Delightfully Danielle

Hi Friends! I recently asked Danielle Rollins a few questions about her fabulous new home that was featured in this month’s Veranda Magazine. If you aren’t familiar with Rollins, she is a tastemaker of every category- lifestyle, design, and now fashion. She is the ideal example that when the going gets tough, the tough get going (and even stronger than ever before). Her Atlanta home reflects her chic vibrancy and colorful demeanor, which is always tasteful. I hope you enjoy these images of her home and her insightful responses to creating beauty everywhere.

To see my post of her former home (one of my very first blog posts): click here

All photos by  Melanie Acevado via  Veranda Magazine

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic in your new home?

I joke that it is Nancy Lancaster meets Wes Anderson because it is such a blend of old school antiques with traditional fabrics and wallpapers, but it is all mixed in an off-the-wall, quirky and bohemian way. I wanted a home that was warm, welcoming and filled with my favorite pieces of art and objects, but always comfortable with a certain barefoot elegance that makes you want to kick off your shoes, curl up on a plush sofa and read a book or enjoy a cocktail, whether alone or with family and friends. I put a lot of thought into how the house would function and operate during the renovation period, like the supporting and storage areas, the China Pantry and linen closets that make the house as functional as it is beautiful. I also planned out the color flow of the home with military precision so that one room transitioned to the next, drawing your eye in and inviting you to venture forward.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 4

What is your philosophy for mixing color and pattern so beautifully?

It is all about scale, and finding the right harmony for the tonality of the color strengths. You can easily mix both of those if you find the right balance and mix, with unifying pieces to tie them all together. A lot of it has to do with the art on the walls. If you have priceless Picassos, then you can have a white wall. Otherwise, the vibrancy of a background color or pattern can make your art come really come alive. I think it is important to get your backgrounds right, then all the personality of a place really shines!


What, if any, current trends are you embracing?

I am loving seeing a return to color and pattern! I am so tired of boring, blah, bland and beige – a home should make you feel happy and express the personality of the inhabitant! I am not a trend follower in design, rather I try to do what is best suited for the project and the personality of the client.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood

What are your design pet peeves?

My pet peeve is interiors that have absolutely no context to the exteriors or interiors that are pinpoint designer done cookie cutter recognizable. I dislike “instant interiors” and I don’t really like the giant ‘aha’ grand reveals & now you have a decorated house because to me, decorating a home is very much a reflection of a life, and life is not instant. Life is about learning to enjoy the journey, so I strive to have my clients as much as part of the process as possible and teach them to be curators and collectors, not consumers.


Best advice you ever received about designing?

If you buy the best, you only cry once and it’s better to buy less, but buy better. The main thing I learned from Miles Redd is the notion that ‘it’s only decorating.” If you don’t like something, you can always change it. And if you buy good pieces that you love, you’re always going to find a place for them. But then again, Miles repeatedly tried to fire me because he said I didn’t need a decorator. Having a decorator isn’t really about having someone do the work for you, Bunny Mellon or Marcella Agnelli certainly never “needed” a decorator. It is about having someone with taste to help you to make appropriate purchases, edited choices, educating your eye, and in the end creating a cohesive edited unifying home that reflects the owner’s personality.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 2

Who inspires you?

I would be remiss to mention the individuals rather than the whole of the design industry in my success. There have been a number of designers and industry professionals who have given me invaluable advice, encouragement and support as well as shared their sources and services. I think good people are not afraid to help good people, rather than fear their presence. A mark of a true leader is building other leaders. I have had to work harder than some others maybe, because I came into the game a bit later in life, during a difficult period rather somewhat out of the blue and with out “training” but I have never once complained about it or regretted it, nor ever forgotten those who pulled me up when I was too intimidated or scared or the ones who literally pushed me to keep going when I was too tired or beaten down. The design industry is filled with beautiful souls who do this job for a reason other than monetary gratification or self accolades – I think we all want to see beauty survive in a tumultuous world and that’s been a major drive since the beginning of time.
I would also be remiss to fail mentioning my biggest cheerleader – my mother. While she doesn’t share my inherent eye for design, she is who taught me the value of hard work, independence, self reliance and perseverance at all costs.
Oscar de la Renta will probably be my aesthetic guidepost forever. He was an incredible designer, tastemaker and style setter but he had an even bigger heart with an unquenchable thirst for learning which is really what I loved about him. To this day, his kind words, his encouragement and his quiet and subtle recognition of what I did right, at an early age and during a difficult period in my life, still carry me through a lot of my decision making now.
I really admire Miles Redd, whom I think has a particular knack for pushing his baby birds from the nest when they are just this side of shy about flying & encouraging them to keep flapping until they realize they have had the ability to soar all along.

Danielle Rollins Home in Veranda via The Potted Boxwood 3

What is on your nightstand?

A custom chinoiserie lamp and shade, some kind of fresh flower or potted plant, a monogrammed silver tray with my nightly medications, a vintage silver rimmed glass coaster and a glass of ice water, three Silver Julie cups containing colored pencils, sharpened number 2 pencils, writing pens and several sketch pads, my laptop computer, whatever book I’m reading before bed and usually multiple color coded folders filled with the checks I need to sign, correspondence, financial statements, itineraries and all the other necessities to keep me on track from my assistant who has a hard time holding me down!


Potted boxwood________

Potted boxwood makes for the perfect accent to any entryway, as it combines a chic and natural element to an exterior space. It is the perfect example of our life, the desire to have something living and lasting but to sculpt it perfectly which gives us the feeling of control over nature.

Dixon Rye

I love Atlanta. People often say it is like Dallas with more trees. They also have such a pulse on design. I mean think of all the greats there- Suzanne Kasler is based there, Phoebe Howard has a store there, plus Danielle Rollins is quite the tastemaking guru, Parker Kennedy Living resides there, and my favorite monogram queen, Laurie Byrne is there as well. It is also home to the always chic design of Bradley Odom.

Bradley recently opened a new home store in the area called Dixon Rye. He has such an eye for collected, chicly effortless, and dimensional design. There is something so refreshing about his style. It is like a breath of fresh air with a hint of something woodsy. Maybe it is just his ability to combine texture with a clean palette and classic lines. Whatever it is, it surely makes Dixon Rye a place I am desperately ready to frequent.

I had the opportunity to send him a few questions about Dixon Rye. Feast yourself on the beautiful images of his store and his wonderful vision for making Dixon Rye a design destination.

For design work of Bradley Odom, founder and curator of Dixon Rye, please click here.

Photos courtesy of Domino Media Group

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 7

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

Dark and moody—masculine colors with over the top texture. At Dixon Rye we talk a lot about identifying the hero of a room and letting it be a hero. For me personally, the hero is usually something leather or a cool architectural find.

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 4

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 3

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 9DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 8

What hopes do you have for Dixon Rye?

I always say that first and foremost we are a creative brand. We are a retail shop and we offer design services but a creative process informs every decision we make. It’s an atmosphere where lasting relationships are formed, consumers are educated about where things are made. It is always a question of how products are made, who made them and why that matters. We pay special attention to all details from the music we play, the packaging, and of course, the friendly experts you engage with. We’ll continue to grow our DR Collection and our online presence.


Shot of an interior project designed by Bradley Odom.

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 10  DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 12

What are your design pet peeves?

Not considering scale and volume of a space or an individual piece, especially lamps! We like to ensure that lamps are the appropriate size in relationship to the table and room. Sounds simple but it’s something I notice and it stands out like a sore thumb to me.

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 15

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 1

Best advice you ever received about design/decor?

One of my former professors once said, “A good idea is just that, a good idea, until you actually spend time working out the details and ensuring it actually works.”

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odomstatic1.squarespace-1

Who inspires you?

I love the work of Billy Baldwin. He was one of the greats that never missed an opportunity to add an interesting detail to an otherwise basic piece of furniture—and we’re both Sagittarius. Recently, I’ve been inspired by Meyer-Davis. Their ability to mix materials is awe-inspiring.

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 14


What is on your nightstand?

Books! Sounds so expected, but I love being surrounded by inspiration. I also have a favorite piece of art that my Mom gifted me which leans on the wall off of my nightstand, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say my iPhone.

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 11

DIXON RYE by Bradley Odom 13

Potted boxwood is?


A Blue & White Holiday

There is nothing more I love than tasteful holiday decor. This past weekend my good friend Sara in Atlanta visited the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine Holiday House. I knew this house was going to be phenomenal, especially since I follow the incredible Danielle Rollins on Instagram and was able to see her constant progress on the den she designed with Bill Ingram. I asked sweet Sara to send me pictures of this incredible home, and I was not disappointed.

Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy Living designed a brilliant back porch on this home that is graciously adorned with blue and white porcelain pots filled with potted boxwoods and chic red ribbon design. My friend was only able to snap a few pictures, but the ones she did take were worth sharing.

Enjoy these potted boxwoods perfected. Happy Monday!

An outdoor mantle at the Atlanta Holiday House by Parker Kennedy Living

The stunning fireplace of magnolia leaf garland, lemons, and chic blue and white porcelain. An incredible display.

Blue and White perfected by Parker Kennedy Living

I adore the combination of blue and white pattern. How divine!

Potted Boxwoods in blue and white pots designed by Parker Kennedy Living

My favorite display of boxwoods in blue and white porcelain pots. The macau dining chairs in white are so effective against the blue.

More of the outdoor area designed by Parker Kennedy Living

Honestly, could this be a more picturesque porch?!  Any side table that stands upon blue and white ginger jars is going to be a favorite.

Close up of the fireplace designed by Parker Kennedy Living

Cheers to David and Lance at Parker Kennedy Living! This back patio is not only ideal for the holidays, but would be timeless year round.


Landscape Of Atlanta

Atlanta is a city that has wonderful curb appeal. Whether it is a charming tudor or an elegant home in Buckhead, residents understand the importance of good landscaping. A name I often come across when researching Atlanta homes is the landscape firm of Howard Design Studio. On each project, John Howard creates a masterpiece oasis full of potted plants, lush texture, and grand dimension. While his landscape design is tasteful, it is often happily unexpected.

I can’t wait to share more fun Atlanta design when I return. Per usual, check my instagram for up to the minute pictures!

A classic and elegant landscape design by Howard Design Studio

An exquisite pergola with potted topiaries and beautiful hedges. Stunning!

Boxwood perfection by Howard Design Studio

Symmetry and beautiful boxwood elegance. I love that off-white brick color!

John Howard Boxwood Home via TTI

A glimpse of the boxwood house in Atlanta, formerly owned by Danielle Rollins. So classic enchanting. Photo source: Things That Inspire

Howard Design Studio landscaping and sundial

Another glimpse of the Boxwood house. This sundial centerpiece is as timeless as the home.

John howard crates a lovely walkway via Litchfielddesigns

A lovely pathway lined with hydrangeas and ending with a chic black bench. Photo source: Litchfield Designs

John Howard Landscape via TFDAMH

Often people place fountains in the center, but this wall fountain is superb and sophisticated. I love the different tiers of plants and mix of texture and color. Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

John Howard Landscape via Elle Decor

A more contemporary exterior with oversized circular boxwoods framing the home. The circular boxwoods really add a sharp edge of current dimension. Photo source: Elle Decor

John Howard pool and boxwood landscape via TTI

Potted boxwoods perfected in contrasting white planters. Photo source: Things That Inspire

John Howard landscaping in Atlanta

I love the rows and layers of greenery around this home’s exterior.

Pool landscape by John Howard via AHMag

A classic and current pool area created by Howard Design Studio. Photo source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles



Not The Norm

I have mentioned before how deceiving homes can be. They can be built so beautifully, so exquisitely, and yet lack so much on the interior side. I am a firm believer that every space can be beautiful, but I often find that not every beautifully built space lives up to that potential. It is one of designs many tragedies, when an architect and designer’s vision don’t harmoniously mesh together. Both play such a crucial role in the making of a phenomenal house, no matter how grand or how small the scale.

Anyone who has a good eye and sense of space can transform an interior, but not every home has a good foundation. To continue with my Georgian theme, I thought I would feature one of Atlanta’s most renown architects and creator of good foundations. Norman Askins has been in the business of designing and restoring some of the most prominent and classic homes throughout Atlanta. While his work is fantastically classic Atlanta, his design vision is anything but the norm.


Askins Residence Villa Vecchia cia TTI

The entrance to Norman’s Atlanta home Villa Vecchia, meaning “Old House”. Photo source: Frances Schultz

Atlanta stone home by Norman Askins via Georgianadesign

A lovely drive to this stone home with striking black shutters. Photo source: Georgiana design


Customa Gate and lantern by Norman Askins via AHL

Askins definitely knows how to add a storybook appeal and personality to his homes. His gates and entrances give his homes architectural charm. Photo source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Garden and fountain designed by architect Norman Askins via his website

A magical old world courtyard and fountain. I love the loose landscaping and beautiful arches in his design.

Home by Norman Askins via Veranda

When I think of Atlanta homes this is exactly what comes to mind. Stately, sophisticated, and timeless. Photo source: Veranda

Perfectly appointed pool by Norman Askins

White potted boxwoods by the pool and remarkable symmetry.

Sunroom by Norman Askins Architect

Askins really is a jack of all trades. He can go from traditional to current to old world and back. I love the industrial doors on this seamlessly traditional entry. He does not do boring!

Chinese Chippendale screened in porch by Norman Askins

A Chinese chippendale pool house adds a punch of personality to this backyard pool setting. Photo source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

White house black door beuatiful boxwoods by Noman Askins

My idea of heaven. White house, large columns, black shutters and boxwoods.

Blue Garden Gate by Norman Askins via AHL

Another charming garden gate finished in a serene blue.

Book by Norman Askins

Norman Askins book was recently released this month. I can’t wait to order and see more of his superb architectural design. Click picture to purchase.


Photos not tagged can be found on the website of Norman Askins.