Crazy For Navy

It is hard to believe tomorrow is the 1st of September. It is the month where summer fades into fall, wardrobes transition for cooler weather, and seasonal preparations for the home begin. I find Navy to be an ideal transitional color. It is the perfect pair to a white stripe in the summer, and sultry in high gloss and velvet in the winter. While navy is it’s own shade, it also embodies many shades of it’s own. From a navy shade of ocean to the almost black shade of Russian navy, all hues of the classic color seem to work for interiors. Weather the color of a front door, a wall, or an accent chair, navy adds a rich warmth and refreshing ambience to all rooms.


Navy kitchen via Elle decor

A petite and beautifully navy kitchen. An ideal backdrop for blue and white pieces. Via Elle Decor

A high style navy staircase

A navy blue staircase (hard to tell in this picture). I love the contrast against the white underbelly. What a fantastic focal point. Via Pinterest

blue and white room by Michael S Smith via AD

A phenomenal blue and white showroom designed by Michael S. Smith for Brunschwig & Fils.  Via AD

High gloss Navy living room via Elle Decor

One of my favorite gallery wall images. The navy provides a rather neutral glossy background.

Navy and balck kitchen

A power couple of color in the black and navy kitchen. Incredibly sophisticated and a touch dramatic.

Navy and white dining toom

A sharp navy dining room. I love the nailhead trim detail in the wall. Incredibly glam. Via decorpad

Navy awnings at the home of Alex Papachrisdis

From the instagram of designer Alex Papchristidis. His enchanting home with navy blue awnings.

Navy curtains and blue carpeting via AD

Navy curtains with a white patterned trim falls elegantly against the striking blue carpet. Via AD

Navy den via Elle Decor

A splash of zebra, plush leather chairs, and a jewel box den of navy. Via Elle Decor

Navy dining room via House Beautiful

A dark and rich navy dining room. Via House Beautiful

Navy front door

A European charm on this navy blue door against an ivy covered home. Via Pinterest

Navy gallery wall via Elle Decor

A navy nook offset with freshly white prints. Via Elle Decor

Navy velvet sofa

A deep cushioned, tufted navy sofa. Via Houzz


Colorful Harmony of Hranowsky

I feel like a bit of color is in order to sign off the week. I have given you classic clean lines and gardens of boxwood, but I feel like going out of the box (wood) a bit. Not to worry, I haven’t fallen off of my new american traditional wagon. Speaking of wagons, I thought I would share with you the designer behind Darius Rucker’s Charleston home, and many homes with a sense of colorful vintage and livable modernism. Charleston based designer, Angie Hranowsky has created some whimsy and easily approachable spaces with her eye for various hues, market finds, and curiously playful patterns.

I just love one home from the Lonny 2013 issue, but then also fell in love with another home from the Lonny 2011 issue. I could not pick just one (a common problem I have in all aspects of life), so I compiled a mix of both here today.  Frankly, the consistent design of both houses could blend into one happily colorful home. We may as well end the week on a bright note, and Angie Hranowsky is my vibrant vibe into the weekend.

P.S. captions will be added later! Had too much fun celebrating national dog day!

Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 3 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 4 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 5

Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 2Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 6 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 7 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 8 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 9 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 10 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 11 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 12 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 13 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 14 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 15 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 16 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 17 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 18 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 19 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 20 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny 21 Angie Hranowsky via Lonny

Semini Boxwood

Many photos I often post of potted boxwood tend to have several things in common: large clay pots, fully rounded spheres, and a landscape architect by the name of Michel Semini. His designs of gardens all through Provence are equal parts timeless and beautiful. His works seem mystical with old European influence, yet profoundly current with bold boxwood trimmings.
In my opinion, there is nothing more deflating than seeing a shriveled and uneven potted boxwood. Semini creates only gardens where boxwood is bold, hedging is high, and grounds are plushly layered with layouts that seem like they have been in place for centuries. I think that is what is so unique about Semini’s talent, nothing seems overly staged or like it is trying to fit in. The garden just grows into it’s own design, which is exactly what Semini intends. That is the telltale sign of a true garden expert.


P.S. Did you get my pun in the title? Happy Hump Day!

Many photos are by Clive Nichols Photography via Pinterest.

Michel Semini Garden 2

Pea gravel, white blooming flowers, curved archway in hedges, and beautifully placed terracotta fenniels.

Michel Semini Garden 3

This could look overly forced (the statue, the greenhouse…),  yet instead it looks refined, with rows of boxwood and oversized, distressed pots.

Michel Semini Garden 5

Another view!

Michel Semini Garden 4

Boxwood that is uniquely clipped and shaped to abundance.

Michel Semini Garden 6

So this is my heaven. A scattering of cypress trees, boxwood, a fountain and a lovely ledge to frame the grounds.

Michel Semini Garden 7

A poor quality photo, but a lovely example of a raised boxwood topiary. The provincial homes are the ideal backdrop for Semini’s landscape design.

Michel Semini Garden 9

A picture perfect outdoor setting. I think it is a great idea how Semini places the potted flowers on the marble top tables.

Michel Semini Garden 11

WOW. This is so natural, yet so edgy compared to Semini’s more traditional landscape.

Michel Semini Garden 8

Steps of potted boxwood. Is anything better?

Michel Semini Garden 12

An aerial view of the boxwood garden.

Michel Semini Garden

A natural and effortlessly arranged walkway and loose boxwood spheres.


Classically Clean Lined

So the big rage now is to declutter. They say to only own 100 things. They say it is life changing magic to tidy up. I have no doubt there is truth to that. In fact, I have purposefully avoided reading the New York Times best seller next to my bed that is apparently a turning point to simplify your life.  I just love pretty things and constantly have a vision of where my “stuff” will go in my great big beautiful home of the future.

While I don’t often promote minimally modern homes on my blog, sometimes I need to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of clean lined design. Simple and refreshing spaces can give your home the tranquility of a spa, and who wouldn’t like that? Have you ever been to a froo froo spa that felt relaxing?? I can see the desire for the feng shui life, but could you cope without all your fun treasure troves? Here are some classically clean lined homes that I could embrace as a “simpler” way of life.

P.S. Thank you sweet instagram followers! 10,000 never looked so good! I appreciate all of you.

Claen lines by Madeline Weinrib via Elle Decor

Clean lines design in this living room by Madeline Weinrib via Elle Decor.

Minimally Modern Kitchen by Windsor Smith

A sophisticated kitchen with open shelving and shades of gray by Windsor Smith.

Clean lined living room via Veranda

A chic and streamlined space via Veranda.

Classic Bathroom with clean lines via AD

A truly timeless bathroom with an exposed pedestal sink. Via AD

Clean lines at Meg Ryans Marthas Vineyard home via Elle Decor

Meg Ryan used a minimalist approach to her Martha’s Vineyard home. Via Elle Decor

Geoffry Beanes Home in Hawaii via Veranda

A contrast of black and white stairs in a Hawaii home by Geoffrey Beene. Via Veranda

Happily clean lines via Dering Hall

Happy low key design throughout this airy home. Via Derring Hall

Minimal kitchen designed by William Hefner via House Beautiful

A classically neutral and sharp lines kitchen with the most intimate fireplace. Via House Beautiful

Minimally Modern via Apartment Therapy

Industrial windows make any space have a modern ambience. Via House Beautiful

white kitchen with clean lines via AD

An chic white kitchen full of pep via AD.

Back To School Rush

As many college students head back to school, there will be a plethora of anxiety ridden girls who are about to go through sorority rush. These girls will have aching smile muscles, sore throats, and an earful of gossip over where to pledge and what decision they should make. Take it from my experience, everything will work out the way it is meant to be! While I am not condoning picking a sorority house based on the beauty of a home, it sure does make your 4 year allegiance that much sweeter.

Southern Living recently did a round-up of some of the most beautiful sorority houses in the south, and you will be blown away to see the intertwined elegance of design and function. It would be hard to finish school in 4 years when you are living in a mansion that has been professionally decorated with a cook. While you can’t take the house with you, at least you get to keep the friends made in it. Happy rushing to all the young girls out there, and happy waiting for all those mommy legacies!

All photos from Southern Living unless otherwise noted.

Chi O SMU via The Potted Boxwood 8

My own photo from the Chi Omega house at Southern Methodist University. I am partial to this one :). It really is gorgeously decorated.

Chi Omega SMU via Southern Living

The dining area of the Chi Omega house at SMU.

Chi O SMU via The Potted Boxwood

Again, my own photo of the wings of the dining area at SMU’s Chi Omega house.

Chi O SMU via The Potted Boxwood 2

The casual living/TV area of the Chi Omega house at SMU. This room has a great den ambience.

DG University of Alabama via Southern Living

DG at the University of Alabama. A great clean living space.

Kappa Delta UNC via Southern Living

Kappa Delta at University of North Carolina. Hues of blues and sea foam greens. I would gladly move right in.

Chi O Univeristy of Missouri via SOuthern Living

Chi Omega at the University of Missouri. Now that is quite the staircase!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Arkansas via Southern Living

Kappa Kappa Gamma at University of Arkansas. WOW! I would purposefully do extra laps of college to live here. Love the touch of boxwood and blue and white.

Kappa Kappa Gamma Univeristy of Arkansas via Southern Living

More blue and white at KKG at Arkansas. (I have been to the Chi O house at Arkansas and that is quite incredible too!).

Kappa Kappa Gamma Akransas via Southern Living

The formal living area of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Arkansas. It looks more like the interior of a beautiful family residence than of a communal home.

Kappa Uniersity of Arkansas via Southern Living

The dining room at KKG Arkansas. I adore how they continued the striped wallpaper on the ceiling. Scales down the room!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Arkansas Southern Living

A more casual living room at KKG Arkansas. They used great consistency with blue and white and stripes.

Phi Mu University of Georgia via Southern Living

The Phi Mu house at University of Georgia. A beautiful display of black and white and southern charm.

Tri Delta University of Mississippi

A dining area at  Tri Delta at the University of Mississippi.