England Envy

I had an entirely different post planned for today, but I fell in love with an image. A bed, in the manor home of Nancy Cutting, covered in blue and white Colefax and Fowler chintz from the 1970’s. Upon researching this house, I discovered that this entire estate is chicly refined and, pardon the pun, well mannered.  It is absolutely charming from room to room. Full of blue and white, fresh cut flowers, and stunning antiques.

It makes me wish I could waste my summer away sleeping, reading, and relaxing in this timeless estate. However, I have other plans for the summer (stay tuned)….

Photos from House & Garden UK and Architectural Digest 


Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 9

I had to start with the bedroom first (which has been relocated since the pictures were taken below).  I could literally look at this all day and be just as happy as can be!

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 4

What a bedroom. Perfectly scaled.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 2

A close-up of the fireplace. A blue and white delight.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 5

The house itself, Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire. Decor by Tom Parr (RIP)

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 1

Exactly how  you expect an English house to be… wood paneled, full of florals, and lovely antiques.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 6

A perfect place for a rainy summer afternoon. A great room for cocktails and entertaining.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 8

I adore the green in this bedroom. So well done!

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 10

Look at the urns of boxwood upon the edge of the garden. English gardens are so effortlessly chic.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK 11

A door to the garden. I love how everything isn’t overly fussed over, the black and white is a fun touch.

Nutting Home in England_House and Garden UK

I love the mix of texture. fabrics, pattern. material and everything in this room. What a wonderful estate!

Color Crush

With so many gray days here in Dallas, I find myself craving color. When it comes to color, Christina Murphy Interiors does a spectacular job applying peppy prints with vivid colors. The aesthetic of her rooms creates a terrific twist on modern traditional. There is a refined element to the homes even with the playful application of color.

Why not put a little pep in your design step today! After all, we are half way to Friday!


Christina Murphy Interiors. 3

A high gloss living room of blue and white.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 4

Between the moldings and the high gloss of this yummy color, I am obsessed with this room.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 5

Notice the placement of the scones in this breakfast area. Looks great!

Christina Murphy Interiors. 6

The ceiling is a real showstopper in this entry hall.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 2

I love the green and white subway tiles together. Has a gorgeous garden vibe.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 7

Blue and white dreams. I love the different shades and fresh feel of this bedroom.

Christina Murphy Interiors.8

A smart roman shade and stunning pops of green velvet pillows.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 9

A more elegant and so soft bedroom.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 10

A dramatic den with a very polished vibe.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 11

A unique and divine sconce on this bookshelf. Proves it is all in the details.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 15

I love the moody color and the detail in the ceiling. Murphy really does cover every detail of the design application.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 12

These chairs seem like the perfect width. The light fixture is really the gorgeous moment in this room.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 13

The mix of print and pattern is the focal point in this bedroom. A great reminder to never be afraid to mix pattern!

Christina Murphy Interiors. 14

The black window is an effective placement in this marble bathroom.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 17

The casual and inviting ambience of the shelves and the chic black and white chairs are the ideal juxtaposition.

Christina Murphy Interiors. 18

Love the green!

Christina Murphy Interiors.1jpg

When you find a pattern you love, run with it.



Breakfast Club

I must admit, I am not one to sit down and eat breakfast. I am the grab a bar and a coffee and whisk myself out the door type of girl. Perhaps if I had a beautiful breakfast room to dine in each morning, I could change my ways. What I love about breakfast rooms is that they tend to be smaller, more intimate spaces. There is also a sense of playful refinement in breakfast rooms, no need for too much formality. After all, breakfast isn’t just good, it’s great!

Here are several images that will leave you hungry for some beautiful breakfast.


An exceptoinal breakfast room via AD

It doesn’t get better than this. From the paper to the chairs, this breakfast room is hard to compete with! via AD

Chic breakfast room via Lonny Mag

Mirrored walls and punches of green. I really love the shape of the table. Via Lonny

Cynthia Frank Southampton home via Elle Decor

A breakfast space in a china room. How incredible are those potted ferns along the counter? via Elle Decor

Dining room area by Cathy Kincaid

Cathy Kincaid never disappoints with her application of blue and white and overall ultimately timeless taste.


Yellow pops on these fantastic chairs and exquisite tabletop.

Neutral breakfast room via AD

The light fixture is the real highlight here in this neutral breakfast room. via AD

Incredible Breakfast Room of Windows via Elle Decor

A breakfast room of wood beams, long banquet seating, and multiple windows. Via Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder breakfast room via Elle Decor

An image that has appeared on this blog often. The always chic look of Aerin Lauder’s breakfast room in her Manhattan home. via Elle Decor

Isaac Mizrahis Greenwich Village home via AD

A smart and sophisticated breakfast area. I love the  variation of stripes and the glass shelving. via AD

Kitch by Gil Schaefer via Elle Decor

An eclectic eating area off of this kitchen. Actually, what I love about this room is that the fridge is separated from the main area. The two doors add a great architectural element of symmetry. via Elle Decor

Miles Redd breakfast room via AD

Miles Redd always uses the most sophisticated palettes of color. I love this room so much, the chairs are undoubtedly my favorite. via AD

Thomas Britt Breakfast room via Veranda

Thomas Britt designed this sweet room. The painted walls and doors make it the most inviting space. Via Veranda

Sweer Breakfast room via AD

How amazing is the detail on the ceiling? I go back and forth on banquets, I think it depends on the space. It really works here. via AD

Sweet breakfast room

A feminine and elegant dining area. Marble top tables always add a splash of glamour.

Breafast room by Michael S. Smith

Michael S. Smith masters the art of intimate dining in this room. By the way, how superb is the top of the doorway?! via AD


Talented Tablescape

de Gournay has always been one of my favorite textile houses, so imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my favorite interior designers, Nick Olsen, collaborated with them to create an incredible tablescape at the Lenox Hill Spring Gala. The setting, labeled “The Dark Side Of Eden,” is full of de Gournay’s spectacular hand-painted porcelain and fabrics that evoke a vivid feeling of a lush and complex landscape.

From coral snakes to a hand-painted tree to the fabulous palm tablecloth, de Gournay and Nick Olsen won the night with this playful and colorful tablescape. Plus, how divine are those oversized shiny red apples?! Olsen took his luxurious and high drama design to the next level with the timeless and ever chic work of de Gournay. If only combinations like this could happen every day…

Images courtesy of Nylon Consulting.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 5

Nothing says a luxe night on the town quite like this tablescape. It has an almost Tony Duquette vibe. It has such a powerful ambience.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay

Look at the custom cushions made with de Gournay’s midnight blue duchess satin with Red Roman piping. I can’t decide what I like more, the snake on the plates or on the seat cushion?

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 2

An aerial view of tablecloth. A striking combination of palm leaves on a jet black.

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 3

The intertwined detail of this snake..and to think it is all hand-painted!

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 1

The inspiration for the centerpiece design, “L’Eden.”

Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 4

Another view of the snake on the Duchess Satin. Tablescape by Nick Olsen featuring de Gournay 6


A truly custom dinner plate. Very meticulously crafted and designed, and with such a chic approach.


Virginia Modern

Since my posts this week were about Virginia Garden Week, I thought I would share a different approach to “historic” Virginia. Renowned designer Darryl Carter restored a 19th century farmhouse in Virginia and took a more relaxed and refreshed spin on the design, without sacrificing historical components. While I do love the classic look of tradition in may Virginia homes, you can’t help but appreciate Carter’s home that depicts the essence of casually chic country living.

Wishing you have a casually chic weekend! wherever you are!

Photos of this home by Darryl Carter are by Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 12

A modern rustic farmhouse retreat. I love the simplicity of it all!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 13

Open shelving and a free standing island are very effective in this all white home.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor

Layers of neutral and smart pops of black make for an inviting living area.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 2

I love this dining room, but I love the barn dutch barn door off to the left even more.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 3

A very smart room of shelving that is piled with shades of white tableware.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 4

White steps, white walls, and white floors make the all natural shades of wood strike strongly.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 5

Could you imagine this room in the winter, with a fire and fur blanket?! A true room of relaxation.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 6

Wisteria covered pergola. I love the pigs!!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 7

This galvanized metal tub looks as if it has been there forever!

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 8

Serene sitting area.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 10

Neutrals incorporate together to focus on the antiques and woodwork.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 9

A sun-filled bathroom with a light fixture designed by Carter for Urban Electric Company.

Darryl Carter Virgiinia Farmhouse via Elle Decor 11

That horn chair is such an intriguing twist in this bedroom.