting and storage areas, the China Pantry and linen closets that make the house as functional as it is beautiful. I also planned out the color flow of the home with military precision so that one room transitioned to the next, drawing your eye in and inviting you to venture forward.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 4

What is your philosophy for mixing color and pattern so beautifully?

It is all about scale, and finding the right harmony for the tonality of the color strengths. You can easily mix both of those if you find the right balance and mix, with unifying pieces to tie them all together. A lot of it has to do with the art on the walls. If you have priceless Picassos, then you can have a white wall. Otherwise, the vibrancy of a background color or pattern can make your art come really come alive. I think it is important to get your backgrounds right, then all the personality of a place really shines!


What, if any, current trends are you embracing?

I am loving seeing a return to color and pattern! I am so tired of boring, blah, bland and beige – a home should make you feel happy and express the personality of the inhabitant! I am not a trend follower in design, rather I try to do what is best suited for the project and the personality of the client.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood

What are your design pet peeves?

My pet peeve is interiors that have absolutely no context to the exteriors or interiors that are pinpoint designer done cookie cutter recognizable. I dislike “instant interiors” and I don’t really like the giant ‘aha’ grand reveals & now you have a decorated house because to me, decorating a home is very much a reflection of a life, and life is not instant. Life is about learning to enjoy the journey, so I strive to have my clients as much as part of the process as possible and teach them to be curators and collectors, not consumers.


Best advice you ever received about designing?

If you buy the best, you only cry once and it’s better to buy less, but buy better. The main thing I learned from Miles Redd is the notion that ‘it’s only decorating.” If you don’t like something, you can always change it. And if you buy good pieces that you love, you’re always going to find a place for them. But then again, Miles repeatedly tried to fire me because he said I didn’t need a decorator. Having a decorator isn’t really about having someone do the work for you, Bunny Mellon or Marcella Agnelli certainly never “needed” a decorator. It is about having someone with taste to help you to make appropriate purchases, edited choices, educating your eye, and in the end creating a cohesive edited unifying home that reflects the owner’s personality.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 2

Who inspires you?

I would be remiss to mention the individuals rather than the whole of the design industry in my success. There have been a number of designers and industry professionals who have given me invaluable advice, encouragement and support as well as shared their sources and services. I think good people are not afraid to help good people, rather than fear their presence. A mark of a true leader is building other leaders. I have had to work harder than some others maybe, because I came into the game a bit later in life, during a difficult period rather somewhat out of the blue and with out “training” but I have never once complained about it or regretted it, nor ever forgotten those who pulled me up when I was too intimidated or scared or the ones who literally pushed me to keep going when I was too tired or beaten down. The design industry is filled with beautiful souls who do this job for a reason other than monetary gratification or self accolades – I think we all want to see beauty survive in a tumultuous world and that’s been a major drive since the beginning of time.
I would also be remiss to fail mentioning my biggest cheerleader – my mother. While she doesn’t share my inherent eye for design, she is who taught me the value of hard work, independence, self reliance and perseverance at all costs.
Oscar de la Renta will probably be my aesthetic guidepost forever. He was an incredible designer, tastemaker and style setter but he had an even bigger heart with an unquenchable thirst for learning which is really what I loved about him. To this day, his kind words, his encouragement and his quiet and subtle recognition of what I did right, at an early age and during a difficult period in my life, still carry me through a lot of my decision making now.
I really admire Miles Redd, whom I think has a particular knack for pushing his baby birds from the nest when they are just this side of shy about flying & encouraging them to keep flapping until they realize they have had the ability to soar all along.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 3

What is on your nightstand?

A custom chinoiserie lamp and shade, some kind of fresh flower or potted plant, a monogrammed silver tray with my nightly medications, a vintage silver rimmed glass coaster and a glass of ice water, three Silver Julie cups containing colored pencils, sharpened number 2 pencils, writing pens and several sketch pads, my laptop computer, whatever book I’m reading before bed and usually multiple color coded folders filled with the checks I need to sign, correspondence, financial statements, itineraries and all the other necessities to keep me on track from my assistant who has a hard time holding me down!


Potted boxwood________

Potted boxwood makes for the perfect accent to any entryway, as it combines a chic and natural element to an exterior space. It is the perfect example of our life, the desire to have something living and lasting but to sculpt it perfectly which gives us the feeling of control over nature.

Chic Edits

With all of the embellishments of the holidays, I normally maximize my design. I would go with the “more is more” philosophy. However, this year I have found myself yearning for a more clean and edited ambience. I guess you could say I feel over-saturated. Like all things in life, your inside world often reflects your outside appearance. I want to edit things down, and in return I find myself leaning towards more edited spaces This home of 1stdibs founder, Michael Bruno, is the prefect mix of edited elegance. Hopefully you can find the perfect mix of style and space this season.

Photos via Elle Decor

Michael Bruno via Elle Decor. 2 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor. 3 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor. 4 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor. 5 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor. 6 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor.7 Michael Bruno via Elle Decor