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As I am in the air heading back for a quick stop in Dallas, I am reflective of the lovely weekend I had celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday in North Carolina. Sadly, it wasn’t a cool mountain break from the Florida heat, but instead the Sandhills of Carolina, where the humidity was ready and waiting. As any true “heat” escape artist knows, the higher the better in the summer. While I love the land of the pines, I do long for some mountain weather (is 70 degrees too much to ask for!).

Scrolling through Traditional Home, I noticed one of Charles Faudree’s final projects. A final project for a designer is quite significant. It means his or her signature mark will eventually fade, unless it is preserved (a rarity since no two tastes are alike). His dedicated French Country flair is not for everyone, but it is to be appreciated and admired. The home has a little bit of tradition, and an unexpected elegance for a mountain house. It is collected as well as edited, the perfect juxtaposition. I hope this post will let you mentally escape the heat, or at least bring you to a more tranquil state of mind for a Wednesday. Off to my next stop! Check instagram for fun details.

Photos by Jenifer Jordan for Traditional Home.

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 8Charles Faudree Traditional Home

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 4

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 5

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 3

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 2   Charles Faudree Traditional Home 6

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 9

Charles Faudree Traditional Home 7


3 thoughts on “Carolina Cabin

  1. While his style has become a little too collected for me, I love the bones of all of his projects. I will miss his regular features in so many great magazines…in fact I’ll probably miss the magazines as they struggle stay afloat. Thank you for this post. I have the issue with this feature, but its fun to see it on the screen too.
    Enjoy your next travels.

  2. I visited this house a few years ago when it was used for a local charity and each room was decorated by different designers. Some of the rooms seem to have remained the same but I would have to look at the photos I took to tell. Regardless, it is a beautiful home up in Cashiers, NC and it was a joy to visit.

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