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We all need a bit of glamorous and stylish fun, that is exactly what L.A. interior designer Dee Murphy infused into a pre-war apartment in the West Village. Her interview in Lonny was impressive, as she describes how she designed this swanky and timeless space all via e-design. I have always had some doubts about how e-design works, reason being I feel you need to walk through, touch, and spend time in a space before truly understanding what it needs. However, Murphy used her stylish sensibility and intuition to create a space that combined all of her client’s aspirations wrapped into an ideal vision of laid back chic and feminine flirty.

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All photos by Jenny J. Norris via Lonny

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 2

Gorgeous Anna Spiro wallpaper in this eclectic hallway. A mix of an old world rug, blue and white umbrella holder, and more modern entry table. The mirror makes for tons of fun!

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 8

Another view of the entry.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 3

A wonderful arrangement of shelving filled with books and objects of interest. I love the mix of pattern which makes the white pop!

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 4

A more panoramic view of the room. Lots of  natural light makes for a happy and chicly comfortable space.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 5

A mix of gallery prints. I love the wall color with the white molding.

Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 6

A closer look at the table and leopard chairs. The firewood is a nice touch of texture. Dee Murphy Design via Lonny 7

This is all anyone really needs in a kitchen! Classic black and white flooring with subways tiles and white marble top.


Does your family ever come to visit from out of town? Mine came for the Easter holiday. No matter how close you are to your guests, it is hard not to go into “hostess” mode. While it is so much fun, it can also be very tiring. That is why I am keeping things simple today.

So, here is a word on boxwood. I get so many questions from readers about the care and keeping of boxwood. I recently stumbled upon an excellent boxwood resource. AJF Landscape design is an excellent page to browse about the different types of boxwood and the different ways in which it should be planted and maintained. Enjoy these Wednesday words of advice!

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Boxwood Resource:

photo 3-1wide

AJF Boxwood

Beautifully planted and arranged by AJF Landscape.

English Proper

Oh, you are going to LOVE this one! I read and follow all sorts of design peeps. Once I start reading, one thing often leads to another and I recently came across the most charming English country home. Plenty of boxwood, softly printed patterns, and modern finishes allow this home to maintain it’s character without sacrificing convenience. This 17th century home is full of the classic style of design that will always be in season, just like a beautiful boxwood.

Have a little hump day fun with this pretty home designed by Melissa Wyndham. All photos from House and Garden UK.

House and Garden UK 10

Could you imagine anything more heavenly? Ivy covered brick and sprinkling of boxwood.  House and Garden UK 3

So very English and chicly comfortable. I love the subtle green walls and floral patterned curtains.

House and Garden UK

Doesn’t that sofa look incredibly comfortable?!  Also, you can’t help but adore that rug. Ahhh!

House and Garden UK 5

A lovely sky blue kitchen with wide plank hardwood.

House and Garden UK 6

A sweet country tabletop. I can’t get enough of those curtains. A great mix of greens and blues.

House and Garden UK 2

There is so much simplicity in traditional design, yet if done correctly, it can be highly effective! This is the ideal example!

House and Garden UK 7

This wallpaper is everything, not to mention the marbling on the pedestal sink. House and Garden UK 8

I could be very content in a bedroom like this. I can guarantee this room will still be effective in 100 years.

House and Garden UK 9  A beautiful blue on the walls.

An Apple A Day

Beautiful architecture is everything. The Southern California firm of Appleton Architects understands how to create enchanting spaces within it’s long lasting walls and perfectly molded spaces. They have an excellent range of design, from their mountain houses to farm houses to seaside estates. I really just love seeing quality architecture, and these homes do a bit of inspiring.

Have a super Tuesday!

All photos from Appleton Architects.

Bel Air. Eisner Residence.

Sweet cream brick and a boxwood lined entry.

Bel Air. Eisner Residence.

So sweetly charming.

Bell. Appleton Associates.

A long stairway and overflowing boxwood.

Bell. Appleton Associates.

Fabulous details from the door to the ceiling.

Appleton Architects 6

Wood paneling and picture perfect rounded out window. Appleton Architects 7

If that is a vineyard, this house is my idea. I mean who wouldn’t want a pretty white house and all you can drink wine?!?Appleton Architects 8

Appleton Architects 9

Lush greenery. Appleton Architects 10

A peacock blue trim on the most heavenly farm house.

Appleton Architects 11

Some elements may seem dated (yellow walls, the chandelier…). I love the quaint charm of this kitchen. Appleton Architects 12

Amazing detail in this high pitched roof room. Appleton does an excellent job of injecting charm into new construction.

Long view down south patio toward fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace and ivy wrapped columns.

Bell. Appleton Associates.

A sweet gravel walkway oasis. Rows of trees always make for an ideal entrance.

Appleton Architects 14

A California cool escape. Dark bottom pool and blooming pots of terracotta. Appleton Architects 15

Appleton Architects 16

Georgian revival style. It is a lot of driveway, but the architecture still stands timeless.

Appleton Architects 17

I love a brass handrail!



The Burg

Do you ever feel like you are pulled in a million directions? Well, that is how I have felt recently. So many things pulling me different ways, but I always come back to my love of timeless architecture, stunning landscape, and relevant design. I enjoyed a wonderful week at home in my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. The town has tremendously transformed since I last lived there ten years ago. That said, I always find it funny how it takes leaving a place to appreciate its beauty. The houses that I once admired quietly in the backseat of my mom’s car as a child are ironically the same ones I admire today.

Many of the true architecturally significant homes in St. Petersburg have mediterranean revival architecture from Perry Snell. However, there are many that try to mimic that style in new construction, and fail miserably every time (sorry, it just doesn’t work with cheap iron doors and very short windows). There is also the downtown waterfront that was once low lying with charming local shops (RIP Straw Goat), and now has high rises of trendy new restaurants and main stay boutiques. While it is easy to miss the quiet of the old, it is fun to experience the vibrancy of the new. It brings so much to the city.

Think of this is as a city guide of sorts…Beautiful homes. great restaurants. and all things that make living in St. Petersburg so special.

To all my hometown friends…XOXO

All photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood, unless otherwise noted.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 8

It is a pretty wonderful place. Taken in an empty lot that will sadly become a McMansion of sorts….Full of bells and whistles and void of character. Funny how those are the homes that age so quickly.


Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 25

A Beach Drive staple.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 2

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 4

I love a home covered in green. Give it shutters, and I am as happy as can be!   Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 6

I got a lot of slack for this from my friend. Growing up, it used to be a pinkish color with a black front door and shutters. Even then, I loved it. There was something so “old Florida” about it. The charming lace of iron and shuttered blue of a front door. I love it, and sadly friend, you are wrong. (Okay, maybe they can do without the small porthole window).

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 3

This home is one of the only ones that can get away with the dark tuscany style color.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 15

A wonderful gated entry on what is an incredible St. Petersburg lot.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 10

A dark gray example of St. Petersburg architecture. Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 11

If I could come back to St. Pete and buy any home, I think this would be it. Perfectly Floridian and as happy as a glass of orange juice.  Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 13

A perfect Floridian entrance.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 9

A perfect Snell Isle example of Mediterranean revival architecture.       Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 21

I know the family that formerly owned this home. It was charming then, and equally charming now. It is the kind of house you would want to grow up in.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 22

The poodle house, as I formerly referred to it (if you are a local, you know why). I loved the simplicity, the grandeur, and the way all Florida homes can pull off barrel tile with no questions asked.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 23

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 20

Obsessed. Both of the above photos are the same home. I can’t help but admire the meticulous landscaping and the Florida blue shutters.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 24 Perfect one story style.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 26

Classic white house with a black door. Always enough to make it on TPB.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 16

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 29

The green roof gets me every time. As with most homes, I can only hope the inside replicates the beauty of the outside  Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 31

I am not sure why. but I have always been weirdly obsessed with this house. Even in high school, I would drive past this house and appreciate the architecture. Some of my friends said it seemed “scary” or “gothic,” but I can’t see how anyone couldn’t have a bit of fun with it!

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood


Hot Spots

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 5

Pass-a-grille Beach. There is nothing quite as peaceful and beautiful.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 30

Mis en Chic. A great design store in the heart of St. Pete. A wonderful mix of good pieces and even better accessories.

Locale Saint Petersburg

Locale Market. A gourmet market that will leave your head spinning of tasty delight. Photo: The Sun Dial


Red Mesa

The ginger crusted salmon salad is the only “salad” I ever crave. It pairs nicely with their pitchers of Sangria

I.C. Sharks

The fish tacos and buttery fresh tuna will have you feeling like you are made of Florida in no time.

The Bodega

Cubans and an iced cafe con leche. The best you will have this side of the Gulf.

The Mill

Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail and the phenomenal charcuterie.


A combination of Mexican and Thai food. You haven’t lived until you had the Panang Mole. Yes, you read that right.

Noble Crust

Pizza by night and brunch if you dare. It will be hard to steer clear of their fried chicken and waffles.

Ciccios/Fresh Kitchen

Same owners and same amazing bowls of rice and goodness. Always get the fresh tuna…you can’t go wrong.


The Vinoy

It is a historic hotel, full of the fabulous architecture that makes St. Pete so fabulous. Unfortunately, the new interior designer was thinking more South Beach than Snell Isle. Despite the velvet turquoise, it is still the best place to stay!

The Birchwood

A boutique hotel where I recently hosted a bridal shower for a high school friend. A great location! You can’t beat the hotel bar, restaurant, or the rooftop view.

Saint Petersbirg Florida_Photo by The Potted Boxwood 14

You can’t beat the St. Pete sunsets either….