Carolina Green

Did you all watch that Beyonce and Coldplay concert last night? I think there was some football mixed in too?? I could say I rooted for the Panthers for my love of blue and white, but I am not that shallow…sometimes… In all seriousness, I actually did feel the desire to actively watch this Superbowl since I have a large contingency of family who were rooting for the Panthers. My very ill grandmother has trouble remembering names, but she definitely remembers that the Panthers were going to the Superbowl with Cam!

I thought today I would share a winning home from the almost champions home town. Birmingham-based architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern remodeled this Charlotte, North Carolina home from a traditional expected brick, to a more revived and smart looking classic. I find this to have an incredible edge of chic fun.

Photos by Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living

Corkern archiectiure Charlotte NC via Southern Living

Beautiful curb appeal with lush layers of greenery and warm hues of cream. The green shutters provide the most subtle contrast of color.

Corkern archiectiure Charlotte NC via Southern Living. 4

This really is the most calming and effective shade of a chalky moss green. It superbly contrasts the layered and textured painted brick.

Charlotte Home

Beautiful palette inspiration. Corkern archiectiure Charlotte NC via Southern Living. 1

These garage doors add a punch of fun to the calm exterior. Boxwood tiered topiaries frame the driveway. I adore how the green makes the landscape lush and layered Corkern archiectiure Charlotte NC via Southern Living. 3

A perfect boxwood topiary. Corkern archiectiure Charlotte NC via Southern Living. 5

A classic and desirable Carolina retreat.

4 thoughts on “Carolina Green

  1. Hi Christina
    What a beautiful home, and oh… those Topiaries !! they are a favourite,
    I just love it all, and especially the slightly darker, creamy paint against the tone of the brick. Maybe they are influenced by Provencal décor?
    Love all the monkeys too… My grandmother also had a monkey ornament I was scared of, what a coincidence.
    I hope the fun year of the monkey is going to bring good times to you
    Very best wishes

    • Thanks, Sally! Aren’t those planters and topiaries divine! Glad you enjoyed it!
      Maybe monkeys are a grandmother thing?! Happy Year of the Monkey to you!!! Thank you for reading from across the pond! So appreciative! :)
      XO Christina

      • Hi Christina,
        Its such a pleasure, I love your blog and have followed along for some time, but I am a shy and infrequent commenter. We like many of the same things, you always have such beautiful pictures. Topiary heaven is just one!
        you are so right about Grandmothers and monkeys
        Warm wishes to you, I will keep in touch more
        Sally xX

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