Door Jam

An absolutely hilarious event happened recently. I got a call from my trusty dad a bit out of breath. To put in kindly and mildly, he is not the “handy type.” Way more cerebral than crafty (which in my opinion is always a better quality). The problem is that he often attempts to fix things, and in turn we sometimes still have to call an expert out eventually. It is always the thought that counts, but that gets hard after 9 years of saying he will fix the running toilet. I eventually just called a plumber when I was in Florida for the holidays. While he claimed to be upset because “he could do it easily,” I also saw a big sign of satisfaction that I took executive action.

That brings me back to the other morning. He was in a fit of frustration over the fact that our front door handle had broke inside. As he tried to “fix it,” I told him he should probably just get a new one. But he tried to fix it and decided to use the lifetime warranty.  New parts arrive soon!  We will see.  I have since been looking at door handles, trying to get inspired for the eventual new purchase. There are so many styles to choose from. Of course, my favorites are when the knob is centered in the door, but not all doors are created equal. Here are just a few of my new favorites I have recently found.


WC Vaughan Co Collection Door Knob by ER Butler and Co

E.R. Butler & Co.


1026 Door Knob by Nanz



Mack Entry Set Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Filigree Door Knob from Sherle Wagner

Filigree Door Knob by Sherle Wagner

75671 door knob by PE Guerin

P.E. Guerin

Tudor-Door-Pull from Urban Archaeology.jpg

Urban Archaeology

Antique Nickel door knob via York Street

York Street Studio

SA Baxter Entry Door Knob

SA Baxter

56232 Door Knob by Omnia


Soane Britian Door Handle

Soane Britian

One Perfect Home

Every afternoon I like to drop into  One Kings Lane and see any fun sales worth pursuing. I am an internet wanderer. I start doing one thing and end up somewhere else entirely in a matter of five clicks. Usually when this happens I end up making weird purchases like this, but sometimes it leads you to making interesting and beautiful discoveries. My many clicks the other day lead me to Timothy Corrigan’s classically designed and well appointed home in L.A. This home is full of supple texture, fine antiques, and dashes of timeless patterns mixed with bursts of luxurious color.

There is a chic and airy quality that lies in the heart of this home.  I feel that is something the best West Coast homes embody: casual luxury. Sometimes the rest of us try too hard to be too perfect.  Timothy Corrigan is a master in creating an ideal ambience mixed in with the perfect amount of luxury. I don’t say this lightly, but this is one home that goes down in my book as move in ready. I’m obsessed!

Photos by Nicole LaMotte via One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 7

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 8

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 12

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 1. 3

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 4

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 6 One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 11  One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 10    One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 15

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 5One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 1. 2  One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 1

One Kings Lane Timothy Corrigan 13

Snowbound and Homebound

You Northeastern folks may think I am crazy, but I was so badly wishing that I was having a blizzard weekend. What a better excuse to stay inside, light some candles, open a good bottle of wine, and cozy up doing all the things you want to do but feel guilty doing on a clear weather day. So besides a quick walk outdoors, I tried to spend the remainder of the weekend indoors pretending I had a snow day. I thought it would be fun to round up a list of some excellent blizzard necessities that I would surely have on hand if I was living in a winter wonderland! Now Dallas, I am ready for a snow day!

Ideal Snowy Scene

A picture perfect snow day.

Snow in Versailles via AD

Snow covered landmarks all over the world via AD.


Sferra Dorio Blanket. jpg

Sferra’s Dorio blanket has soft fringe trim and a pretty palette of neutral colors for the ideal blizzard accessory.

Lisa Vanderpump Fur Throw

Lisa Vanderpump fur throws are quite a delight (I received one for Christmas). The tassel detailing on the corners adds a chic touch.

Cashmere Shawl by Subtle Luxury

I hate to say it, but I live in this cashmere shawl wrap. It is by far the thing I wear the most. I have it in other colors and always find it keeps me the perfect amount of warm indoors. By Subtle Luxury

Garnet Hill Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks are a necessity in your snow boots or your bare feet. Garnet Hill makes some that are feel good and affordable.

Shanghai Blue Soy Candles from OKL

I also received these for Christmas, and they were a delightful surprise! Beautiful chinoiserie pagoda soy candles from One Kings Lane. They make the ideal compliment to a coffee table book and they don’t smell bad either.

Nest 3 Wick Grapefruit Candle

If you don’t have a fire place, candles often have to suffice.  Nest makes the most fragrant three wick candles that burn beautifully. The grapefruit smells intoxicating in all seasons.


Andalou Naturals 10000 roses shower gel

I am obsessed with this body wash. It is made out of 1000 roses and has a smell that is very intoxicating. Also, it is free from all the bad stuff that lurks in other body washes (I recently read an article about SLS in literally EVERYTHING we use and how bad it is for you!). If you love the smell of roses, you will adore this.
Beauty Counter Lustro Jasmine Face Oil

Beauty Counter is another brand that I have taken great interest in. This Jasmine oil not only smells like heaven, it also offers wonderful moisturizing  properties that leave your skin flawless in complexion.

Dyson Heater

In case you are short on heat, or worse- your power gives way- this Dyson heater is stylish and very effective!! Tried and tested!


Read And See


The ightingale by Kristin Hannah        The Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham                                         Troublemaker by Leah Remini           Elizabeth Strout My Name is Lucy Barton

These books are all binge worthy. True page turners that will have you wishing snow days lasted forever.


Making of A Murderer        The Man in The High Castle

The Americans     The Good Wife

These are just a few of the shows I have binge watched recently.

If you haven’t seen Making A Murderer you are missing out on a very compelling documentary series that captures a real life corrupt court.

The Man in the High Castle is a show that has a very interesting storyline of what would have happened if America didn’t wine WWII.

The Americans is a show with a complex tale of a seemingly American family who are in fact Russian spies. It makes for compelling entertainment.

The Good Wife is a true delight of court cases, romance, and enjoyable banter,




Throw The Fur

It is getting cold! A big snowstorm is heading towards the northeast, and while it isn’t wintry mix weather quite yet in Dallas, the cool burst of air makes it ideal to cuddle up under some warmth. I love the looks of fur throws (faux and all), especially on the foot of a bed. I have mentioned before how important it is to incorporate texture into any room, and nothing quite adds that element in the winter like fur. They can really complete the ambience of a room and create a tangible warmth. I rounded up a select few of my favorite photos of bedrooms that wouldn’t look quite complete without the luxe look of fur.

Alexa Hampton bedroom with fur via Veranda

A beautiful fur throw in this incredibly chic and plush bedroom by Alexa Hampton. Via Veranda

Miles Redd Fur thorw on bed via Elle Decor

Hands down a favorite bedroom. From the chinoiserie, to the Oscar de la Renta bed, to the beautifully draped fur throw. Miles Redd is a forever genius. Via Elle Decor

Paolo Maschino and Philip Vergeylen Bedroom with fur throw via AD

Paolo Maschino and Philip Vergeylen know how to incorporate the ideal amount of texture, pattern, and color into a room. So elegant, yet modern. The tapestry lends to a very classic, European ambience. Via AD

Russell Groves designed Manhattan bedroom via Elle Decor

A more modern application of fur by Russell Groves. It really adds the perfect infusion of texture to this cool cityscape bedroom. Via Elle Decor

Fur throw in bedroom by Markham Roberts via House Beautiful

Markham Roberts  creates contrast in this otherwise light and airy room, Via House BeautifulThom Fiicia bedroom with Fur Throw via AD

Thom Filcia understands the importance of warmth by adding fur to this mountain hideaway. Via AD

Simply Sophisticated Shower

Don’t you love when you work on something over a period of time and it all comes together seamlessly?! This weekend was one of those weekends. Over the summer, I decided I wanted to throw a hometown shower for one my oldest and dearest friends, Anne Marie. We have such a long history together with our families, that it only felt fitting to throw her a party to remember. I knew it had to reflect her vibrant and colorful style. She has a Kate Spade decorum that  truly embodies her vivacious and bold personality. If you truly know someone well, it is easy to find the perfect palette to celebrate them.

The shower was held at The Birchwood Hotel in our hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. I was having lunch there with my mom and grandmother this summer, when we looked out at the boxwood walled courtyard and knew immediately that it was the perfect place for the luncheon. I teamed up with Anne Marie’s Maid of Honor, and together we worked back and forth to make this a truly special Saturday in January. We decided to go for black and white stripes mixed with pops of pink and gold. It had such a fun and flirty feel. Everyone felt right at ease in this enchanting courtyard setting, with the effortless excitement of constantly passed mimosas and always flowing Chardonnay.

I have always been a big believer that if you are going to do something, do it right. No one likes a boring party, and a bridal luncheon is hopefully a once in a lifetime party! It is a great way to celebrate a friendship, a bride, and an upcoming marriage that is surely one for the story books. #OnceUponATimm

Photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood

Venue: The Birchwood Hotel

Flowers: Braun’s Fine Flowers

Napkins: LB Originals

Cake: Sweet Divas Chocolates

Place Cards and Serving Tray: Kate Spade


Boxwood Garden Walls for Luncheon

Walls of boxwood make the ideal backdrop for any party! I knew the gold chivari chairs were a necessity for this intimate courtyard space.

Kate Spade Themed Luncheon

Outdoor Bridal Shower

Tiered levels of flowers in gold mercury vases gave a nice shine and reflective quality to the table.

Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

A mimosa bar with the wedding hashtag monogrammed on the napkins created by Memorable Wedding on Etsy. The server also put strawberry in the champagne for a nice touch!

Kate Spade Party Tray Fancy Another

I came across this Kate Spade tray that has “Fancy Another ?” written on the inside. We used some of the extra party favors of personalized champagne bottles in the background.

A bride at a Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Luncheon

The bride! Could she be more Town & Country worthy in this moment. Playful, preppy, and totally embracing this feminine moment to shine as the bride to be!

Tables Setting for Bridal Luncheon

Black White Pink and old Tablescape

Do you love the napkins!?! I mean how can you not!  They allow for any party to become personal. I knew I wanted these to be my gift to the bride, so I didn’t hesitate to contact my favorite monogram instagram friend LB Originals. She did a superb job creating a 4 letter monogram!!! The best!!

Bridal Shower Game Idea

The present table was shared with the game table. That glittered gold fish bowl was created by the Maid of Honor to house everyone’s favorite memory of the bride. It also makes a huge difference to frame any game instructions. Much more polished and put together!

Bridal Shower Cake from Sweet Divas Bakery

The cake was simple, yet detailed with fresh roses and gold foil dots. Sweet Divas Chocolates absolutely blew away every guest’s tastebuds with this vanilla and fresh strawberry cake. Sadly, I only had a bite of my friend’s cake in the chaos of the party. My biggest regret of the day!

Bridal Shower Games

These notecards were another great find by the Maid of Honor. She had guests write down their favorite Date Night ideas and Words of Wisdom. These were then put into a photo album and given to the Bride at the end of the event.

Bridal Shower Menu from Etsy

I insisted on printing my own menus for the party. I found this great template by Grace Designs on Etsy. The header was ideal for my theme. I was able to download the menu straight into Word and play with the other fonts and colors on the menu. A Kate Spade Bride

Could you ask for a more perfect bride!! Back and White Tablescape

Pretty and playful tablescape!Black and White Pink and Gold Tablescape

A Perfect Bridal Shower

Flowing wine and conversation.  It is always great to mix people up and keep some familiar faces together. Showers are a great time to mix extended family and likewise groups of friends. Bride Chair at Bridal Shower

The bride’s seat! I think it is always important to dedicate a seat just for her!

The bride shines against the boxwood walls

Such an adored bride-to-be!

Kate Spade Luncheon with champange favors

Personalized freixenet champagne bottles as party favors! Kate Spade place cards made for an ideal addition to every seat. Like any good hostess knows, place cards are very important!

Kate Spade Luncheon

Black and White, Pink and Gold.          A boxwood wall

A perfect bridal shower for a perfect friend.