Small Growth

Gardens can be small, but mighty. In fact. I love small and mighty over large and bland. Gardens must pack a punch in order to display good character. Many homes in the UK provide a small green space, but they take such pride in their gardens. The key is to maximize small spaces. In my opinion, it is better to maximize all your space, than to skimp on space in the sake of space. Does that make sense? Big house? Easy answer. Be very intentional and don’t leave wasted space. Small space? Do the same thing.

I recently saw an article in UK House & Garden that displayed the very idea  I had in mind. Here are just a few pictures that reinforce the idea that more is more even when less is more.

All photos from House & Garden UK.

Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 2 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 3 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 4 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 5 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 6 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 7 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK 8 Small Grdaen via House and Garden UK

Beautiful Belclaire

Did y’all know my friend Jennifer is back? I mean she never went away. You see, she has this fabulous blog called the Belclaire House that I have been reading since college. Jennifer has been raising two young boys and now she is expecting something even sweeter (think bows, pink toile, and smock dresses). She now is back to posting again and it has me as happy as can be!

I thought I’d share some of my favorites recently! Be sure to pay her a visit. You won’t be disappointed.


Jennifer and her family stayed at this amazing home decorated by Phoebe Howard in Sea Island, Georgia. It really is swoon worthy!

The Belclaire House Blog

I mean…look at the paneling! Ahhh!


See more photos here: Sea Island Home

Mona Monday

I fell in love with this month’s House Beautiful. It was all about color. As I mentioned last week, Mark D. Sikes showed off his colorfully fresh and casually chic design on a Manhattan apartment. Further in reading, it was hard not to fall in love with worldly elegance of the design of Mona Hajj. Her work has the perfect amount of global eclecticism and timeless ease. It made me further investigate her work, which caused me to fall in love with it further. I hope you fall in love with Mona Hajj’s beautiful design.

Design by Mona Hajj 12

I love how this dining room has an identity of it’s own. A great infusion of color and texture. Via House Beautiful

Design by Mona Hajj

Beautiful rugged hallway and door. Via Mona Hajj website.

Design by Mona Hajj 17

If I had a home in Nantucket, I would want this as my kitchen. Feels like it belongs there, or anywhere in New England or by a coast.

Design by Mona Hajj 14

a little bit of every color in all the right hues.Via House Beautiful

Design by Mona Hajj 13


Design by Mona Hajj 15

I love the thick cut of countertop against the soft washed cabinets.

Design by Mona Hajj 11

Design by Mona Hajj 10

Design by Mona Hajj 8

Design by Mona Hajj 6

Such a different style from the other photos. I love the simplicity and calm of this room.

Design by Mona Hajj 5 Design by Mona Hajj 4

Beautiful and romantic wood paneling.

Design by Mona Hajj 3

Design by Mona Hajj 2

So chic.

Mark of Color

I am sure you all have seen it. Right? I mean how can you not adore the colorfully fresh and chicly bold Manhattan apartment designed by Mark D. Sikes in this month’s House Beautiful. It is engergizing without being overwhelming, which is often a hard feat with too much pattern and color. Sikes understands effortless chic better than anyone else in the business (in my opinion). He makes spaces timeless, without being conventional. His flawless taste gives him a supportive following. This apartment is the best way to start the weak- tasteful, colorful, and ridiculously fabulous.

Happy Monday!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 2

I mean, look at how that lines up. Blue, white, red, and a little leopard carpet.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 8

I just love it!


Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 4

I am obsessed with the lavender walls. Unexpected, but it totally works.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 5

I love the layers of texture. So important for a room. The wallpaper is everything.

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 3

What a room!

Mark D Sikes via House Beautiful. 6

Happiness is blue and white.

When it Rains, It Pours

Life can be really fun sometimes. Like when it is unbearably hot, and then cool rain comes in and leaves it a perfect cloudy 80. It can also be really un-fun (or to mimic Luann- “be cool, don’t be all like uncool.” Well, leaks in roofs are really “uncool.” It is really frustrating when the leak occurs on top of your organic memory foam mattress.  Since I will be sleeping in the guest room, it reminds me of a post I did not too long ago on the importance of not leaving a guest room feeling like a chotskie mess.  Long live the guest room. You just never know when you are going to need it!

Clearly, I needed it last night!


Oh what fun! When your mattress is against the wall!

To see more guest room ideas: Be My Guest

Guest Etiquette

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