Stay Tuned

I hope you enjoyed the sneak previews of some of my pop-up merchandise. I will give you advanced notice of the exact date and time when the shop will launch. If you couldn’t tell, blue & white is a constant theme throughout. While the quantities are small, I truly believe the quality and timeless style of the items will display the “potted boxwood” thought put into the shop.

See you Monday, as we go back to our regularly scheduled programming :)


Blue and white Lanterns 3



Sneak Peek #3

Follow the light of the lanterns….


I am pretty sure these truly original lanterns speak for themselves. I honestly don’t know of a more perfect display any time of year. I only have a total of 5 lanterns, each incredibly unique and hand picked by yours truly.


Also, I must wish a happy and chic birthday to one of my favorite blue and white inspirations, Jennifer, from the Belclaire House Blog. May I one day have the wit and eye for all things that are traditionally timeless, as well as your skill to be the most fabulous mother of sons (and very handsome ones at that). #ILeftMyHeartWithChristopherHoneyBear #AndEdwardToo.

Blue and White Lantern 2

Blue and White Lantern-5- Pagoda Style with Birds

Sneak Peeking #2

Sneak Peek Number Two Is Ready For You
A set of miniature garden stools with a beautiful blue & white pattern and texture. Purchased in Asia, these garden stools can be used in a plethora of ways from bookends to the perfect luncheon table-topper. Only one set will be available to purchase.

Blue and White Pair of Miniature Garden Stools-9

Sneak Peek, Work Week

I need to catch up. I have about 200 tabs open in my head right now and I need to start clearing them out. With an upcoming move, an upcoming addition to the blog, and many other events happening in my world, I am going to take a slight break in my usual posts this week. However, I am not going to leave you empty handed. In fact, I am going to give you a sneak preview each day of some of the goodies that will be popping up on the blog next month. While I have thought about keeping all these fabulous pieces for myself, I decided I would share the love of these handpicked beauties with all of you!  I have very limited quantities, so I want all of you to have advanced warning of what will be coming, because ( knowing my readers) it will probably go very quickly. Stay tuned for more information!!!


The Potted Boxwood Pop-Up Shop

Popping Up Online November 2015


The Potted Boxwood Pop-Up Shop