Stunning At Every Turn

I recently posted a photo of a Dallas home on my instagram feed that did not do the house justice. It is a beautiful white brick home, set back on a very popular street. This home is also featured in the recent issue of Veranda magazine (run- don’t walk to get it!).  It is designed by Cathy Kincaid and restored beautifully by my favorite architect Wilson Fuqua. I have never seen an architect understand the great balance and perfect execution of chic and charm quite like Wilson Fuqua. I found some photos of the home on Mr. Fuqua’s website and I just had to share his unbelievable restoration and Cathy Kincaid’s stunning design of this inviting and totally chic home. Happy Weekend! XO

Photos via


Isn’t this courtyard enterance beyond charming?


Beautiful boxwood landscape surrounds this home. I really love the chic California privacy of this residence.


An amazing sun room. The ideal blend of fabrics and light.



Everything is timeless without looking stale or dated. Cathy Kincaid is really a master at that!


This is the dining room of my blue and white dreams.


Her choice of fabrics throughout the home really speak to the architecture.


Cathy really understands the art of an inviting bedroom. She creates a personal and calming oasis, with a punch of personality.



The architectural details of this room make for the perfect palette to decorate.


Really beautiful shutter color and lush topiary borders.




I love the infusion of brick texture as well as classic cabinetry. Perfection at every turn.

Graciously Gorgeous

Have you ever heard that the best plastic surgeons are artists? It is a combination that goes hand in hand. I mean, seriously, would you want someone who wasn’t aesthetically capable touching your face? I didn’t think so…The same goes in design. I feel there are artists, and then there are designers. I find myself drawn most to those who hold both talents and combine them into one profession. It is very evident that William Mclure is a gifted artist with an impeccable eye. I have loved following the Birmingham based designer on instagram for some time now and recently have seen more of his work pop-up online.

I must also share with you all his talent to make a room feel collected in a way that Southerners know how to do better than most. Mclure gives this sense of sophistication to his rooms that is universal in its appeal. His spaces immediately make you want to curl up with a good book, or be slightly overdressed with a glass of something strong in hand. Despite the serious design, there is a sense of light and easy chic that follows along into each colorful room.

Here are a few of my favorites. I really just can’t stop looking at all the talent and ambience that is held in all the spaces he creates. Can’t wait to see more from him! Photos from him website:


William Mclure Interior Design 1

A fantastic bed. I love the contrast of this entire space. Who said a neutral palette has to be boring?

William Mclure Interior Design 17

I imagine it must be convenient being a designer and artist. This piece here is created by Mclure himself. It fits perfectly with the space. Truly talented.

William Mclure Interior Design 11


William Mclure Interior Design 2

Can we just take a moment to admire the palm in the basket. What a great way to incorporate a little green and a lot of texture.

William Mclure Interior Design 4

This room makes such a statement, and is a large contrast to his other spaces. I love the firewood and intimate arrangement.

Interior Images of an apartment

What a perfect punch of everything. Red, blue & white, texture, pattern…what a treasure trove!

Interior Images of an apartment

The hand painted floors are really spectacular and a nice touch.

Interior Images of an apartment

More of Mclures fantastic art.

William Mclure Interior Design 10

Simple idea- to add a garden stool near the end of a hallway.

William Mclure Interior Design 16

I just love his vignettes. He has a true gift for that.

William Mclure Interior Design 15

I love the different washes of white combined together. It really always for the objects in the room to be recognized.

William Mclure Interior Design 13

More blue and white.

William Mclure Interior Design 19

Overall, Mclure knows how to create engaging spaces that show off his immensely artistic abilities.

Mark of Color

I am sure you all have seen it. Right? I mean how can you not adore the colorfully fresh and chicly bold Manhattan apartment designed by Mark D. Sikes in this month’s House Beautiful. It is engergizing without being overwhelming, which is often a hard feat with too much pattern and color. Sikes understands effortless chic better than anyone else in the business (in my opinion). He makes spaces timeless, without being conventional. His flawless taste gives him a supportive following. This apartment is the best way to start the weak- tasteful, colorful, and ridiculously fabulous.

Happy Monday!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 2

I mean, look at how that lines up. Blue, white, red, and a little leopard carpet.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 8

I just love it!


Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 4

I am obsessed with the lavender walls. Unexpected, but it totally works.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 5

I love the layers of texture. So important for a room. The wallpaper is everything.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 3

What a room!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 6

Happiness is blue and white.

Chairish It All

I think dining rooms are a place where you can create an enclosed space of intimacy, refinement, and elegance. At least, that is what I think dining rooms should be. I recently scrolled through one of my favorite websites, Chairish, to search for some dining chair inspiration. The worst part is that I didn’t just see one set I liked. Lucky for me, there is a rising trend of mixing dining chairs. I am a big fan of an eclectic mix as long as the true flow and ambience remain cohesive.

Below I created a mood board that captures the inspiration for my ideal dining room. All products (with the exception of the Gracie wallpaper background) are from Chairish. Hope you find some inspiration below (as well as really fabulous deals)!

Find more great chairs: here


The Potted Boxwood for Chairish

My mood board of inspiration. I think if this was my dining groom I wouldn’t want to move from it. I love the mix of the colorful velvet chairs with the texture of the white caning and neutral leather.


Maison Jansen Louis XVI Style Dining Chairs from Chairish

Melchiorre Bega Sculptural Dining Table from Chairish



French Country Farmhouse Style Cane Chair from Chairish


Antique English Majolica Leaf Plates from Chairish

 Visual Comfort Brass Chandelier from Chairish

Vintage Chinoiserie Miniature Ginger Jar Vase from Chairish

Brass Bamboo Tray from Chairish

Brass Bamboo Tray 

Mid Century High Ball Glasses from Chairish

Mid Century High Ball Glasses


B & W

Here is a post that was posted at the very beginning of my blog career. Like all things blue and white, it is still relevant today. XO


I feel I would be remiss if I did not post about blue and white. While all of my favorite design bloggers cover it enough for me, I need to say my praise to the classic and timeless color combination. I thought about doing a post on my favorite triple color palate of blue, green, and white, but I decided to pay my respects to the perfect pair.

Whether it is a porcelain piece or pretty fabric, blue and white will always incorporate elegance into a space. Here are beautiful blue and white designed rooms and resources that will surely inspire you to add the delightful duo in your home.


The Belclaire House
Mark D. Sikes
The Enchanted Home

Mark D Sikes Home via Veranda

I know I have mentioned Mark D. Sikes in just about every blog post, but that is because he totally deserves it. RUN to get the July-August issue of Veranda. His gorgeous home full of blue and white is on the cover. Just look at those blue and white garden stools- how dreamy!

Blue and White Table via HB

Gorgeous ginger jars line this light and airy space. That white branch chair is spectacular! Photo source: House Beautiful

Aerin Lauder Southhampton Home via HB

The gorgeous blue and white upholstery walls in Estee Lauder’s bedroom in Aerin Lauder’s Southampton home.  The Pierre Frey Toile de Nantes print truly is timeless. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Blue and white Bathroom via Pinterest

What a beautiful bathroom. I love a heavy piece of fabric for a shower curtain. Photo source: Pinterest/Unknown

Blue and White bedroom by Miles Redd via Elle Decor

This bedroom by Miles Redd is soft and perfectly appointed. Photo source: Elle Decor

Blue and white entry by Amanda Nisbit via Sotheby's Realty

This gorgeous blue and white fabric makes a statement in this no frills entry by Amanda Nisbet.

Blue and White House by architect Clemens Bruns Schaub via AD

A wonderful white Florida house with soft blue gates and shutters by architect Clemens Bruns Schaub. Featured in Architectural Digest.

Blue and White Kitchen by Beth Martell and Enda Donagher in HB

A kitchen full of good cheer with cabinets painted in this vivid grecian blue paint. The ideal backdrop for blue and white china. Designed by Beth Martell and Enda Doagher in House Beautiful. 

Blue and WHite bedroom by Alexa Hampton via Pinterest

Serene and chic in this blue and white bedroom by Alexa Hampton via Pinterest.

Blue and WHite Kitchen Sink by Shelia Bridges in HB

A lovely shade of blue in this kitchen with a farmhouse sink designed by Shelia Bridges in House Beautiful.

Blue and White via Mark D. Sikes

Immediately this picture makes me think of the old adage- something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The chair pattern has a modern feel next to the blue and white porcelain beside it. Designed by the #blueandwhiteforever fan Mark D. Sikes. Photo by Bethany Nauert.

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford vioa Veranda

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford designed this room in Ford’s Dallas home. An outstanding use of blue and white pattern and texture. Photo source: Veranda

Blue Den via AD

The moldings in this den are just to die for!  Hein + Cozzi designed this room where the sofas perfectly pop against the inviting blue walls. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Mark D Sikes side tabe via Lonny

Another image from Mark D. Sikes‘ dining room prior to his renovation. The blue and white subtly blends with the gorgeous Gracie wallpaper.

Miles Redd designed Bahamas Vacation House via AD

A perfect palate for this Bahamas retreat designed by Miles Redd. Featured in Architectural Digest.

Rod Winterrowd kitchen via Veranda

A gorgeous Hamptons kitchen by designer Rod Winterrowd. While the barstools are my favorite, take a peek at the dining chair fabric as well! Photo source: Veranda

 Robin's egg blue and silver foil ceiling via Berlin Designs Corp

David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer designed this smart looking dining room. How fantastic is the metallic silver paint on the ceiling. I bet the light from the chandelier reflects wonderfully! Photo source: Veranda

white kitchen with blue and white vases 

This kitchen island proves that sometimes all you need is a punch of blue and white and pretty flowers to make a difference. Designed by Carolyne Roehm

Russel Piccione via AD

I love the juxtaposition of the tub against the tiles in this bathroom designed by Russell Piccione in Architectural Digest.

Tom Scheerer Hallway via House Beautiful

Tom Scheerer does no wrong, especially with this fantastic hallway of blue and white wallpaper. Photo source: House Beautiful


I had to end with some pretty boxwoods potted in blue and white by Carolyne Roehm. When I say my favorite color combination is blue, white, and green, I am usually referring to something along these lines!


click the pictures for links

Met Museum Ornaments

It really is Christmas in July! Adorable blue & white jars and vases for your tree. Available at the Met Museum UPDATE: Currently Out of Stock. Sorry! But still so pretty!

Oscar de la Renta China Bloomingdale's

Oscar de la Renta’s dinnerware is available at Bloomingdale’s. So chic!

Blue and White Sale OKL

One Kings Lane is having a blue and white sale. Lot’s of great finds. Hurry, it ends tomorrow!

Furbish Blue Silk IkatFurbish Blue Ikat Euro

These blue silk ikat pillows are a perfect accent in the home. Purchase them at Furbish Studio!

Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa Kenlyn Fabric

The lovely blue and white Kenlyn pattern designed by Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa. Would be perfect as curtains in a modern room or an upholstered wall in a classic powder room.