Be My Guest

Happy to say I have made my way back to Florida for some much needed R&R. There is something about being in your childhood bedroom where you can just get some pure, uninterrupted sleep. Maybe it is the fact that I know my parents are here and I don’t have to worry about taking care of anything. Sadly, the same doesn’t always go for when you are a guest in someone’s home. There can be the pressure to be up at a certain time, or the uncertainty of what to wear and how much you should help. Chances are if you are using vacation time to visit friends, there is some element of helping out verses what should be a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, this lies with the responsibility of the host.

As a consummate hostess knows, it is preparation that enables the guest to feel at ease and at home (without having the responsibilities of home). Often guest rooms can be a hodge podge of an old treadmill and mismatched linens. In my opinion, if the room feels disoriented the guests will feel the same way. Below are some awe inspiring guest rooms, hosting advice, and items that will make anyone want to be your guest.

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Alessandra Branca Guest bedroom via Elle Decor

The elongated and boldly sophisticated guest bedroom of Alessandra Branca. Via Elle Decor

Pierre Frey Fabric in Estees Guest room at Aerin Lauders home

Estee Lauder’s room used as a guest bedroom at Aerin Lauder’s Southhampton home.  Via Beauty At Home

Aerin Lauder wrote in her book Beauty At Home that she buys several New York Times bestsellers books to place by the bedside in the guest room. I also believe that fresh magazines are great to have as well.


Bush Guest Room via AD

A guest bedroom at the Bush family’s Texas ranch. I love how they used some local drawings of Texas wildlife to enhance the stay. Via AD 

Colorful and compact guest room via Elle Decor

If you are short on space, but love to entertain, this is the way to do it. This guest bedroom has the perfect amount of color, pattern, and simplicity. Via Elle Decor

Having a nice carafe of fresh water by the bed is always considerate. No guest should have to wonder at night to find the kitchen and glasses.


Guest room by Michael Clattenburg via AD

Michael Clattenburg has painted on some book shelves and glossy green walls. The perpendicular beds are an excellent touch! Via AD

Guest room by Timothy Corrigan via AD

Timothy Corrigan creates a guest room where friends would never leave. The perfect mix of elegance and comfort. Via AD

Guest room by Toni Gallagher via Traditional Home

A Boxwood toile in this serene and timeless twin guest room by Toni Gallagher. Via Traditional Home

Provide your wifi and password, as well as spare chargers. If there is a TV, have a channel list available as well.


A MadelineWeinrib rug in this guest bedroom via AD

A Madeline Weinrib rug in this preppy, colorful, and cheerful guest bedroom.

Julia Reeds Guest Bedroom via Elle Decor

Julia Reed creates an inviting and chic guest bedroom, with the most precious beagle to boot! Knowing how she is a great southern hostess, I am sure she has a plethora of incredible hospitality tips. Via Elle Decor

Throughout my beauty buys during the year, I store all my free samples in a glass jar. This leaves guests with plenty of high end products to sample, and is helpful in case anything is forgotten.


Mariette Himes Gomez guest bedroom via AD

Mariette Himes Gomez has an undoubtedly peaceful bedroom in her home to keep guests at ease. Via AD

McAllpine Booth & Ferrier Interior guest room via AD

Back to back fun in this remarkably crafted guest room. McAlpine Booth & Ferrier know how to sync architecture and design in perfect harmony. Via AD

Bathroom necessites: hair dryer, fresh robe, wash cloths, plenty of toilet paper, and a fresh toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.


Michael S S mith Guest Bedroom

Michael S. Smith plays with pattern to make this a memorable and well-appointed  guest room. Via AD

Randall Powers guest bedroom via Elle Decor

A more modern and streamlined guest bedroom. Via Elle Decor

Luggage racks are a wonderful way to say- unpack and stay awhile.


 Sheila Bridges Guest bedroom via Elle Decor

Sheila Bridges demonstrates beautiful pattern in a gracious display in her Harlem guest room. Via Elle Decor

Tory Burchs guest bedroom via In Color

Who wouldn’t want to be a guest in Tory Burch’s Southampton home. Incredible wallpaper, bedding, and oriental rug. Talk about living, In Color.

The Simple Delight of Blue & White

I feel I would be remiss if I did not post about blue and white. While all of my favorite design bloggers cover it enough for me, I need to say my praise to the classic and timeless color combination. I thought about doing a post on my favorite triple color palate of blue, green, and white, but I decided to pay my respects to the perfect pair.

Whether it is a porcelain piece or pretty fabric, blue and white will always incorporate elegance into a space. Here are beautiful blue and white designed rooms and resources that will surely inspire you to add the delightful duo in your home.

Blue & White loving bloggers:

The Belclaire House
Mark D. Sikes
The Enchanted Home

Mark D Sikes Home via Veranda

I know I have mentioned Mark D. Sikes in just about every blog post, but that is because he totally deserves it. RUN to get the July-August issue of Veranda. His gorgeous home full of blue and white is on the cover. Just look at those blue and white garden stools- how dreamy!

Blue and White Table via HB

Gorgeous ginger jars line this light and airy space. That white branch chair is spectacular! Photo source: House Beautiful

Aerin Lauder Southhampton Home via HB

The gorgeous blue and white upholstery walls in Estee Lauder’s bedroom in Aerin Lauder’s Southampton home.  The Pierre Frey Toile de Nantes print truly is timeless. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Blue and white Bathroom via Pinterest

What a beautiful bathroom. I love a heavy piece of fabric for a shower curtain. Photo source: Pinterest/Unknown

Blue and White bedroom by Miles Redd via Elle Decor

This bedroom by Miles Redd is soft and perfectly appointed. Photo source: Elle Decor

Blue and white entry by Amanda Nisbit via Sotheby's Realty

This gorgeous blue and white fabric makes a statement in this no frills entry by Amanda Nisbet.

Blue and White House by architect Clemens Bruns Schaub via AD

A wonderful white Florida house with soft blue gates and shutters by architect Clemens Bruns Schaub. Featured in Architectural Digest.

Blue and White Kitchen by Beth Martell and Enda Donagher in HB

A kitchen full of good cheer with cabinets painted in this vivid grecian blue paint. The ideal backdrop for blue and white china. Designed by Beth Martell and Enda Doagher in House Beautiful. 

Blue and WHite bedroom by Alexa Hampton via Pinterest

Serene and chic in this blue and white bedroom by Alexa Hampton via Pinterest.

Blue and WHite Kitchen Sink by Shelia Bridges in HB

A lovely shade of blue in this kitchen with a farmhouse sink designed by Shelia Bridges in House Beautiful.

Blue and White via Mark D. Sikes

Immediately this picture makes me think of the old adage- something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The chair pattern has a modern feel next to the blue and white porcelain beside it. Designed by the #blueandwhiteforever fan Mark D. Sikes. Photo by Bethany Nauert.

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford vioa Veranda

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford designed this room in Ford’s Dallas home. An outstanding use of blue and white pattern and texture. Photo source: Veranda

Blue Den via AD

The moldings in this den are just to die for!  Hein + Cozzi designed this room where the sofas perfectly pop against the inviting blue walls. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Mark D Sikes side tabe via Lonny

Another image from Mark D. Sikes‘ dining room prior to his renovation. The blue and white subtly blends with the gorgeous Gracie wallpaper.

Miles Redd designed Bahamas Vacation House via  AD

A perfect palate for this Bahamas retreat designed by Miles Redd. Featured in Architectural Digest.

Rod Winterrowd kitchen via Veranda

A gorgeous Hamptons kitchen by designer Rod Winterrowd. While the barstools are my favorite, take a peek at the dining chair fabric as well! Photo source: Veranda

 Robin's egg blue and silver foil ceiling via Berlin Designs Corp

David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer designed this smart looking dining room. How fantastic is the metallic silver paint on the ceiling. I bet the light from the chandelier reflects wonderfully! Photo source: Veranda

white kitchen with blue and white vases 

This kitchen island proves that sometimes all you need is a punch of blue and white and pretty flowers to make a difference. Designed by Carolyne Roehm

Russel Piccione via AD

I love the juxtaposition of the tub against the tiles in this bathroom designed by Russell Piccione in Architectural Digest.

Tom Scheerer Hallway via House Beautiful

Tom Scheerer does no wrong, especially with this fantastic hallway of blue and white wallpaper. Photo source: House Beautiful


I had to end with some pretty boxwoods potted in blue and white by Carolyne Roehm. When I say my favorite color combination is blue, white, and green, I am usually referring to something along these lines!

Great Blue & White Finds:

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Met Museum Ornaments

It really is Christmas in July! Adorable blue & white jars and vases for your tree. Available at the Met Museum UPDATE: Currently Out of Stock. Sorry! But still so pretty!


Oscar de la Renta China Bloomingdale's

Oscar de la Renta’s dinnerware is available at Bloomingdale’s. So chic!

Blue and White Sale OKL

One Kings Lane is having a blue and white sale. Lot’s of great finds. Hurry, it ends tomorrow!

Furbish Blue Silk IkatFurbish Blue Ikat Euro

These blue silk ikat pillows are a perfect accent in the home. Purchase them at Furbish Studio!

Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa Kenlyn Fabric

The lovely blue and white Kenlyn pattern designed by Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa. Would be perfect as curtains in a modern room or an upholstered wall in a classic powder room.


Amazing Gracie

There are many required necessities for my ideal home. Notice how I said “ideal” instead of “realistic.” While I enjoy high-rise city living, I have a vivid vision of my perfect house. White painted brick, black high-gloss front door, potted boxwoods galore, green velvet sofa, Calacatta marble in a white kitchen, and….Gracie wallpaper.

I wish I could pinpoint when I was first graced by Gracie, I am only sure I knew of it’s existence by name around the beginning of college. There is something so special about Gracie’s hand-painted chinoiserie, floral, and landscape designs and the way they dress up the most beautiful dining rooms, bedrooms, powder rooms, and entries. Gracie wallpaper is timelessly used in spaces both traditional and trendy. While nothing beats a room covered in Gracie from floor to ceiling, wallpaper panels are also a smart way to keep your favorite Gracie custom pattern from house to house, space to space. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Here are some gorgeous rooms that are full of amazing Gracie.

Blue Gracie Dining Room by Thad Hayes via Paris Apartment

While Gracie is used in many different rooms of the house, I see it most commonly used in dining rooms. Who wouldn’t want to eat with gorgeous hand-painted wallpaper surrounding you?! It is also very versatile for seasonal meals. Let me know how your summer luncheon goes in your red dining room…. Designed by Thad Hayes via The Paris Apartment

Dining room with  Orange Gracie Panels by Jamie Herzlinger

These orange Gracie panels pack a punch in this elegant dining area by Jamie Herzlinger. Photo source: Home Portfolio

gravie wallpaper in dining via Luxe

Another beautiful Gracie pattern that illuminates in the natural light. All of the patterns are so incredibly detailed and customized…swoon! Photo source: Luxe Source

Gracie Wallpaper Screen via Luxe Interiors and Design via Tory Burch

Let’s take a moment to admire the floors, as well as the shades of green and white. Then, let’s applaud them for being smart enough to put that gorgeous Gracie on a screen. Screens are really effective and luxurious, especially for scaling down big walls or large spaces. My family has always loved them. Photo source: Luxe Source

Mark D Sikes Dining Room via Lonny

The original dining room in the fabulous home of Mark D. Sikes. To see the updated version, pick up the July-August issue of Veranda. Oh, and pick up at least two copies- it is THAT good of an issue! Between the blue and white porcelain and the blue and white Gracie, I couldn’t love this room more (I may even like it better than the redo..there, I said it!). Photo source: Lonny Magazine

Dining room by Hillary Thomas with Gracie Wallpaper

This attractive dining room designed by Hillary Thomas has such a current and glamorous Gracie design.

Aerin Lauder Gracie via Dec a porter

Style maker Aerin Lauder appears once again in her incredibly chic closet. One of the most iconic Gracie patterns. Photo by Christopher Sturman for Elle Magazine

Gracie ceiling by Jennifer Mehditash for Ronald McDonald Showhouse

Jennifer Meditash uses blue Gracie on the ceiling in this room in the Ronald McDonald showhouse.

Gracie dining room with Chandelier via Pinterest

This wonderful green Gracie adds the right amount of color to this neutral dining room. Definitely a more modern room, but the Gracie blends perfectly. Photo source: Pinterest

Gracie Entry via Janet Rice

This highly detailed, yet simplistic version of Gracie leaves this hallway/entry feeling very glam. Design by Janet Rice.

Alexa Hampton Gracie Wallpaper via Quintessence

Gracie adorns this dramatic and sophisticated room by Alexa Hampton at Hight Point’s Hickory Chair. Photo source: Quintessence 

Dining room with Gracie via a little book of secrets

Many people use neutral paint to let colors, like the lavender in the chairs and the hint of blue and white curtains, pop. This Gracie allows the colors to shine, without sacrificing the interest of the walls. Photo source: The Little Book of Secrets 

Gracie Guest Bath via AD

This guest bath has a beautiful contrasting Gracie with a pop of pretty color. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Gracie Hallway with Blue Chairs by Miles Redd via Veranda

Miles Redd designed this stunning stately hallway with classic Gracie and blue velvet chairs. Lovely! Photo source: Veranda

Gracie in a room designed by Bunny Williams via AD

This soft and elegant bedroom designed by Bunny Williams uses a very delicate Gracie. You can hardly tell it is there! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Gracie in teh powder room by Ivt de Leon Design by Shawn Henderson

A lovely little half-bath with a delightful patterned Gracie. I think it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite pattern! Photo and design from Shawn Henderson.

Gracie Powder Room via AD

A more traditional powder room with gold and silvery blue Gracie wallpaper. Photo source: Architectural Digest. 

Gracie wallpaper at Bergdorf Goodman's designed by Kelly Wearstler

Ladies who lunch will never tire of the famous restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman designed by Kelly Wearstler. A gorgeous Gracie compliments the powder blue leather chairs.

Gracie Wallpaper bedroom by Mario Buatta via AD

I adore this Gracie shade of green. The color has a layered feel, almost like the paint you find in Italy. A bold choice for a bedroom, but the green and white contrast is so classically fresh. Designed by Mario Buatta, featured in Architectural Digest.

David Easton Gracie Stairway

This entry by David Easton reminds me of a more country-club like version Blair Waldorf’s NYC apartment (Gossip Girl anyone?). Here, Gracie wallpaper is used on a large scale. I love the terra cotta potted flowers on the entry table.

Jan Showers Gracie Wallpaper

Jan Showers has mastered the art of understated glamor. This Gracie dining room is the perfect backdrop for her signature chandelier. Photo Source: Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers

Gracie Wallpaper in desk nook of Chicago Dream Home

The more modern light fixture and sleek interiors compliment this delicate Gracie used in the transitional nook in the Chicago Dream House. Photo source: Pinterest

Gracie Wallpaper in the dining room via Lonny

A more scenic landscape pattern on this exquisite Gracie in a dining room designed by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon featured in Lonny Magazine.

Gracie wallpaper in the laundry via DC Design House 2009

Laundry is a necessity of life, so why not do it in a room that makes you feel happy and inspired. I love wallpaper in small spaces. Photo and design in the 2009 DC Design House

Gracie Wallpaper in the Ritz Carlton Condo designed by Laura Hunt via The Glam Pad

I was fortunate enough to be at the grand opening of this condo at the Ritz Carlton Dallas designed by Laura Hunt. It really is incredible inside! While I love the gray scaled Gracie, I especially admired the gray and white striped entry. Photo source: The Glam Pad

Gracie Wallpaper sitting area via NYC Cottages and Gardens

As I mentioned earlier, Gracie panels are so incredibly smart to use in the home, especially if you are highly mobile in you career or have a tendency to house hop. This beautiful seating area designed by Sherrill Canet is featured in New York Cottages and Gardens.

Gracie wallpaper via vtinteriors

I am pretty positive this room would highly encourage wearing loungewear all day and reading magazines in bed until noon. It is so tranquil and relaxing, it would be impossible to feel stressed at the end and beginning of each day. Note- they just used the Gracie on one wall. Sometimes, that is all you need for wallpaper!  Photo source: VT Interiors

Gracie with side table via Luxe Mag

Blue and white Gracie with blue and white lamps. A dreamy entry. PS notice how everyone has those baskets under their tables -look at Mark D. Sikes dining room side table above. I wonder where I can find one?!? Photo source: Luxe Source

Hallway with Gracie by Suzanne McGrath Design via Decorpad

This Gracie has a LOT of personality! The colors in the wallpaper are beautifully bright and perfectly combined. Designed by Suzanne McGrath via Decor Pad.

Hand Painted Trellis Wallpaper by Gracie designed by Bunny Willams via AD

Okay, I’ll admit it…I have seen this dining room about a hundred times and just now discovered it wasn’t actually a trellis on the walls of this breakfast room (I am assuming this room is used for just feels like it should be). Regardless of my now inadequate design eye, this is in fact a custom Gracie wallpaper. Bravo, Gracie…you fooled me! Design by the always remarkable Bunny Williams featured in Architectural Digest.

Tory Burch Gracie Entry via Vogue

A spectacular Gracie entry in the beautiful apartment of Tory Burch at The Pierre. Designed by Daniel Romualdez and featured in Vogue.

Dallas Gracie Dining room designed by Barry Williams via The Potted Boxwood

Last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite dining rooms designed by Barry Williams in a private Dallas residence. Timeless, stunning, and perfect in every way. Photo by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood.



Living Like Lauder

Inside the interiors of aerin lauder

Estee Lauder is a world-wide name synonymous of beauty. Fabulously packaged lipsticks, perfumes and powders have helped women feel their best since the brands inception in 1946. It is evident that Estee’s granddaughter Aerin is living up and exceeding expectations to the family name. Aerin Lauder is a true tastemaker, who approaches all types of style with a fresh and timeless elegance. From her new cosmetic line, AERIN, to her line of luscious fabrics from Lee Jofa, Aerin Lauder is making a name for herself in the sphere of beauty and design.

Obviously a woman who is sharing her good taste with the world would also have incredibly tasteful interiors. Her homes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Aspen reflect her effortless style with the perfect juxtaposition of classic and contemporary. Her homes, like her brands, are sure to inspire people to live more beautifully.

Interior design switches off from the equally chic Mark Hampton and Jaques Grange.

Aerin Lauder in Vogue

Aerin Lauder radiates elegance and effortless style. Photo source: Vogue

New York City and The Hamptons

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home

The den of her NYC home. What a wonderful paint color- navy meets charcoal. This room is featured in Aerin Lauder’s fantastic book Beauty At Home.

Den via Architectural Digest

Here is another view of the den. It has a wonderfully collected feel. Photo source: Architectural Digest.

Aerin Lauder Library via Elle Decor

Here was the older version of the library I featured on my post last week. Which one do you like better? I honestly love them both, but the navy looks sharper in my opinion. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Kitchen

Aerin Lauder’s NYC kitchen. I love the color of the floors combined with that chic and blue and white print. Her children’s artwork makes it feel playful and inviting. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Home Elle Decor

The living and desk area in her NYC home. Notice how she takes more traditional fabrics and mixes them with modern art. It is such a refreshing look. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Elle Decor

I know some people have mixed emotions about rooms with repeated prints, but when you find a fabric you love you might as well use it to the fullest! Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Living Area via Vogue

I really love how the coral on the side table pops in this room. Lots of pretty blue and white patterns. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Sudy House and Garden

I really enjoy the mix of navy and black in this study, as well as the contemporary art. Photo source: House and Garden

Aerin Lauder Dining Room

Aerin Lauder’s dining area with a beautiful tablescape. Her use of fabrics and color never ceases to amaze me. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC dressing room via moodboard

Here is her iconic dressing room with gorgeous Gracie wallpaper. Notice the different arrangement of the room compared with my earlier post on closets. That desk really adds life to the room. Photo source: Moodboard

Aerin Lauder Bar via NYT

Aerin Lauder’s tabletop bar area as featured in the New York Times. Those miniature lamps really add character to the already interesting furniture piece.

Aerin Lauder Hamptons home via la doce vita

The Lauder family’s Greek Revival style Hampton’s Home. White house and black shutters=my personal heaven. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons front door

Another great picture of the front door flanked by two topiary trees. I love the white-painted floorboards. Photo source: Quintessence

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home yard view

The grounds are simply stunning. Wonderful landscaping throughout. How a Hampton’s home should be!

Aerin Lauder Country House via Vogue

A beautiful sitting area in the Hampton’s house. Lot’s of blue and white throughout. Look how the coffee table sinks in to display her blue and white china. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Living Room via Elle Decor

Another living area in the Hampton’s home. As you will see with the next picture, this is the older arrangement of the room. I do love the orange walls with plum chairs. Photo Source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder East Hampton Home in Vogue

Here is the more updated version of the room. I love the incorporation of green velvet. Happy to see that she kept the leapord sofa as well! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder The Potted Boxwood

The dining area of the home. Notice her consistent use of blue and white throughout the home. Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Kitchen via Elle Decor


Her Hampton’s kitchen in Elle Decor. She has such a fresh and casual approach to this room. Those bar stools are swoon worthy!

Aerin Lauder Hampton Master via Elle Decor

Again, Aerin loves the use of patterns throughout. This fabric by Michael Divine really allows the white in the bedding and rug to pop against the cream and brown colors. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder child's room Hamptons via Elle Decor

Back to a more modern mix for one of her son’s bedrooms in the Hamptons. How fun for a boys room! Photo source: Elle Decor

Guest Bedroom in Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

A guest bedroom in their Hampton’s home. I would never leave! Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home outdoor area

The outdoor/indoor living area as featured in Aerin’s book Beauty at Home. I love how the window displays the fabulous greenery outside. Photo source: One Kings Lane 

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Beauty at Home

Another view of the space. How lush! Notice the blue and white pots by the french doors. Photo source: One Kings Lane

Aerin Lauder South Hamoton Home via La Dolce Vita

Another view of the back of the beautiful home. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Pool House via Quintessence

The pool area. What a great tablescape for a summer luncheon. Photo source: Quintessence


Aerin Lauder Aspen Home via dicorciadesign

Changing gears for cooler weather at her Aspen home. Personally, I loathe the whole “cabin-lodge” look that is in most winter homes. The contemporary vibe and large windows let the focus be more on the mountains than the inside. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Home

How striking is that black wall and glass staircase. Sharp! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Bedroom via popbee

A simplistic and stunning wood wall. Love the fur pillows! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Office via AD

Aerin Lauder’s office designed by Jacques Grange is clearly just as chic! That sofa is everything! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Beauty at Home by Aerin Lauder

This is one coffee table book you don’t want to miss! Even more of her stylish interiors. Purchase on Amazon

Aerin Lauder Fabrics via AD

Some of her fabric designs for Lee Jofa. I love the green and white combo! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Aerin Lauder Lamp

One of her gorgeous gold lamps. To see and purchase her light fixtures visit

Aerin Lauder Beaty Products

Her beauty products come in the prettiest of packaging. The Aerin lip conditioner is a personal necessity of mine. Available at Neiman Marcus. Photo source: The Beauty Gypsy