Thirty Days Has September

I recently purchased a beautiful golden mum and placed it in a garden green pot on my balcony patio. I absolutely love abundant and oversized mums in the fall. I did a post last year on superbly seasonal autumn porches. As I am compiling images of other fall arrangements for tomorrow’s post, I thought I would reflect back on these classic compilations . After all, tomorrow is October 1st. Now that is scary!


My Grandmother (whom I call Gegan) once told me the greatest insult I could give her would be to put mums on her grave. I was in elementary school when she professed this wish and have always kept it in the back of my mind. What is so bad about mums? It is funny how people’s opinions can instantly change your view of things you once liked or knew nothing about. For me, this same trend goes for paisley. I used to love it as a child, but since a friend’s mom professed her dislike of it in college, I can’t stand the sight of anything paisley.

While my opinion of paisley remains the same, my view of mums has drastically changed. Mums are an ideal fall plant that are abundant, colorful, and the perfect companion to pumpkin and fall decor. They posses a fantastic curb appeal, especially when potted near a front door entry or lining a sidewalk area. Mums give a nice reassurance that not all planting in the fall has to be brown. While Mums may not be a flower for the grave, their presence in the fall is certainly not dead.




A variety of fall mums and colors via Pinterest

Mums on Porch Entry via Pinterest

A beautiful brick revival with yellowed pumpkins and mums via Pinterest

Mums via Carolyne Roehm

Ornamental cabbage mixed with beautiful purple mums from the ultimate hostess via Caroyne Roehm

Mums via Decoist

A colorfully lined sidewalk for fall via Decoist

Mums via FOx Hollow Cottage

Abundant golden mums in urns via Fox Hollow Cottage

Mums via Southern Living

A chic and eclectic mix of pumpkins and mums (before they bloom they almost look like boxwoods) via Southern Living

NYC via flickr

A grand entrance of mums on these NYC steps via Flickr

Potted Mums via pinterest

A lovely fall combination. Mums and Pumpkins truly do go hand in hand. I can’t wait to show you the Dallas Halloween decor next month. Photo via Pinterest

Potted Urn of Mums

Another chic urn full of mums for fall via Pinterest

Pumpkins stuffed with Mums

Pumpkins filled with mums make for the perfect fall steps and setting via Martha Stewart

mums as a centerpiece for fall dinner

Decorating with mums and pumpkins isn’t just for the front door. It also works wonderfully on tablescapes. Photo source: Pinterest


Longwood Gardens

A friend of mine recently acquired a box of old books that didn’t really have any value to her, but upon further review, I found some wonderful hidden gems featuring china patterns and specific garden estates. One garden book I fell in love with is Longwood Gardens. This garden is located 30 miles west of Philadelphia as the country home of the DuPont family. As I turned each page of this book, my jaw dropped at the perfectly pruned landscape of the gardens. The Italian inspired gardens were one of a kind in America, especially the fountains, which were rumored in 1928 to be like “fireworks.”

While the fountains are fantastic, the gardens are beyond wonderful. The flowers are not  just scattered, but are dripping in a plethora of color. The abundance is what makes a big impact in the design of the landscape. Longwoood does not “short” on flowering plants and well hedged spaces. I love the adaptation of the gardens for the seasons that allows for maximum color and contrast.


Longwood Gardens 2

The fountains certainly do look like fireworks. They shoot high into the sky, as does the formal hedging. Via perfectgardeningtips

Longwood Gardens 9

Timeless flowers blooming in the orangery. Longwood Gardens 11

The topiaries are unlike anything I have ever seen. So well crafted and appointed. Via AD

Longwood Gardens 10

All I can say is wow. I love how the wall plats are diverse, not uniform, and full of dimension.

Longwood Gardens 12

A pond that is literally unreal. Via Pinterest

Longwood Gardens 8

Black potted tulips and hanging wisteria. Via Flickr

Longwood Gardens 6

More high rising fountains located throughout the gardens. Via Pinterest

Longwood Gardens 5 Another glimpse of the orangery. Breathtaking. Via Good Housekeeping

Longwood Gardens 3

I am making this estate my next garden visit. Via Pinterest

Interning In Design

Yesterday, a friend and I saw Nancy Meyer’s new movie, The Intern. Any time Meyers creates a movie, design enthusiasts are antsy with anticipation for the movie set interiors. I had posted previously on Meyer’s Magic of picking and creating spaces with the upmost chic design aesthetic. She has fabulous taste and of course she enlisted excellent design talent to advise on set, especially blogger and designer Mark D. Sikes who even makes a quick cameo! This movie set is full of potted boxwood everywhere you look: two perfect pots by Anne Hathaway’s brick townhouse door; one pretty square pot by Robert de Niro’s place; and all throughout the streets you will see my favorite symbol of chic.

The Brooklyn townhouse and office space is designed to feel fresh, light, and chicly comfortable. The build is classic in the townhome, yet the decor is more streamlined and current. Both spaces are no frills, but adorned with the perfect pinch of textures and surrounded with the ambience of neutral palette. I must admit, my favorite was Robert De Niro’s townhouse. It is a perfect traditional with blue and white pieces throughout and oozing with charm. The spaces have all the necessary details to make a set feel like a home, and an enviable one at that. It is a movie you can’t see only once. Forget the popcorn, there is too much inspiration you may miss if you aren’t careful…

Photos by Francois Duhamel Via Architectural Digest.



A beautifully appointed kitchen with a fireplace included. A playful mix of open shelving and a kids’ area to boot.


White subway tile, gray-blue cabinetry, and a great display of black and white stripes. Notice the way they put multiple pieces of hardware on the cabinetry.


A fantastically fresh mix. I especially love the mantle display. The patterns and lighting make everything more hip and current.


You don’t really get to see much of this room in the movie, besides the sweet pillow cases  (I believe they are D. Porhault).


This room has much more ambience in the movie. It has a great set of blue and white striped sheets. Very Mark D. Sikes approved. I love the sconces and lamps combined. My grandmother does the same thing by her bedside.


The office space. Exactly the type of place you would want to run any start up. Blue and white throw pillows are a fun touch. I especially love how the black and white striped rug is cohesive with the black and white space.


Brotherly Love

Since America is captivated at the moment, and rightfully so, by the arrival of Pope Francis, I thought I would feature one of the cities he has chosen for his visit. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is a wonderful display of culture, history, and American values. It is a city with rich roots in our country and a wonderful population representative of present-day society.

Today, I chose to feature a home in Philadelphia that is the perfect juxtaposition of classic American style incorporated with contemporary elements. Decor is by Jayne Design Studio. Photography is by Roger Davies via Architectural Digest.


Photo of the pope by Chirstina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood

My personal photo of the people’s pope from my trip to Rome and the Vatican, Summer 2014.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 3

You know how much I love a white house with a black door.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD

A classic entry with contemporary art.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 4

Interesting wall color combined with traditional and timeless furniture.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 14

More modern art.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 5

Can we talk about this green? I love this green! It is a mix of Kelly, Forrest, and creamy Jade.   Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 8

Modern art sits upon a hand painted wallpaper display. I love the use of green on the panelings and in the velvet of the chairs. Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 9

I am a sucker for a white kitchen, but this is incredibly suitable and well finished.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 10

A marble tulip table adds a more current element of furniture with classic chair design. I would never think to put the two together!  Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 12

I would probably live in this room. The ambience is everything.

Philadelphia residence by Thomas Jayne via AD 13

A soft gray retreat. Nothing overdone, but full of warmth.

Simply Sophisticated

There is nothing more appealing than a home that has a perfect combination of antiques incorporated with fresh design and a soothing palette. Flipping through the latest September-October issue of Veranda, I fell head over heels for the the New Orleans home of Tara Shaw. Her home is refined in the sense of a glamorous dinner party, yet at ease in the sense of all white lounge wear. While my comparisons may seem odd, I think the imagery speaks for my meaning. Sometimes words don’t cut it, but imagery does. Shaw so perfectly captures the importance of creating the ideal image.

Photos by Max Kim-Bee via Veranda.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 3

Oh. My. Entry. The landscaping has the perfect curb appeal and refined hedges. Via Veranda

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 4

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda

A serene palette of white and gray in the dining room. Notice the gray painted ceiling and tall doors. Always adds a nice touch.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 5

A casual comfort of ambience in this living room full of texture and natural tones.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 6

The fireplace is a lovely addition of warmth in this beautiful display of antiques mixed with more modern seating.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 7

Wow. I would love to take a wood paneled room and use white curtains to soften the space. What a difference that makes!

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 10

Graphic painted wallpaper makes for a more contemporary injection into the house.


A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 9

An ideal retreat. I love a good rug on top of a rug.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 11

Such a sweet palette of every neutral under the sun.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 12

Intricate woodwork details, modern tub appliances and a fabulous wash of white.

A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 8

This would be a perfect use of a guest room and lounge room all in one. Could you think of a better place to read a book? A NOLA home by Tara Shaw via Veranda 14

A fantastic backyard estate with elegance and symmetry. The pool shape works in sync with the home.