That’s A Wrap

I feel like I go about Christmas gifts backwards. Gift Wrap first, gifts later. I have the cutest wrapping paper and pretty ribbon, monogrammed enclosure cards and freshly inked pens. I find wrapping to be so important. You can spend all this time decorating your tree, but if the presents don’t compliment it, the magic seems lost.

I have rounded up some pretties  that would make the most lack luster gift sparkle. My vetting process: If I could put it on my walls or upholster it on a chair, it will make a great wrap! I love the idea of contrasting ribbon (blue and green, white and gold). So many beautiful ways to make your gift wrapped with love!

Chic Chiny Glossy Wrapping Paper from Zazzle

I couldn’t be more obsessed with this velvety green paper. Via Zazzle

Dogwood Wrap from Paper Source

Dogwood paper is soft and delicate. Would look great with a boxwood green or white ribbon. Via Paper Source

Garden Roses Wrap from Paper Source

Beautiful garden rose wallpaper would have a beautiful presence under the tree. Via Paper Source

Green foil tissue Papyrus

Foil is always reflective under the lights of the tree and this green foil tissue paper is no exception. Via Papyrus

Kate Spase Paper

I love the double sided lining of this chic green cheetah paper from Kate Spade. Via NordstromOtomu Blue Gift Wrap via Etsy

Otomi Blue Gift wrap makes for a festive wrap from tots to fully grown. Via Etsy

Printable wrapping paper from Em Papers

e.m. Papers makes printable gift wrap that is great for small packaging! Love the patterns and the easy accessibility.

dinsosaur wrapping paper via etsy

I don’t know a little boy who wouldn’t love this. By far the chicest dino wrap I have ever seen! Via Etsy

Watercolor gift wrap from Oh So Beautiful Paper

It is called Oh So Beautiful Paper for a reason. I would hate to unwrap it!

Sage Plaid gift wrap from Nashville Wraps

This with a light blue bow would be so dreamy! Tartan Plaid Paper from Nashville WrapsSpearmint blossom wrapping paper from rifle paper co

Spearmint blossom wrapping paper (this with a green bow–ah!). A beautiful pattern by Rifle Paper Co. 

Boxwood Giftbag from Caspari via Container Store

It comes in wrap too! Obviously, I love anything Caspari and everything boxwood. A personal favorite. Via Container Store

Tartan Paper from Luxe Paperie Tartan wrap from Luxe Paperie

Gray and white tartan wrap makes for a universally pleasing winter gift! Via Luxe Paperie

Seasonal Snow

I just returned from a quick weekend in Aspen. It was great to see deer, snow, and mountains surrounded by a cozy fireplace and warm drinks. There is something about the mountains that puts you in a festive spirit with a calming altitude!  I was also able to sneak peek a spectacular project by a renown designer. Hopefully I can share that with you all soon (it is pretty swoon worthy!).

I know I have posted many homes from Aspen in the past, but this one by David Easton is just too pretty for words. Part Scandinavian provincial and part timeless Swedish, this home has every tranquil element of a mountain retreat. Who wouldn’t want to ring in the holidays here!

Photos of this Aspen home designed by David Easton are by David Marlow.

Aspen Home by David Easton 2

I love the light wash and paneling of this area. Hues of soft blues and shades of cream are welcoming and inviting.

Aspen Home by David Easton

More soft ambience and well upholstered seating. A warm and intimately scaled room.  Aspen Home by David Easton 4

Hand-painted walls and a white wash dining table make for a light-filled dining room that works all year long. Aspen Home by David Easton 5

Patterns compliment each other perfectly in this living room. Love the boxwood urns and glass lamps.

Aspen Home by David Easton 3

Another stairway. The architectural details and woodwork give this home the pleasant warmth of a mountain chalet.

Holiday Decor Tips

I was on the phone with my mom yesterday evening and she came across a great holiday decor tip from designer, Tobi Fairley in Elle Decor:  “No matter how gorgeous your holiday items are, if they are competing with your room instead of complementing it, the effect will be lost.”

I feel this is SO important to remember. The holidays often feel like a time where we can go overboard, but it is always best to show just a tad restraint. It is like getting dressed and taking off one piece of jewelry out the door (especially true for us who like to be-jewel ourselves). The same goes for the home. Especially on exteriors, I get too distracted by the lights framing the window, and the deer out front, and the lighted wreath, and the two trees shining bright from the windows…etc. You get the point. I am not saying to not decorate or not have fun, but don’t let the beauty and warmth of your home get blinded by the lights..literally!


This photo from Martha Stewart is one of my absolute favorites! It shows just how much less is more and natural greenery always wins.

(Short post again- but hopefully this Z Pack will have me back in action next week!)


Martha Stewart Front Door

The Perfect Street

I am feeling a bit under the weather. I can’t seem to shake this awful cold. With my head all fuzzy, it is hard to focus on anything (even really pretty things). I don’t want to leave you all hanging, so I wanted to share my new favorite street in Dallas. Sadly, I am not going to tell you the street name. Let me just say that this street felt like I was in a totally different city. It was hilly, it was full of large yards, and the houses were all so different, yet tasteful. Even if you don’t live in Dallas, I can guarantee you will be equally enchanted by these beautiful and charming homes.


Beautiful Home photo by The Potted Boxwood. 2 Beautiful Home photo by The Potted Boxwood Beautiful Home photo by The Potted Boxwood. 4 Beautiful Home photo by The Potted Boxwood. 5

Beautiful Home photo by The Potted Boxwood. 3


Gifts Of Giving

I have always loved giving gifts, but there is an element of challenge in giving. I am constantly thinking about what would be the most ideal gift for this season and this time in my recipient’s life. Above all, I love the idea of giving a gift that gives back. It is a truly charitable and gracious thing to give something to others that gives back to someone else.

When I was recently in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, I came across a boutique called R. Riviter which uses uniforms, tents, and blankets, sourced from government surplus or directly from service members, to create truly unique American crafted handbags. The company was started by military wives, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse, who devised a model in which “Riveters,” military spouses employed across the country, fabricate the various parts of the handbags in their homes and then ship them to Georgia for assembly.

Why not give back to the military spouses who sacrifice their husbands to keep us safe. In these times in which safety is a fleeting feeling, it feels good to appreciate those who are there to serve.

More at  R. Riveter, American Handmade.

R Riviter Southern Pines 2

A very cute storefront in Southern Pines, North Carolina. It had a rustic American chic feel!

R Riviter Southern Pines

Their signature collection of black canvas bags. Really well made and a constantly classic color combo!

R Riviter Southern Pines 9

I love how the bags have the dog tags on the side.

R Riviter Southern Pines 3

I purchased one of these bags which was repurposed from a USMA uniform. I love that it tells where it was assembled and what material they used to create it!

R Riviter Southern Pines 4

More bags.

R Riviter Southern Pines 5

I think this ottoman would look incredible in a boys room. So cool!

R Riviter Southern Pines 6

Really fun and casual clutches. How cute would this be in the summer with a casual white dress?

R Riviter Southern Pines 7

Cotton blankets.

R Riviter Southern Pines 10

Really well made and well purposed! Not only is it stylish, but you feel good wearing it.