Some Things Trendy: Patterned Tile

I hesitate to put this under the “trendy” category, but it is something I have seen popping up more often than not. I am frequently seeing designers using patterned tile work within the interior of the home. Normally it is something you see at restaurants or retail stores, but I have been admiring the use of it within kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and patios.

It is a bit of commitment to use patterned tile in the home. It is not like paint or wallpaper that can be easily removed. You certainly have to commit to the pattern, but if it is one you love- it will be worth it. So tell me, what are your thoughts on patterned tile in the home? Check out these images below to get inspired on how to do it right.

patterned outdoor patio house beautiful

This patterned tile patio packs all the punch via House Beautiful

Mel-Yates-house House and Garden UK

Mel Yates patterned tile backsplash via House and Garden UK

Stair Entry House and Garden uk

Love the green, white, and blue patterned tile in House and Garden UK


Beautiful blues by Mark D. Sikes via House Beautiful

Patterned Tile in the Kitchen Natasi Vail

Nastasi Vail designed patterned tile kitchen

Patterned Tile Jean Stoffer Design

Jenn Stoffer patterned sun room

Patterned Tile vi Domino Love the use of two patterned tiles in this bathroom via Domino

Patterned Tile via Domino

Adore this tile and the use of grout via Domino

Kitchen designed by CeCe Barfield Thompson

CeCe Barfield Thompson is masterful at her use of color and pattern.

Patterned Tile via Pinterest Gorgeous patterned tile with an array of other tiles Via Pinterest.

Michael S Smith

Lovely by Michael S. Smith

Mark of Color

I am sure you all have seen it. Right? I mean how can you not adore the colorfully fresh and chicly bold Manhattan apartment designed by Mark D. Sikes in this month’s House Beautiful. It is engergizing without being overwhelming, which is often a hard feat with too much pattern and color. Sikes understands effortless chic better than anyone else in the business (in my opinion). He makes spaces timeless, without being conventional. His flawless taste gives him a supportive following. This apartment is the best way to start the weak- tasteful, colorful, and ridiculously fabulous.

Happy Monday!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 2

I mean, look at how that lines up. Blue, white, red, and a little leopard carpet.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 8

I just love it!


Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 4

I am obsessed with the lavender walls. Unexpected, but it totally works.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 5

I love the layers of texture. So important for a room. The wallpaper is everything.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 3

What a room!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 6

Happiness is blue and white.

Half Bath

I hope you all enjoyed my sneak previews of the pop-up shop last week. I am still in the process of getting everything in order, and moving along with that! My new habitat has a half bath that is rather anemic. I mean it is really pretty pathetic. The mirror and light fixture are wannabe contemporaries. I have a feeling it is going to be my biggest challenge. I would wallpaper it or use a high gloss charcoal,  then dress it with a gallery wall. Sadly, I can’t do any of those things since it is so heavily stuccoed. I am going to have to get creative. I hope you enjoy my mood board of half baths because I need to somehow get inspired, and hopefully I can inspire you in the process.


Powder room by Suzanne Kassler via Veranda

A serene and chic powder room by Suzanne Kasler via Veranda.

A gorgeous powder room

Large stone slabs mixed with dark paint and antique mirrors. I love a moody powder room.

Timothy Whealon powder room via AD

Timothy Whealon knows how to get creative with his powder rooms. A great play of pattern, neutrals and bold. Via AD

Adorable half bath from Stylecaster

A malachite mirror, gold accents and spotted black and white wallpaper. Always hip and always fresh. Via Stylecaster

Beautiful blue and white bathroom via House & Home

An ideal mix of blue and white speckled wallpaper and popping gold accents. Look at that light fixture too! Via House & Home

Benjamin Dhong power room via House Beautiful

Benjamin Dhong creates a light and natural palette in this classic powder room. Via House Beautiful

Chic bathroom by Katie Ridder via Elle Decor

Katie Ridder knows how to be bold, current, and always timeless. Small spaces give the best opportunity to be bold. Notice the ceiling. I love the free standing marble sink. Via Elle Decor

Half Bathroom by Robert Courturier

Another bold wallpaper and Roman shade mixed with a black and white floor and gold and silver accents. This bathroom by Robert Courturier is a great reminder that not everything has to match, as long as it flows.

Half Bathroom via Pinterest

A shiny and beautifully mirrored bathroom that brings glitz and glam. Via Pinterest

Powder room via Traditional Home

A lovely molded half bath with ideal marble finish. Sometimes all you need is white and subtle classic accents. Via Traditional Home

A Miles Redd peacock bathroom via House Beautiful

Miles Redd knows how to have fun in every space. Peacock wallpaper and bold colors make for quite a statement. Via House Beautiful

Lyford Trellis Wallpaper in this half bath by Elle Decor

Lyford Trellis wallpaper adds fabulous dimension and class to this powder room. Via Elle Decor

Michae S Smith Sink in bathroom vy Alessandra Branca via Veranda

A Michael S. Smith sink is the epic addition in this powder room by Alessandra Branca. Via Veranda

Private Benjamin

There is such a thing as over decorating. It looks something like the type of thing you see in a model unit for a spec house. They call it staging for a reason, it is all pretend and not livable. It is often too fluffy, too hip, too pillowed, too trendy, and just too much to deal with.  It lacks character, fluidity, and all things charming. I have been looking at places to move to all weekend, so forgive me for this rant. This house hunting process makes it all the more refreshing when I come across designers who have the ideal balance of texture, charm, and chic. One designer who embodies all these things and who has caught my eye is the talented Benjamin Dhong.

Dhong creates a timeless and classic ambience with all of his spaces. He masters the ability to layer, add color and have a little fun. His work has a splash of enthusiasm and a hint of classic restraint. Mondays shouldn’t have to be boring and predictable, and neither does design.

Photos by Lisa Romerein via House Beautiful.

Benjamin Dhong Design 6

This photo literally makes my heart skip a beat. The open shelving, the striped rug, the marble island. LOVE it all.


Benjamin Dhong Design 4

I love the eclectic atmosphere off of the kitchen. A lovely little nook upholstered in yellow and so much natural light. Benjamin Dhong Design 5

Notice the paneling in this bathroom. So rare to see such wide planks, yet it works so well to keep the bathroom current. A great sink area.

Benjamin Dhong Design 7

That mirrored screen wall is the foundation for this bedroom. A true highlight.

Benjamin Dhong Design

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 1

Now that chair is a conversation starter. I really love the key lining on the curtains.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 2

Full of character and comfortable class.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 3

A refreshing take on toile. There really isn’t anything I don’t like in this dining room. While the two tone texture of the chairs is a little out of my comfort zone, it all compliments each other so well. Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 4 Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 5

Shades of green and an abundance of texture and layers. How fabulous!

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 6

A muted bedroom that speaks so loudly when it comes to serenity and tranquility.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 7

Benjamin adds architecturally significant elements at every corner. Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 8

A masculine room of twin beds with superb blue and white incorporated.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 9

More blue and white used in this more feminine twin bedroom. Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling. Like a chic jewel box.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 10

I spy potted boxwood. I wish more people would use it indoors. It is so versatile and makes such a statement. P.S. don’t forget to notice the use of that same mirrored screen

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 11

An open and exquisite kitchen that almost feels like it belongs on a garden terrace.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful

Green velvet and hues of yellow. A lovely beamed ceiling.

Simply Sophisticated

There is nothing more appealing than a home that has a perfect combination of antiques incorporated with fresh design and a soothing palette. Flipping through the latest September-October issue of Veranda, I fell head over heels for the the New Orleans home of Tara Shaw. Her home is refined in the sense of a glamorous dinner party, yet at ease in the sense of all white lounge wear. While my comparisons may seem odd, I think the imagery speaks for my meaning. Sometimes words don’t cut it, but imagery does. Shaw so perfectly captures the importance of creating the ideal image.

Photos by Max Kim-Bee via Veranda.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 3

Oh. My. Entry. The landscaping has the perfect curb appeal and refined hedges. Via Veranda

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 4

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda

A serene palette of white and gray in the dining room. Notice the gray painted ceiling and tall doors. Always adds a nice touch.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 5

A casual comfort of ambience in this living room full of texture and natural tones.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 6

The fireplace is a lovely addition of warmth in this beautiful display of antiques mixed with more modern seating.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 7

Wow. I would love to take a wood paneled room and use white curtains to soften the space. What a difference that makes!

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 10

Graphic painted wallpaper makes for a more contemporary injection into the house.


A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 9

An ideal retreat. I love a good rug on top of a rug.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 11

Such a sweet palette of every neutral under the sun.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 12

Intricate woodwork details, modern tub appliances and a fabulous wash of white.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 8

This would be a perfect use of a guest room and lounge room all in one. Could you think of a better place to read a book? A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 14

A fantastic backyard estate with elegance and symmetry. The pool shape works in sync with the home.