Stunning At Every Turn

I recently posted a photo of a Dallas home on my instagram feed that did not do the house justice. It is a beautiful white brick home, set back on a very popular street. This home is also featured in the recent issue of Veranda magazine (run- don’t walk to get it!).  It is designed by Cathy Kincaid and restored beautifully by my favorite architect Wilson Fuqua. I have never seen an architect understand the great balance and perfect execution of chic and charm quite like Wilson Fuqua. I found some photos of the home on Mr. Fuqua’s website and I just had to share his unbelievable restoration and Cathy Kincaid’s stunning design of this inviting and totally chic home. Happy Weekend! XO

Photos via


Isn’t this courtyard enterance beyond charming?


Beautiful boxwood landscape surrounds this home. I really love the chic California privacy of this residence.


An amazing sun room. The ideal blend of fabrics and light.



Everything is timeless without looking stale or dated. Cathy Kincaid is really a master at that!


This is the dining room of my blue and white dreams.


Her choice of fabrics throughout the home really speak to the architecture.


Cathy really understands the art of an inviting bedroom. She creates a personal and calming oasis, with a punch of personality.



The architectural details of this room make for the perfect palette to decorate.


Really beautiful shutter color and lush topiary borders.




I love the infusion of brick texture as well as classic cabinetry. Perfection at every turn.

Pink Perfect

I love pink. I shamefully admit during a portion of the 5h grade I pretended that I didn’t like the color. Obviously, that was only to seem cool (I mean I was still playing with Barbies). Today, I am posting to prove that pink is an even cooler color than it ever was. It is known that pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. While it isn’t February, it is the day before a best friend of one of my best friends (someone who I have traveled with and come to know) is undergoing a double mastectomy. While it may not seem like a huge deal to many people, the big deal is that she is 29 and she doesn’t have breast cancer. BUT- she recently tested positive for the BRCA2 gene,  which means she has an extremely high risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer in her lifetime.

While it may seem extreme to some, I find it to be very brave and admirable. Lesley has an amazing travel blog called The Road Les Traveled. She explores the world for all of her followers to see, and it is comforting to know she can keep doing that without having to worry about the evil of cancer putting an end to her travel plans.

What can you do? Wear pink today! Support Lesley Murphy as she undergoes this life changing procedure tomorrow. Support all the women who have faced breast cancer and support all the women who are fighting the battle as we speak. Tag your photos- #LesleysBreasties #LesNipsBRCAintheBud #BreastCancerAwareness #FightLikeAGirl

Here are some pretty pink rooms to brighten this very pink day.

Bedroom by Suzanne Kassler

Perfectly pink bedroom by Suzanne Kassler.bedroom via Domino

One of my favorite bedrooms via Domaine Home

Ben Pentreath design via AD

Ben Pentreath design.

Lee Radziwill Apartment via AD

Nothing is quite as romantic as Lee Radziwill’s home. Via Vogue

pink degournay wallpaper in entry

Pink Chinoiserie

Miles Redd knows Pink

Miles Redd masterpiece!

De Gournay knows best.

 Pink dining room via Mario Buratta

Mario Buatta shines with pink and green.

pink dining room via Traditional Home

Beautifully pink via Traditional Home.

David Hicks makes another timeless classic with pink.

pink room via veranda

Beautiful pink dining room via Veranda.

Timothy Corrigan Apartment via AD

Timothy Corrigan pink dining room via AD

London Town

Happy Monday! I am still here, promise! I have been pretty swamped recently, and I think summer will get me back on track. I have so many great and fun post ideas, but not enough hours in the day to share!

Anyway, I am rewarding these last long months with a fun girl’s trip across the pond. I am heading to London for a few days with a good friend. I spent a summer abroad there in college, and have not been back since. There is something so perfectly fabulous about the rich and beautiful history of the big and bustling city. I am also very excited to grab some pictures of the timeless architecture around the city. Be sure to check my instagram (and instagram stories) for up to the minute photos and fun.

Speaking of architecture, I am obsessed with the design of Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeyen. Their storied and passionately designed London townhouse is beyond chic. Every room features just the right amount of pattern, color, and collectedly stunning decor. It really is a London dream (and my dream to be invited over for tea — ha-ha). Cheers to your week!

To see more of this designing dream team, be sure to check out their book (it is one of my favorites). All photos here are from Architectural Digest.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD

I love the woodwork and color palette.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 5

So perfectly paneled and the best injection of velvety texture.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 2

A dramatic dining area with a great contrast of dark painted wood and mirror.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 4

This room offers a more bespoke and polished tone.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 3

I am obsessed with the tapestry on the wall. The perfect way to add art and texture at the same time.

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 8

Dream tub

Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen London Townhouse via AD 7

Moschino and Vergeylen do bedrooms better than any pair I know. Perfectly executed for a beautiful dream.


The Super Chic Underdog

Note: At the point I was writing this, Atlanta was super ahead. Y’all know how much I love Nantucket…so get some New England Inspiration from my previous post!

Like many things that fall under “American Traditions,” Super Bowl Sunday is right up there. If you don’t watch it for the sport, you watch it for the commercials. If you don’t watch it for the commercials, you watch it for the halftime show. If you don’t watch it for the halftime show, you watch it for the food. You get my point, there is a reason to watch. While I didn’t have a favorite team in the mix, I did enjoy thinking about all the beautiful aspects of the locations of each time. New England has beautiful homes from Connecticut to Nantucket, and Atlanta has such a mecca of fabulous designers and tastemakers.

While they may not be the winner, I had to share some pictures of my favorite Atlanta homes. There is so much talent that exists in the Atlanta design world, and I thought I would highlight a few of the fabulous!

Atlanta home by D Stanley Dixon via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Beautiful home by renown architect D. Stanley Dixon. via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Atlanta Home by Norman Askins via Traditional Home By far the best looking home there ever was. I really consider this a dream home. Architect Norman Askins understands beautiful homes. via Traditional Home

Norman Askins Atlanta designed home via Pinterest

Another Askins home, because they are all just too fabulous!

Atlanta Home of Suzanne Kasler via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Suzanne Kasler‘s home is full of inspiration, inside and out. Love the lighted topiaries. via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Former Atlanta Home of Danielle Rollins designed by Miles Redd via Veranda

This space is my idea of perfect. Hand painted wallpaper, beautiful fabrics, and a healthy dose of indoor greenery. Designed by Miles Redd in Danielle Rollins former home via Veranda

Howard Design Studio landscape in Atlanta via Pinterest Howard Design Studio always wows me with their distinct and chic placement of boxwood and ivy. They do all shades of green in the way that truly captivates and makes the home.

Parker Kennedy Living Outdoor Space via Atlana Homes and Lifestyles

One of the best outdoor living spaces full of blue and white by Parker Kennedy Living. via Atlanta Home & Lifestyles. 


Red or Blue

As election mode gets in to full swing people often ask red or blue, but often I much prefer that question in its literal context. I have my own inner debate with myself about red dining rooms. Many people have them, so I always walk on egg shells saying that I do not care for them. Of course, that is a very blanketed response. There are some beautiful red dining rooms. There are also many gorgeous blue toned dining rooms. Even better, there are always  lovely combinations of the two.  I thought I would do a fun dining room color comparison for the bold red, beautiful blue, and swing voters.

Red & Blue



Blue dining room by Mark Cunningham via AD


I love all the eclectic colors of this red dining room via House Beautiful


A timeless blue and white dining room by Mary Douglas Drysdale via House Beautiful


Roubi L’Roubi’s voluptuous red dining room via AD


Mary McDonald goes for a sharp and masculine blue dining room via House Beautiful


I love this incredibly classic and refreshing red dining room by Rob Southern via House Beautiful


Maybe one of my favorite cobalt blue dining rooms by Kelli Ford and Kirsten Fitzgibbons via Veranda


A lovely wedgewood blue dining room from House Beautiful


A fabulous red and blue dining room by Miles Redd via Veranda magazine.