Sale into the Weekend

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I get the same spring-cleaning type bug in the fall. I just crave for my home to have a little update in style and something new to rest my eyes on. I was recently looking at some things to spruce up my house for upcoming guests and fall entertaining (post on that Monday!). Much to my surprise, I noticed that Neimans and Horchow (same company) are having some amazing sales. Below you can find some of my personal favorites for a little fall refresh!

See you back here on Monday for my fall entertaining post- you won’t want to miss it!

Sferra Linens

My favorite table linens are by Sferra. So many beautiful colors to choose from. I recently purchased two round tablecloths from Horchow in Poolside and in the Pewter color. The sale price is excellent!

Faux Shagreen Tray from Horchow

Totally love this faux shagreen tray for entertaining from Horchow. Normally $365, now $99!

Spode plates via Neiman Marcus

This incredible 5 piece Spode dinner set from Neiman Marcus is perfect for fall and only $80 for everything!

ine Cone Hill throw

This gorgeous Pine Cone Hill throw blended with yummy cashmere and wool went from being $669 to $299. An incredible deal from Horchow!

Horchow Bar Stool

I stopped my scroll in my tracks when I saw the amazing discount for these swivel bar stools from Horchow. Originally $469 now $281. Amazing deal!

Harper Marble Coffee Table Horchow

This marble and gold coffee table from Horchow reminds me of something Aerin Lauder would have in her chic office. Originally $2,475, now $1,379!

Tortoise glassware from NM

I feel there is something totally sexy and statement making about this tortoise glassware from Neiman Marcus. Sets of 4 of each type of glass is just $35.  Just put me into a dark den with a nice bottle of Bordeaux and let’s call it an evening.

carter 4 light lantern

This four light lantern would be fabulous in a kitchen or hallway! This lantern is normally over $1,000, now $599 from Horchow!

John Robshaw shower curtain (2)

This John Robshaw shower curtain from Horchow would make the most fun addition to a guest bathroom.

Crafthouse Ultimate Set NMCrafthouse Ultimate Set NM 2

This Fortessa Crafthouse set from Neiman Marcus includes everything you see above and is 65% off. Not only is it a great addition to the bar cart, but also would make a fabulous gift.

Cubed end table via Horchow

This cubed end table from Horchow makes for a great addition to a guestroom or side of a chair in any living space. Originally $444, now $399.

Brics spinner NM

Of course, you can always forget about the fall and holiday entertaining and hit the road! One of my personal favorite carry-on bags is on major sale at Neimans. This Bric’s Spinner is a must!


Rox to the Rescue

I was unable to really post the last two weeks due to the fact that my heart and mind were elsewhere. As a native Floridian turned Texan, the word “hurricane” has been very forefront on my mind. Hurricanes Harvery and Irma destroyed homes and lives in their destructive paths.  I have trouble pretending decor is chic when I was so focused on if my parents would even have a home after Irma came to Florida. Luckily, their home survived. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many that were in the paths of these storms.

Fortunately, there is a way to have a little home decor fun and help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The water damage of that hurricane left many people without a place to call home. So let’s get ahead on our holiday gifts and let’s help those who are ready to rebuild with some chic acrylic and lacquered boxes adorned with gorgeous crystals and stones by Rox by CJ Designs.

30% of the proceeds of each online sale will go to hurricane relief efforts. So don’t feel guilty and shop away! Click title below pictures for the link! 

horizon lacquer box

About Rox: Caryn Jacobs and Julie Lieberman launched ROX By CJ Designs in 2013 from a passion and love of rocks and crystals.  Each unique item in the collection is often adorned with gorgeous elements from the earth such as geodes, amethyst and quartz. ROX is made up of stunning acrylic and lacquered boxes topped with gorgeous one-of-a kind stones as well as chic trays, frames, floating ROX and napkin rings.  These unique handmade home decor pieces are functional and artistic additions to any room adding a new dimension of design.  ROX By CJ Designs is the perfect gift for the collector who has it all.  ROX is thrilled to be available at fine stores globally including Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.  Think beyond the box!

Royal Blossom lacquered box


acrylic napkin rings

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 5.37.28 PM

gold grid lacquer box

chic acrylic trays

ombre lacquered box

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 5.49.56 PMfloating geodes

canyon lacquer box

More Gifts To Give

Okay, I need to slow my roll. Cyber Monday got the most of me (and my bank account). I will say it was well worth it!! I knocked out shower gifts, Christmas gifts, and mainly “me” gifts. What can I say, I wanted it anyway. Do you all buy for yourself? It is so hard not to- one for me, one for them.  I was pretty rushed with my Black Friday gift guide, so let me share some other favorite gifts that I am vying to give and receive.

Click pictures to purchase.

a-house-in-the-country beaches-by-gray-malin signature-spacesbunny-williams-a-house-by-the-sea

Amazing new coffee table books that will surely give inspiration.



Olive and Cocoa has amazing packaging in wooden boxes and makes really thoughtful gifts for literally anyone on your list!


evelynhenson-donkeymug_1024x1024 stpetersburg-mug-by-elevlyn-henson


Evelyn Henson makes some adorable prints, desktop backgrounds, and phone cases, but her mugs are something to sip on! She makes a plethora of city inspired mugs. Great gifts at a great price.


If you are reading The Potted Boxwood, you probably like Blue and White! Frontgate has this trio available at a great price!


What kid (or adult) wouldn’t like a giant tic-tac-toe??


So, this is pretty fabulous. You drop this ball in your glass of wine and it chills it to the perfect temperature within two minutes. Excuse me while I buy them all up…


Okay, this is my new obsession. It is SO fabulous and leaves your skin (and your mental state) feeling perfectly refreshed.


PVE Design makes the cutest prints. Her thank you notes are the best way to show your gratitude.



This is my go to 2pm refresher. I spritz this Rosewater daily to give my skin a peppy glow. This whole line is amazing- sans any harmful ingredients.



Move The Mountain is a great line of modern shirts with a scripture basis. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve.


I love to prep my sleep! A lavender pillow spray and a deep soak bath. What a tremendous gift.



So this has been on my radar for awhile. I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently it is like a shot of vitamins for your face (meaning- it does a great job of keeping it healthy and glowing).





TPB Gift Guide

Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! You should have heard from me earlier, but Miss Martha Stewart here decided that she would test a fancy New York Times cornbread stuffing/dressing recipe last Thursday. Apparently, your brain does not recognize when a skillet comes out of a 450 degree oven and onto a stove. So I gave myself a a very lovely second degree burn on two fingers- ouch! It made typing very problematic!

Anyway, I am in the sunshine state for a bit of a rest and ready to share all sorts of lovely gifts that are on my list this year. Some are tried and true favorites of mine, others are fresh and exciting. From friends to parents to kids to puppies to those special someones, there is something chic for everyone on your list!  I know I have plenty more to add in a Part Two gift guide, but I would hate for you to miss the good deals today (many below are having black Friday sales). Happy shopping!

But first, a glimpse of my thanksgiving tablescape from yesterday:



For Home & For Her


loev-perry-greene-bag love-pery-green-bag


Love, Perry Greene is nothing but love. Her bags are beyond chic, a timeless staple to any wardrobe, and unlike anything your showy neighbor has in her closet. Get the them while they are still fresh and pre- department store prices. The leather is unlinke anything, not to metion her pony hair bags…Click link or even email me!





Amazing hand towels from The Loveliest– their beautifully appointed monograms are just as incredible. Easy to purchase and ship!


anemone-monogram-the-loveliest aster-monogram-the-loveliest


clematis_grande-monogram-for-the-loveliest  jamsine-font-from-the-loveliest




Goop just created it’s first fragrance. It is free of any harmful chemicals (even the candle). That is why I am liking it! The fragrance has wintery and woodsy notes (which often smells better than sweet and vanilla).


I think these are fool-proof gifts from Mark & Graham. Who doesn’t like a fresh monogrammed key ring. That’s right, everyone loves it.


Self- aerating wine glasses we discovered on our trip to Napa this fall. Yes, it is a thing and yes, it really does work. I have some stemless that I adore.



Lunya makes washable cashmere– you heard me right. I am so ready for a set of that to continue to thrive in my love of lounging.

cece-dupraz-monogram-apaca-blanket cece-dupraz-monogram-cooler

Fabulous and very chicly mongrammed items from Cece DuPraz.


One of my best friends just told me about this line and I have fallen in love. Oversized sweaters and capes perfect with  jeans and leggings. I live off this look in the winter.


I really, really love this line, French Girl. Everything they make is beyond. You can buy from amazon or anthro- either way, clean products with even better scents. This lip polish left my lips flawless (ad sans the chemical taste).


I am sort of obsessed with oversized night shirts. Jasmine & Will washes well, and can keep you uniquely yours with a selection of classic monograms.


For all you cooks out there, this is it. The one thing you need. I also find it very gorgeous. White, Le Creuset, Gold knob. It is great to cook in, but looks even better just sitting on top of the stove (which is how I like most cookware now that I have a blistering burn..f%*&- ouch!).


I know someone who is always complaining about her neck. Like non-stop. Doesn’t want to get anymore work done (I swear I am not spilling the beans or revealing identity). Because of her constant obsession I am now obsessive with creams on my neck. Anyway, this is apparently going to reverse it, and then I will apparently be the genius grandchild…and I just gave it away. Worth a shot!


I really love everything Inslee does, but her phone cases are the next level. You know it is good when I want to make wallpaper out of it


So, these jeans are apparently stain repellent. If you know me, you know I love white jeans. I grew up in Florida so they were a year round staple. Sadly, I throw out many white jeans after a summer. For while I am polished in many areas, spilling wine and food is not one of them. If this is my saving grace, and they are from Old Navy, bring on the red wine ASAP.



I don’t care who you are, where you’re from (insert Backstreet Boys…”as long as you love me”). No. Seriously, these T3 rollers are the best. I constantly get checked by TSA because I have rollers that are “high of heat.” That is just code for the fact they work. I love the new redesign. They have my stamp of approval.


wine-shipment-from-winedotcom, because why not? OR you could give from some of my favorite vineyards:


Willaimson Wines

Dukes Family Vineyards

My Trader Joe’s Go To (seriously tastes expensive and is so yummy everyday. Sorry for the link- TJ’s doesn’t link to their wines)

shop-the-manor-pillow  shop-the-manor-pillow-love

Who doesn’t love some fun, plush, and chic pillows to throw into the mix. I adore these from Shop The Manor

mi-golindrina-top mi-golindrina-shirt

I love mi golindrina. The line is handcrafted in Mexico and based in Dallas. Beautifully embroidered tops and dresses.

For Him


Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt. Not biased at all with the mustang. #PonyUp


Peter Millar is probably one of the best boy brands. While I know nothing about men and clothes or boys and clothes, I do know that my very picky dad LOVES this line (I think all his casual loafers are this brand too). It is soft and very well crafted.


What guy wouldn’t like a high quality razor delivered to his door? Harry’s razors are probably the one Christmas gift that keeps on giving very month.




Did you know three of my friends are expecting babies in March?! Well, this is what I want to give, I want credit for their cute newborn photos. Because let’s be honest, this would be your swaddling clothes of choice. Beaufort Bonnet Company does right every time.


Okay- this pillow is just really sweet. I hate kitchy kids stuff- this is classic, precious, and thoughtful.



Personalized hairbrushes from LB Orginals. A great gift for young girls! Couldn’t think of a better stocking stuffer!



I posted these last year and they are back for a reason. How cute! Kids to college would appreciate bluetooth speakers to play their music. Heck, I want these too.

Also- if you haven’t felt them you need to buy them, Me & Re makes the BEST blankets. I swear I am responsible for a majority of the blanket business…pssstttt pass it on :)


For Pet


My Emmie gets a Bark Box every month and she knows when it arrives. It is such a highlight for her and a great convenience to me. It always comes with treats, bones, and toys to occupy her and save me from running to the overpriced pet store.


They make ones for cats too… I can’t speak to this- but this cat seems pretty smitten.

That’s A Wrap




When Mark D. Sikes Makes Wrapping Paper


When Bunny Williams Makes Wrapping Paper

Links I Love

Hello friends! I’ve had a bridal shower (pictures to come), a flight with my crazy Emmie dog (she prefers hot towels and doesn’t like American Airlines pasta), and am settling in Florida for the next two weeks (still hot, still humid). While I need to get situated for a quick second- full post to come tomorrow- I wanted to share some of my favorite links of things I am loving at the moment. In the meantime, I am going to try to prevent my pug from not jumping on my parents’ countertops, as well as drink my way through some rosé and take in some vivid Florida sunsets without contracting Zika.

I feel I need to soak up some of life’s small, but valuable moments. The terrorist attack in Orlando really shook me up (only an hour away from where I grew up in Florida).  I always love this quote from Mr. Rogers. I think it sums up that goodwill always outweighs evil in the end. Meanwhile, get lost in these links I love, because love is all we need.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” -Mr. Rogers


sneak peak of tomorrow’s post
Shower Cake from The Potted Boxwood
front door inspiration

charms every bone in my body

House and Garden UK


because every lash counts..this article says it all

faux fun 

I totally bought one of these hermes inspired straps for my apple watch and have zero shame about it.

Apple watch with strap via Amazon


ridiculously good looking
via the lovely Glam Pad via House Beautiful
House Beautiful home via The Glam Pad


crack pie 

bet dad will love this

Momofuko crack pie


Father of the Bride house is for sale…sadly George and Nina Banks had way better taste

Father of the Bride house via Today

my newest obsession

perfect for summer

Mi Golindrina


short leash

which I apparently don’t know how to keep my dog on

Found Collars and Leashes