More Gifts To Give

Okay, I need to slow my roll. Cyber Monday got the most of me (and my bank account). I will say it was well worth it!! I knocked out shower gifts, Christmas gifts, and mainly “me” gifts. What can I say, I wanted it anyway. Do you all buy for yourself? It is so hard not to- one for me, one for them.  I was pretty rushed with my Black Friday gift guide, so let me share some other favorite gifts that I am vying to give and receive.

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a-house-in-the-country beaches-by-gray-malin signature-spacesbunny-williams-a-house-by-the-sea

Amazing new coffee table books that will surely give inspiration.



Olive and Cocoa has amazing packaging in wooden boxes and makes really thoughtful gifts for literally anyone on your list!


evelynhenson-donkeymug_1024x1024 stpetersburg-mug-by-elevlyn-henson


Evelyn Henson makes some adorable prints, desktop backgrounds, and phone cases, but her mugs are something to sip on! She makes a plethora of city inspired mugs. Great gifts at a great price.


If you are reading The Potted Boxwood, you probably like Blue and White! Frontgate has this trio available at a great price!


What kid (or adult) wouldn’t like a giant tic-tac-toe??


So, this is pretty fabulous. You drop this ball in your glass of wine and it chills it to the perfect temperature within two minutes. Excuse me while I buy them all up…


Okay, this is my new obsession. It is SO fabulous and leaves your skin (and your mental state) feeling perfectly refreshed.


PVE Design makes the cutest prints. Her thank you notes are the best way to show your gratitude.



This is my go to 2pm refresher. I spritz this Rosewater daily to give my skin a peppy glow. This whole line is amazing- sans any harmful ingredients.



Move The Mountain is a great line of modern shirts with a scripture basis. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve.


I love to prep my sleep! A lavender pillow spray and a deep soak bath. What a tremendous gift.



So this has been on my radar for awhile. I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently it is like a shot of vitamins for your face (meaning- it does a great job of keeping it healthy and glowing).





TPB Gift Guide

Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving! You should have heard from me earlier, but Miss Martha Stewart here decided that she would test a fancy New York Times cornbread stuffing/dressing recipe last Thursday. Apparently, your brain does not recognize when a skillet comes out of a 450 degree oven and onto a stove. So I gave myself a a very lovely second degree burn on two fingers- ouch! It made typing very problematic!

Anyway, I am in the sunshine state for a bit of a rest and ready to share all sorts of lovely gifts that are on my list this year. Some are tried and true favorites of mine, others are fresh and exciting. From friends to parents to kids to puppies to those special someones, there is something chic for everyone on your list!  I know I have plenty more to add in a Part Two gift guide, but I would hate for you to miss the good deals today (many below are having black Friday sales). Happy shopping!

But first, a glimpse of my thanksgiving tablescape from yesterday:



For Home & For Her


loev-perry-greene-bag love-pery-green-bag


Love, Perry Greene is nothing but love. Her bags are beyond chic, a timeless staple to any wardrobe, and unlike anything your showy neighbor has in her closet. Get the them while they are still fresh and pre- department store prices. The leather is unlinke anything, not to metion her pony hair bags…Click link or even email me!





Amazing hand towels from The Loveliest– their beautifully appointed monograms are just as incredible. Easy to purchase and ship!


anemone-monogram-the-loveliest aster-monogram-the-loveliest


clematis_grande-monogram-for-the-loveliest  jamsine-font-from-the-loveliest




Goop just created it’s first fragrance. It is free of any harmful chemicals (even the candle). That is why I am liking it! The fragrance has wintery and woodsy notes (which often smells better than sweet and vanilla).


I think these are fool-proof gifts from Mark & Graham. Who doesn’t like a fresh monogrammed key ring. That’s right, everyone loves it.


Self- aerating wine glasses we discovered on our trip to Napa this fall. Yes, it is a thing and yes, it really does work. I have some stemless that I adore.



Lunya makes washable cashmere– you heard me right. I am so ready for a set of that to continue to thrive in my love of lounging.

cece-dupraz-monogram-apaca-blanket cece-dupraz-monogram-cooler

Fabulous and very chicly mongrammed items from Cece DuPraz.


One of my best friends just told me about this line and I have fallen in love. Oversized sweaters and capes perfect with  jeans and leggings. I live off this look in the winter.


I really, really love this line, French Girl. Everything they make is beyond. You can buy from amazon or anthro- either way, clean products with even better scents. This lip polish left my lips flawless (ad sans the chemical taste).


I am sort of obsessed with oversized night shirts. Jasmine & Will washes well, and can keep you uniquely yours with a selection of classic monograms.


For all you cooks out there, this is it. The one thing you need. I also find it very gorgeous. White, Le Creuset, Gold knob. It is great to cook in, but looks even better just sitting on top of the stove (which is how I like most cookware now that I have a blistering burn..f%*&- ouch!).


I know someone who is always complaining about her neck. Like non-stop. Doesn’t want to get anymore work done (I swear I am not spilling the beans or revealing identity). Because of her constant obsession I am now obsessive with creams on my neck. Anyway, this is apparently going to reverse it, and then I will apparently be the genius grandchild…and I just gave it away. Worth a shot!


I really love everything Inslee does, but her phone cases are the next level. You know it is good when I want to make wallpaper out of it


So, these jeans are apparently stain repellent. If you know me, you know I love white jeans. I grew up in Florida so they were a year round staple. Sadly, I throw out many white jeans after a summer. For while I am polished in many areas, spilling wine and food is not one of them. If this is my saving grace, and they are from Old Navy, bring on the red wine ASAP.



I don’t care who you are, where you’re from (insert Backstreet Boys…”as long as you love me”). No. Seriously, these T3 rollers are the best. I constantly get checked by TSA because I have rollers that are “high of heat.” That is just code for the fact they work. I love the new redesign. They have my stamp of approval.


wine-shipment-from-winedotcom, because why not? OR you could give from some of my favorite vineyards:


Willaimson Wines

Dukes Family Vineyards

My Trader Joe’s Go To (seriously tastes expensive and is so yummy everyday. Sorry for the link- TJ’s doesn’t link to their wines)

shop-the-manor-pillow  shop-the-manor-pillow-love

Who doesn’t love some fun, plush, and chic pillows to throw into the mix. I adore these from Shop The Manor

mi-golindrina-top mi-golindrina-shirt

I love mi golindrina. The line is handcrafted in Mexico and based in Dallas. Beautifully embroidered tops and dresses.

For Him


Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt. Not biased at all with the mustang. #PonyUp


Peter Millar is probably one of the best boy brands. While I know nothing about men and clothes or boys and clothes, I do know that my very picky dad LOVES this line (I think all his casual loafers are this brand too). It is soft and very well crafted.


What guy wouldn’t like a high quality razor delivered to his door? Harry’s razors are probably the one Christmas gift that keeps on giving very month.




Did you know three of my friends are expecting babies in March?! Well, this is what I want to give, I want credit for their cute newborn photos. Because let’s be honest, this would be your swaddling clothes of choice. Beaufort Bonnet Company does right every time.


Okay- this pillow is just really sweet. I hate kitchy kids stuff- this is classic, precious, and thoughtful.



Personalized hairbrushes from LB Orginals. A great gift for young girls! Couldn’t think of a better stocking stuffer!



I posted these last year and they are back for a reason. How cute! Kids to college would appreciate bluetooth speakers to play their music. Heck, I want these too.

Also- if you haven’t felt them you need to buy them, Me & Re makes the BEST blankets. I swear I am responsible for a majority of the blanket business…pssstttt pass it on :)


For Pet


My Emmie gets a Bark Box every month and she knows when it arrives. It is such a highlight for her and a great convenience to me. It always comes with treats, bones, and toys to occupy her and save me from running to the overpriced pet store.


They make ones for cats too… I can’t speak to this- but this cat seems pretty smitten.

That’s A Wrap




When Mark D. Sikes Makes Wrapping Paper


When Bunny Williams Makes Wrapping Paper

Table Time

I really can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving! While I will be mourning the loss of the company of my grandmother and her traditional recipes, I am also ready to create my own tablescape this year at home in Florida with my parents. I am on an anti-orange theme this Fall. I am all about the white and green for pumpkins. Of course, I always love to throw in some blue and white too.

My problem this year, was that my mom doesn’t have any blue & white china (shocking, I know). I want a crisp table, lots of candlelight, small white and green pumpkins running down the center, and a strong but soft green linen placemat with blue and white china. Unfortunately, my mom’s 90’s English yellow dining room won’t be the perfect backdrop, but I will let it slide…. :)

What ideas have you all come up with for your perfect turkey table? Here is some inspiration and all together pretty palettes that have been inspiring me for Thanksgiving.

P.S. My friend Blair from the Perennial Style made an excellent turkey for “Friendsgiving” using this technique.


My all over color palette. I actually purchased 4 place settings of this exact pattern on amazon for $100. Really hoping the quality is okay. The sterling is from my family collection. Also, I ordered Moss Green Sferra festival placemats to go on a white Sferra linen tablecloth.  Votives scattered throughout the table will also bring a nice ambience.



I love the more casual feel of this place setting with the Fench striped napkins. The rosemary on the name cards are a very nice touch.  via Eleven Gables


The same concept of colors is seen here in this tablescape. Via Stone Gable Blog


Soft palette Thanksgiving via Elle Decor


A great coastal setting with white pumpkins via Sand and Sisal


Very soft, wonderfully moody, and rustic.   Via Pinterest


White and gold Thanksgiving Tablescape via Elle Decor. (our new national colors…kidding..ish).  :)


Made To Measure

I recently read a wonderful book called Made To Measure: Meyer Davis, Architecture and Interior  featuring the design of Will Meyer and Gray Davis. This book showcases the beautifully curated and skillfully crafted work of private residences and public masterpieces that Meyer and Davis created with such dedication and definitive aesthetic. It is amazing to me the wide range and versatility in style and application that Meyer and Davis are able to curate with every space. Not only do they create stylish personal residences, but also inviting public spaces featured in chic restaurants and five-star hotels.

All in all, they have a modern sensibility, timeless style, and an abundance of smart design philosophy.

Check my instagram story this morning and be sure to pick up a copy of this totally inspiring book on Amazon.



I adore this kitchen. The herringbone hardwood floors, the gold fixtures, and the thick cut of marble in the island. Not to mention the black cabinets and industrial windows.



I love this hallway. The paint color is even better when looking at it in person.


I really do love this bathroom. Although, this one instagram follower commented how they would not like this portrait staring at him while bathing. Newsflash- you can always switch a picture! I will take that stunning cut of marble any day.


Of course, I had to show some potted boxwood!


A beautiful more modern approach to a farmhouse.

made-to-measure-meyer-davis-8 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-9

Beautifully crafted with modern lines.

made-to-measure-meyer-davis-10 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-11

I love this visual.


made-to-measure-meyer-davis-13 made-to-measure-meyer-davis-14


Ivy grows just right.



The patio of a West Village townhouse that is unlike anything.


Curated and collected with a great deal of chic.






A Study In Navy

I promise I am not trying to become a once a week blogger, I just have a bit more on my plate than usual. I am also compiling what I believe will be a fabulous Christmas wish list. Welcome to any and all ideas if you have some chic and fabulous things you can’t live without!

A friend of mine just purchased a beautiful home and asked for some advice about her study. It is one of the first rooms you see when you walk in. She wants it to be chic and catching, while her husband wants it to be a cozy cave. I think navy is a smart choice for the den, and thought i would share some fabulous navy spaces, as well as a mood board of inspiration for all things that make a den cozy and chic. Exactly like this gloomy and cool Monday (finally cool!).

click pictures for source information

Top Navy Paint Colors
Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore
Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball
New York State of Mind by Benjamin Moore

My Mood Board



beautiful-blue-study-via-pinterest hale-navy-kitchen-from-windsor-smith hale-navy-study-via-pinterst navy-blue-library-in-hague-blue-by-miles-redd navy-blue-study-by-nate-berkus-viia-wsj navy-library-in-hale-navy-by-justin-whitman-via-traditional-home navy-study-via-pinterest transitional-home-office-by-city-homes-design-and-build-llc-via-houzz