By Way Of Belclaire

Happy, Happy, Oh Happy Thursday. Why is it that weeks after holidays feel even longer than regular weeks?? Anyway, I know many of you have found this blog through my friend Jennifer  (like in actual face to face friendship as opposed to cyber friends), who is over at the Belclaire House Blog. You also may know that Jennifer has been super duper busy raising two of the most adorable, Ralph Lauren ad worthy little boys to ever exist. However, she has started posting again recently and yesterday’s post made me have a Bravo worthy smile.

I admit, I watch Bravo. It is a guilty pleasure worthy of all things Real…(housewives) and all things Southern…(charm). Sorry if you don’t watch, it might be hard to follow. The Belclaire House post yesterday was just SO good that I had to share it with you. So take a peek below and head over to see Jennifer to make your Thursday one that is full of southern charm courtesy of Mario Buatta. It may be trash TV, but this is not trash decor.

See The Fab Post Here! See a quick preview below….

Bravo_Southern Charm House

Bravo_Southern Charm House 2

Bravo_Southern Charm House 3

Bravo_Southern Charm House 4



Livable Luxury At The Lake

Yesterday I focused on pool houses, and today I am going to focus on one fabulous lake house. There is a theme here of water, maybe because I am seeing so much of it (seriously Dallas, ENOUGH with the rain). Y’all, does the sun even exist anymore?! I digress. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on a perfectly leveled lake in the sunshine during summer. It’s the kind of water you would want to see every day.

This lake house by Thom Filicia is a very cool space to spend those warm summer days. I love nothing more than a lake house that is laid back and full of an effortless approachability. I feel like houses require a lived-in luxury feel over a trite and predictable decor. From the rope stair handles to the high gloss black plank doors, this home has unexpected touches and casually chic graces. It is the kind of home where living seems easy, and style just flows throughout. Hopefully this Wednesday will feel the same….

Design of this Syracuse lake house is by Thom Filica in House Beautiful.

Thom Filicia Lake House 2

A perfectly understated exterior.

Thom Filicia Lake House 12

I can’t get enough of the rope handle. This house just feels like it was fun to decorate. If you have a lake house, that is it’s purpose after all!

Thom Filicia Lake House 16

A very approachable and inviting entry. It evokes the feeling like you need to leave your shoes at the door…

Thom Filicia Lake House22

Wood beams on the ceiling and a mix of textures and patterns throughout. The black lamp shades bring a sense of sophistication to the room.

Thom Filicia Lake House 7

Again, the elements of black add a sharp sensibility to the home. An exposed bark wall brings it back to nature.

Thom Filicia Lake House

Those black plank style doors really add a playful and relevant element to the house. Notice how there are plenty of exposed natural textures in each room…wood beams, stone, and bark abound.

Thom Filicia Lake House 21

A fantastic hue of blue and blinding white bring a crisp and waterside ambience to the dining area. I love that the wall covering is linen. It softens the contrast.

Thom Filicia Lake House 23

Again. Filicia uses black in the kitchen to add a more polished juxtaposition to the more woodsy and natural textures.

Thom Filicia Lake House 8

Notice the picture on the door, love it. A great way to bend the rules at a vacation home.

Thom Filicia Lake House 3

A well arranged guest room. A true retreat for any lucky visitor.

Thom Filicia Lake House 10

The master bedroom with softer hues and an open entry into the bathroom.

Thom Filicia Lake House 9

A fantastic boathouse ideal for entertaining and spending summer afternoons.

Thom Filicia Lake House 6

A livably luxurious and welcoming lake home.

Pool House Rock

I hope all of you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Of course, if you were in the Dallas area, like me, you probably wish that the sun would have joined us this weekend. What you see in the news is true, we have not had a break from the thunderstorms, downpours, and constant cloud cover. Memorial Day should be a time to kick off summer with sunshine, backyard bbq’s and pool time.

Today, I thought I would leave all of you pool side dreaming with inspiring outdoor spaces that are well landscaped and ready for summertime entertaining. Lush green potted plants, flowering landscapes, and shady trees make for gracious and serene pool surroundings. So get ready for the poolside days of summer, grab a book and, if you’re really lucky, take a seat in one of these luxe pool houses.

Happy Tuesday!

Pool by Juan Montoya Design t in Southampton,

A perfectly dreamy pool area hedged in by the most fantastic blooms. The pool is by John Montoya Design via AD.

A chic pool area by Veranda

Exposed columns and palm tree symmetry. I love pools that have grass as the main footing. Via Veranda

Aerin Lauder Pool House

I am always in awe of Aerin Lauder and her phenomenally exquisite taste, her Southampton’s pool house is no exception.

Carolina Herreras daughters home

The Herrera family is known for their chic and timeless style, which is exactly what  this enchanting poolside evokes. Look at those abundant hydrangeas!

Chic pool house via OKL

Some sweet yellow labs and potted lemon trees surround this white brick pool house. Via One Kings Lane

Bridgewater, Connecticut pool by Ferguson Shamamian

Ferguson Shamamian have the best eyes for architectural detail. Picturesque pool area perfect for entertaining.

Pool house with fireplace

Climbing ivy and fireside ambience. A curtained cabana with brick steps that gradually take you into the pool.


Cypress Trees and Topiaries in the pool house

Cypress trees surrounded by well clipped spheres. I love the use of outdoor lighting, which I wish people used more of!

hedged poool via AD

A perfectly hedged wall. Simply stunning.

Jack Fhillips pool house via Traditional Home

As much as it is a sun bathers nightmare, I love pools surrounded by trees. It really makes you feel as if you are in a private oasis. This pool is by Jack Fillips via Traditional Home

Narrow and long pool

A long and narrow pool. Ideal for morning laps and evening parties.

Open cabana with lovely columns

A very versatile pool house. If you look closely, you will see the banquet style seating that would be so useful when entertaining.

Outdoor inspiration via Maison and Co

It almost looks as if this is just a wall, but guess again. Open stoned windows and  poolside views make this an exceptional spot for an afternoon read or dinner party get together.

The pool house amid the rampant growth of ivy, citrus trees and ficus by Richard Shapiro design

This very well may be my favorite image. The pool house sits among ivy, citrus trees and ficus by Richard Shapiro design.

Pool house ambience

I love the french sliding doors. This pool area is ideal in every way.

pool house by Donald Lococo Architects

Hydrangeas and a white picket fence make for an idyllic setting by Donald Lococo Architects.

Pool house pavillion via Veranda

Glass, ivy, hydrangeas and boxwood. The more lush the better. Via Veranda

pool house surrounded by potted boxwood via Elle Decor

My logo surrounds you in this backyard. Despite the weathering, there is nothing I love more than a white chaise lounge on green grass. Via Elle Decor

pool house via AD

Another one of my favorite pool images. I just love the color of the pool here. Such a vivid and deep blue. The whole area is inviting and approachable.  Via AD

Thomas Pheasant Pool House

A well manicured pool house by Thomas Pheasant. I really like the raised and walled hedging on the left.

Tom Britt’s fabulous Hampton's Pool House via Veranda Magazine

Interesting clips of potted topiaries in Tom Britt’s Hampton home.  Via Veranda

Tory Burch pool house in SouthamptonOf course, what is more chic than the beautiful treillage of Tory Burch’s pool house of her Southampton home. Via Vogue


Book It For Summer

How did Memorial Day weekend get here so quickly? I really can’t believe it. The start of summer is upon us, and I am ready for it! I am a big fan of summer reading, and reading in general. However, I must admit that since I started my blog I have put design reading ahead of fun summer fiction novels. My thought is, why read when I can get another blog post up and running.

I plan to change that thought this summer. With lots of traveling in the works and poolside afternoons, I am desperate for some good summer reads. What I have here is a collection of all the essentials you need to make a weekend (or a whole summer) full of decadent reading in style. Some of these titles I have read, some I have yet to read, and others I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews. So whether you are by the beach or up late on a summer evening, I hope you get some reading in during these hotter days. Please comment if you have any suggestions. I am always looking for a good read!

Happy Memorial Day!

Click Pictures To Purchase


Book It

TPB Summer Reading.j 1TPB Summer Reading 10

The Knockoff: A highly anticipated read full of style and chic whit. My copy just arrived and I am ready to dive into this first!

The Girl On The Train: A NYT Bestseller that I can’t wait to read. I’m always up for a page turner, which this is recommended to be quite the ride.

TPB Summer Reading 4TPB Summer Reading.j 3

The Unbreakable Miss Lovely: Speaking of page turners, I highly suggest this book by Tony Ortega. A champion in the fight against a horrible cult and the unspeakable ways they use corruption and money to destroy good people’s lives.

My Paris Dream: An insightful memoir of a former Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar editor coming of age in Paris.

TPB Summer ReadingTPB Summer Reading 5

Luckiest Girl Alive: A novel full of chic wardrobes and luxe lives with high-end twists and turns.

Outlander: I am sure you have heard about it, and you have for a reason. Historical and addicting fiction set in the lush scenery of Scotland. You won’t be able to put them down (a series to impress).

TPB Summer Reading 13TPB Summer Reading9

Perfectly Miserable: A comic memoir on WASPY New England culture and the tricky balance of mothers and daughters.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tiding Up: Everyone who has read this says it is, in fact, life changing. Apparently it causes you to purge and apparently that is a good thing?? This definitely goes with a “less is more” approach over the adage “more is more and less is a bore.”

TPB Summer Reading 01TPB Summer Reading0

#GirlBoss: Get motivated and take your life seriously. Takeaway quote: “I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t let The Man get to you. OK? Cool.  Then let’s do this.”

Good to Great: Taking your company and perspective a step further.

Nicholas Colderidge GodChildrenA Much Married Man

If I ever find my mom hysterically laughing it is from the high-class romps of Nicholas Coleridge. I equally adore his witty banter and rich characters. I can promise you will too.

Book List The Potted Boxwood9k=

Gods and Kings: Why not explore the dangerously fashionable lives of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Sure to make a chic read.

Circling The Sun: I truly enjoyed The Paris Wife, so I can’t wait until this book, from the same author, arrives this July.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Absolutely Beautiful Things: A truly beautiful book from one of my favorite designers in Australia.

Camille Styles Entertaining

Camille Styles Entertaining: A perfect book for summer entertaining and nights on the patio, beach, or wherever your summer may take you .

Beach Reading Essentials

Aerin Lauder Pouch

Aerin Lauder has the perfect raffia pouch to bring to the beach to store your lip gloss, suncreen, and summer essentials.


MDS Stripes Tote

I think that raffia pouch would be ideal in the effortlessly classic tote by MDS Stripes.

Mark and Graham Beach Chairs

A fabulous chair for the lawn or beach that can be perfectly monogrammed by Mark & Graham.

Santa Barbara Umbrella_Two Tiered


Santa Barbara umbrellas are a ultra tasteful way to shield yourself from the sun. I love the two tiered gray.

RH Summer Towels Blue and White

I love the sweet simplicity of Restoration Hardware towels. The stripes are just totally classic.

Me and Re Design TowelsCooler by Me & Re design


Me & Re Design creates such high-quality monogram items. They have the most delightful patterns and monograms from towels to party coolers.

Striped Towel Target 2 Striped Towel Target

If you prefer a simple and quintessential beach towel, target has these great blue and white striped towels that are perfect for any poolside.


Not So Mellow Yellow

Yellow isn’t necessarily on my top list of colors I covet, yet it does bring fond memories of my great grandmother’s home. A yellow home, a yellow front door, and a yellow kitchen. Believe me when I tell you, it was actually quite chic, despite how it may sound. The walls in the home in which I grew up were yellow, the classic kind of hue that goes with antiques, oriental rugs, and traditional art.

Recently, unless you are the Drybar, yellow has become a less popular choice. It can sometimes evoke a 90’s era of interiors that feels stale instead of current. I’ve decided I like yellow the most when it is used in accents or in superb traditional rooms. It is in a class all of its own when it is “butter” color,  yet it is a vibrant and playful addition when it is more of a “zesty lemon.” Whatever you do, don’t show me “mustard” or “tuscan yellow.” Only the Italians can pull off tuscan yellow (see here).

If you look below, you will find several fabulous images of yellow that will have you feeling anything but mellow today.


Henri Samuel and Susan Gutfreund designned this yellow living room

A sophisticated and traditional yellow room that looks fabulous with this mix of antiques. Via Veranda


Kelli Ford’s iconic yellow hallway in her Dallas home. Every bit glam and chic as she is. Via Veranda

Miles Redd Yellow Entry via AD

A strong and bold yellow in the entry of this Houston home designed by Miles Redd via AD

Yellow walls in this den via Veranda

A smart and timeless use of yellow and red (hoot, hoot, to all you Chi Omegas out there!). Via Veranda

Carlton Varney via AD

A sweet patterned day bed is placed in this completely classic room by Carleton Varney. Via AD

Bill Brockschmidt Nashville home via Elle Decor

An extremely superb oval dining room with yellow walls and curtains. It is the type of yellow that will look good  100 years from now. Bill Brockschmidt’s Nashville dining area via Elle Decor.

Thom Filicia Yellow room in AD

A more modern and current approach to yellow in this room by Thom Filicia . Via AD

Tori Mellott wallpapered hallway via Domino

Tori Mellott’s wallpapered hallways in a golden yellow. Via Domino

Wiseman Group Yellow bedoom via AD

Can I just steal that bench?! There is a serene and timeless ambience in this bedroom by the Wiseman Group. Via AD

Yellow chair in a garden tablescape by Celerie Kemble via Lonny

A fantastic rooftop space full of planters of boxwood and posh yellow chairs. This tablescape area is by Celerie Kemble via Lonny.

Yellow walls in this  hallway by Nick Olsen

Nick Olsen has fabulously yellow molded walls with splashes of color and punches of purple.

Yellow chair in a corner via Susan Greenleaf via Lonny

Susan Greenleaf incorporated a fantastic yellow fabric in her San Fran home. Via Lonny

Yellow Chairs via Elle Decor

I can’t get enough of these chairs in yellow. They take the room to another level. An unexpected element that still fits the overall atmosphere.    Via Elle Decor

Yellow Kitchen via AD

A yellow kitchen (similar to the yellow of my great grandmother’s kitchen). I love this creamy shade. Via AD

Yellow room via House Beautiful

A fantastic yellow living area with a more current mood. I love the chocolate velvet against the yellow. What a fun and eclectic space. Via Elle Decor

Richard Stone’s home in West Bergholt, England. via AD

Yellow walls and curtains incorporated with topiary and blue and white. An ideal placement of yellow. Via AD