Does your family ever come to visit from out of town? Mine came for the Easter holiday. No matter how close you are to your guests, it is hard not to go into “hostess” mode. While it is so much fun, it can also be very tiring. That is why I am keeping things simple today.

So, here is a word on boxwood. I get so many questions from readers about the care and keeping of boxwood. I recently stumbled upon an excellent boxwood resource. AJF Landscape design is an excellent page to browse about the different types of boxwood and the different ways in which it should be planted and maintained. Enjoy these Wednesday words of advice!

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Boxwood Resource:

photo 3-1wide

AJF Boxwood

Beautifully planted and arranged by AJF Landscape.

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  1. WE have so many boxwood shrubs because they are deer resistant but they all got a moth infestation and we have to treat them all last year, we lost about 6 shrubs ;( !
    I cant wait to see this sites antique catalog, thank for sharing!

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