Charmin’ Charleston

By: Emmy Berg

Known for its quintessential charm, Southern Hospitality and delicious cuisine, Charleston, South Carolina is home to some of the most beautifully historic homes south of the Mason Dixon.

Quaint streets lined with two or three storied homes sets the scene for a picture perfect destination.

Whether you favor the classic Charlestonian brick, wood frame, or stucco, this vivacious city has it all.

Head toward the Battery on the Charleston harbor and every direction you’ll find classic homes that showcase one of Charleston’s most unique features, the double-decker porches.

These staples, more traditionally known as piazzas, face south or west in order to capture the breeze. They also have another common feature, “haint blue” paint coated on the ceilings. This light blue color is said to warn off ghosts, negative spirits, and insects from entering the home.

Covered porches are only one of many traditional “Charleston” features. More include, the classic “Charleston green” color, hinged shutters that come in a variety of colors and sizes, ironwork, porte-cochères, and historic wood paneling.

Whether you’re taking a carriage ride down East Bay, strolling through the Market, or shopping along King Street, this Lowcountry gem is home to some of the most picture-perfect houses that maintain the city’s rich history.

Photos by Emmy Berg for The Potted Boxwood.





The classic Charlestonian brick & “Charleston green.”


Light blue paint on many of the porch ceilings.







Garden Dreams

Happy Monday! With a nice amount of rain in Dallas yesterday, I am admiring everyone’s green landscapes. I felt I hadn’t posted a beautiful garden in awhile, and I discovered the perfect one.

I simply adore this classic and timeless (built in 1743) Charleston home belonging to Cindy and Ben Lenhardt. My reason is very transparent. The grounds of the home are simply swoon worthy. Ben is a natural green thumb, and it shows with just the right amount of formality and natural grace that one can only hope for in landscaped grounds.

Honestly, I am just going to keep staring at these lovely photos. No words needed….

Photos from Traditional Home.

Charleston Garden via Traditional HomeCharleston Garden via Traditional Home 2 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 3 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 4 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 5 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 6 Charleston Garden via Traditional Home 7

In The Tradition of Good Taste

Instagram is always an interesting outlet and way of meeting people with similar interests. As a blogger, I feel it is important not to get too elitist with whom you choose to follow (sounds crazy, but it is a thing). My phiosophy is simple. If you have a great eye, exceptional taste, and are a supportive follower, I want to connect and see what glorious decor ideas you share.

This sentiment holds true for the amazing Charleston project I am featuring today. Lisa Hilderbrand of Wehil Interiors is a Dallas- born, Connecticut interior designer whom I met on Instagram. Our likes and comments created an “insta-friendship,” so imagine my delight when one of her projects was featured in this month’s Traditional Home.

When Lisa’s good friend moved to Charleston to renovate a home formerly occupied by her grandmother, the two decided to make a fabulous retreat of old-meets-new, with a main thread of classic intertwined with more modern conversation pieces. The home is fresh for a family, but stays true to it’s traditionally superb architecture. As Lisa puts it best, “We wanted it to be current, but not trendy, and traditional but not old fashioned, and most importantly, we didn’t want it to look overly ‘decorated.'” I think Lisa succeeded in her mission to make this Charleston home perfectly charming.

Pictures by John Bessler in Traditional Home. Architecture by McAlpine Tankersley Architecture and Landscape Architecture by Mike Kaiser of Kaiser Trabue. For more pictures of this home, pick up a Traditional Home today!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 2

I love the chic paint tones of the shutters and painted brick. What classically magnificent architecture!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 4

I feel this room really showcases the eclectic mix of classic and modern. Bright light, modern art and classic furniture make for a superb combination.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 11

I really admire how they incorporated the marble on the sides of the island and on the backsplash. Very smart looking!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 3

I love a dark den, and this is no exception. It has an intimate, yet approachable feel.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 10

How can you not just obsess over the draped walls. It adds so much warmth to this traditional dining room. The chandelier really inorporates that modern flair that is intertwined within the home, giving it the right amount of consistency and surprise.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 9

Kaiser Trabue really understood how to interplay the landscape with the architecture and interiors, which is very visible with the many windows.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 7

Again, Lisa and the homeowner used draped walls to give such plush texture to the room. I also adore that gallery wall!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 5

Wow. I don’t think I have ever seen the window go below the sink. I am in awe of just about everything in the master bathroom. Everything.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 6

A poolside retreat, perfect for a hot Charleston day. This home is elegant, classic , and very easy to love!


The Everlasting Battery

It is often remarked that Charlestonians are like the Chinese: They eat rice, worship their ancestors, and speak in a language that is hard to understand. Well, if I could live in a town that was incredibly charming and full of architecturally significant homes, I would be happy to adapt to their customs.

My trip to Charleston was absolutely fabulous. While the town was lovely and the food was divine, the company I was with made it worthwhile. I was able to drag my friends around town to take some beautiful pictures of homes in the battery. Charelstonian homes possess a glorious mix of styles that include federal, georgian, greek revival, adamesque, italianate, and victorian.

If you haven’t visited this sweet southern city by the water, I highly recommend a visit. I also recommend that you go during the holidays. August is a little too hot and humid, and the decorations at Christmas will truly put you in a state of bliss.

Here are some photos I took that will encourage you to pick up the latest issue of Garden & Gun, book a room at The Planters Inn, and take a walk around the beautiful battery.


Photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood.

TPB 2 story porch in Charleston

The details of the homes in Charleston were something to see! Between the balconies, shutters, and molding, it was incredible. Nothing more fabulous than a white house with black shutters.

TPB 3 story porch in Charleston

Charleston homes are known for being short in width and long in length.

TPB painted blue celing in Charleston

I didn’t notice this as I was taking the picture, but look at the ceiling of the porch. Such a lovely light blue color.

TPB American Flag with Black Doors in Charleston

The double front door facade leads to the typical Charlestonian style porch.

TPB Beautiful home in Charleston's Battery

A light peachy coral colored home with long black shutters. The top floor showcases exposed brick.

TPB Courtyard in Charleston

TPB Steeple Roofline in Charleston

A steepled tower roof gives this home some fabulous architectural flair. Visiting Charleston has me longing for a courtyard.

TPB Beautiful street corner landscaping in Charleston

TPB stately columns in Charleston

Stately columns on the side of this large corner revival house in the battery.

TPB Black garage in Charleston

Chic black garages surrounded by charming brick in the arches.

TPB Yellow White and Black home in Charleston

This is one house I am quite in love with. So very Charleston with incredible attention to detail. Notice the exposed grid on the door and the revival-style facade that leads to the porch.

TPB Black Shutter home with iron balcony

A little different look, but a handsome mix of colors with wonderful shutters.

TPB Blue Home in Charleston

A nice blue paint with white trim.

TPB Blue Painted Ceiling on Charleston Porch

Again, the ceiling on the porch is painted a lovely light blue that makes for a wonderful reflection of light.

TPB White Picket Fence in Charleson

A sweet and gracious egg-shell colored home with blue shutters. Who doesn’t love a picket fence?!

TPB Charleston Porch

Magnificent arches line the porch of this blue home with shorter balustrades on the roof.

TPB Charleston Red Brick

A wonderful sidewalk view.

TPB Charleston Shuttered Porch

Look at this amazing shutter work on the porch. I love how they can go up and down to allow for more light or shade.

TPB Red Front Door in Charleston

A burnt red door with boxwood topiaries. Almost has a London-like feel.

TPB Charlestonian Entry

The battery is full of fabulous American-Southern architecture.

TPB Charmng 4 Story in Charleston


TPB Charming Entry in Charleston

I could almost picture this type of architecture on the upper east-side.  Simply stunning.

TPB cypress trees and mossy steps in Charleston

Mossy green steps flanked by cypress trees lead to this amazing black front door.

TPB Deep Coral home in Charleston

Iron work and a pop of color on this battery home.

TPB Green Front Door

Look at that stunning green door surrounded by intricate wood moldings. Love!

TPB Driveway in Charleston's Battery

A driveway that is lush with landscaping and weathered with original brick pavers.

TPB historic home in the battery

TPB gated enterance in the battery

So historic, so charming, and so architecturally significant.

TPB gated side enterance in Charleston

I would love to know how old those bricks are!

TPB Shutter Magic in Charleston

More wonderful shutter work and intricate detail.

TPB Green Shutter home in Charleston

I love green, and I love the green shutter and iron work. Charleston architecture really understands the importance of shutters, how to use them and the impact of big windows!

TPB ivy covered drive in Charleston

A peek into a driveway. How adorable are the pots scaling the wall?!

TPB Lovely Lush Yard in Charleston

How wonderful.

TPB My favorite brick home in Charleston

TPB My favorite Red brick house in Charleston 2

TPB driveway of my favorite brick homeTPB My favorite Red Brick home in Charleston 3

By far, one of my favorite houses. The courtyard, landscape, and overall architecture was charming, sophisticated, and all together perfection.

TPB Pink home in Charleston TPB Pink home in Charleston's Battery

A little pink that only Charleston can pull off!

TPB Porch and Shutters to Love in Charleston

I love the light fixtures on the porch.

TPB Porch View

An elevated black and white beauty.

TPB Red brick georgian home in Charleston

A red roofed brick home. So charming!

TPB Red brick side view

Beautiful boxwoods frame this side entry.

TPB Red Roof in Charleston

Another white home with red roof top.

TPB Rounded Entry in Charleston

An immaculate circular front entry porch.

TPB sidewalk in Charleston

A favorite view on a charming street corner.

TPB white hosue with black shutters in the battery

Another white house, another black shutter, and another masterpiece in Charleston.

TPB Side Entry of Home in Charleston

Small boxwood hedges line the entry with a gas lamp-post.

TPB window boxes on a home with balck shutters

Divine window boxes on this black-shuttered home.

TPB white and blue house perfecton in Charleston

TPB blue front door in Charleston

Blue and white is such a timeless combination. Notice how the windows in the picture above are lined in a light blue, while this dark blue front door adds a wonderful punch of color.

TPB wide porch in Charleston

Jaw-dropping column and balustrade work.

TPB Window Boxes in Charleston

I thought these window boxes were very unique. I love how they kept them all green.

TPB Wood Door Walk-Up in Charleston

TPB Boxwood Landscape in Charleston

Notice how most entries have steps to the front door. This home in particularly has a wonderful boxwood garden for the small front yard space.

TPB yellow home with black shutters in battery

Such a classic look for home.

TPB Yellow Home

A sweet yellow home with white trim that includes a magnificent wrap-around porch!

TPB Yellow House and Black Shutters in Charleston

Just look at all the detail!

TPb Architecurally Gorgeous corner in Charleston

TPB Charleston Architecture 2

A colorful display of homes along the battery.

TPB Charleston Architecture

TPB Charleston Street View

Charleston is a town with ideal architecture, fabulous shopping, and excellent dining. It will surely charm you!