White Jeans Are Coming

Good morning! As we get ready to hit Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would throwback to one of my favorite posts all about white houses! Bring on white jeans, rosé, and sweet summer tan lines.


White picket fence and hedge via pinterest

This oozes charm! I can picture my little black pug Emmie standing guard by the fence. Photo source: Pinterest

White perfection via pinterest

Absolute white perfection (and the boxwoods make their first post appearance).  Photo source: Pinterest (Ugh! Please tell me if y’all know the real source!)

White House_BoxwoodS_via Katie Design

A very fresh and updated use of white! Designer and photo source: KATIE Design

White home with Hydrangeas via Habitually Chic

Hydrangea Heaven. A gorgeous white home with sophisticated white awnings. Photo source: Habitually Chic

The Parent Trap bia Southern Preppy Blog

Here again is the London home used in the Nancy Meyer’s version of The Parent Trap. Quintessentially British.  Photo source: Preppy Southerner

Pamela Pierce home via Veranda

Pamela Pierce’s home in Veranda. While I usually advocate for black shutters, this looks SO sophisticated (or maybe the potted boxwoods are clouding my judgement)!

Palm Beach Home via Ferguson and Shamamian

Can Ferguson & Shamamian do no wrong? This Palm Beach home will still look phenomenal 500 years later. Not to mention that gorgeous blue and white on the wall! Swoon….

White with black shutters in fall via Pinterest

This house has me ready for fresh cashmere and riding boots, but something tells me it looks great in all seasons! Photo source: Pinterest

Nantucket Beach House_With love from Kat

Now this is my kind of beach house! Definitely helps that it is on my favorite island of Nantucket. Photo source: With Love From Kat

Mark D Sikes Home via Mark D Sikes

Mark’s style is everything. I really don’t know what else to say.  He gets white, he gets boxwood, he gets blue and white, and I adore his style! Mark D. Sikes

Kentucky Greek Revival_WSJ

A very historic and fantastic Kentucky Greek revival. Photo source: Wall Street Journal

Italian home with vines via cool chics style fashion

An Italian masterpiece, and I love the open look of the shutters. As my parent’s friend always jokes, “Those rich people and their gravel driveways!”  He is so right though! Photo source: Cool Chic Style Fashion

Dallas home_Veranda Mag._Photo by Max Kim Beejpg

I have yet to come across this Dallas home, but I think I would surely get in an accident for braking suddenly when I saw it. What a gorgeous robin’s egg blue door. Very stately. Photo source: Veranda

Charlotte Moss via

Charlotte Moss masters the art of black and white here, not to mention total elegance. My pug, who recently chewed through her “A Flair For Living” book (wahhh) would have to agree. Photo source: Belle Vivir

Boxwoods and White Home via Jan Showers

Perfect in every way. What a great use of boxwoods. Designer and Photo source: Jan Showers

Boxwood Estate via Veranda Mag

Guess why this is my favorite picture? Ok, I’ll tell you. It is called the Boxwood Estate. It also helps that it is truly historic and beautiful. A personal favorite! The architect of this well-known Nashville estate is Gil Schafer and the photo source is Veranda.

Atlanta Georgia Revival>Emily Jerkins Followill_Things That Inspire

Staying in the South, let’s move to Atlanta. This Georgian revival is classically attractive. Photo source: Things That Inspire


The original Affair With A House. Bunny Williams’ interiors never go out of style. Photo source: Mark D. Sikes


Can I move in? This house has a little bit of everything going for it. Sadly, I have a lot of everything going on in this busy start to summer! Photo source: Pinterest

Stunning At Every Turn

I recently posted a photo of a Dallas home on my instagram feed that did not do the house justice. It is a beautiful white brick home, set back on a very popular street. This home is also featured in the recent issue of Veranda magazine (run- don’t walk to get it!).  It is designed by Cathy Kincaid and restored beautifully by my favorite architect Wilson Fuqua. I have never seen an architect understand the great balance and perfect execution of chic and charm quite like Wilson Fuqua. I found some photos of the home on Mr. Fuqua’s website and I just had to share his unbelievable restoration and Cathy Kincaid’s stunning design of this inviting and totally chic home. Happy Weekend! XO

Photos via www.wilsonfuqua.com


Isn’t this courtyard enterance beyond charming?


Beautiful boxwood landscape surrounds this home. I really love the chic California privacy of this residence.


An amazing sun room. The ideal blend of fabrics and light.



Everything is timeless without looking stale or dated. Cathy Kincaid is really a master at that!


This is the dining room of my blue and white dreams.


Her choice of fabrics throughout the home really speak to the architecture.


Cathy really understands the art of an inviting bedroom. She creates a personal and calming oasis, with a punch of personality.



The architectural details of this room make for the perfect palette to decorate.


Really beautiful shutter color and lush topiary borders.




I love the infusion of brick texture as well as classic cabinetry. Perfection at every turn.

Old World California Charm

I love a home that combines timeless style and fresh curb appeal to create a truly glorious and charming oasis. That is exactly what designer Lauren King and Oscar Shamamian (from the amazing architectural firm Ferguson & Shamamian) have created in L.A..  From the front of the home where large potted boxwood greet you, to the inside where the color, pattern, and texture all melt together, it really is a truly beautiful home that will last the test of time.

Happy Monday! XO

Photos by Miguel Flores-Vianna from last month’s issue of AD.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 4

This is my dream… The soft shutters, the beautiful boxwood, and the welcoming tone.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 3

Rich materials contrast with the sun-filled light.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 10

Clean and simple kitchen lines.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 11

Really stunning molding works throughout this entire home.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 6

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 7

The grounds are beautiful.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 2

This room would look good 100 years ago and will still look good 100 years from now.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD

I adore the blue painted ceiling.

Lauren King and Oscar Sahamian designed Home in AD 8

Feeling Foxy

Great design can work everywhere, but it is much easier to do with great architecture. I am always in awe of the beautiful detail that truly exceptional architects can create to make a house a home with just the bare bones (see how I made that rhyme lol). I found some work by The Fox Group that is based in Salt Lake City. They create beautiful spaces with the perfect amount of detail as well as sleek and clean lines.

Just see below at some of their phenomenal work. I have to say, their kitchens are just dreamy, and they definitely understand the art of the staircase!

All photos from The Fox Group Construction

The Fox Group via their website

A magnificent home that is beautifully landscaped.

The Fox Group via their website. 3

I love this kitchen and the fixtures!

The Fox Group via their website. 4

I mean, who doesn’t adore a checkerboard entry! The molding is stunning too!The Fox Group via their website.

The Fox Group via their website. 6

Really, they do a phenomenal job with  molding throughout their homes.

The Fox Group via their website. 7

Well appointed custom built-ins.

The Fox Group via their website. 8

The Fox Group via their website. 5The Fox Group via their website. 9

Another beautiful checkerboard floor entry. TIMELESS!!!

The Fox Group via their website. 10

Minus the chair fabric, I really love the detail of this kitchen.

Pink Perfect

I love pink. I shamefully admit during a portion of the 5h grade I pretended that I didn’t like the color. Obviously, that was only to seem cool (I mean I was still playing with Barbies). Today, I am posting to prove that pink is an even cooler color than it ever was. It is known that pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. While it isn’t February, it is the day before a best friend of one of my best friends (someone who I have traveled with and come to know) is undergoing a double mastectomy. While it may not seem like a huge deal to many people, the big deal is that she is 29 and she doesn’t have breast cancer. BUT- she recently tested positive for the BRCA2 gene,  which means she has an extremely high risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer in her lifetime.

While it may seem extreme to some, I find it to be very brave and admirable. Lesley has an amazing travel blog called The Road Les Traveled. She explores the world for all of her followers to see, and it is comforting to know she can keep doing that without having to worry about the evil of cancer putting an end to her travel plans.

What can you do? Wear pink today! Support Lesley Murphy as she undergoes this life changing procedure tomorrow. Support all the women who have faced breast cancer and support all the women who are fighting the battle as we speak. Tag your photos- #LesleysBreasties #LesNipsBRCAintheBud #BreastCancerAwareness #FightLikeAGirl

Here are some pretty pink rooms to brighten this very pink day.

Bedroom by Suzanne Kassler

Perfectly pink bedroom by Suzanne Kassler.bedroom via Domino

One of my favorite bedrooms via Domaine Home

Ben Pentreath design via AD

Ben Pentreath design.

Lee Radziwill Apartment via AD

Nothing is quite as romantic as Lee Radziwill’s home. Via Vogue

pink degournay wallpaper in entry

Pink Chinoiserie

Miles Redd knows Pink

Miles Redd masterpiece!

De Gournay knows best.

 Pink dining room via Mario Buratta

Mario Buatta shines with pink and green.

pink dining room via Traditional Home

Beautifully pink via Traditional Home.

David Hicks makes another timeless classic with pink.

pink room via veranda

Beautiful pink dining room via Veranda.

Timothy Corrigan Apartment via AD

Timothy Corrigan pink dining room via AD