What’s In A Name

I was recently gifted the most incredible placemats made of preserved boxwood. They are exceptionally crafted and will make the most stunning tablescape (be on the lookout for an instagram post soon). Boxwood can be very tricky, not only to grow, but even in preserved or artificial forms. It can be unreasonably expensive if it is made well, or look disastrously cheap if it is not of good quality.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite boxwood finds, as well as links to all things “boxwood.” I love to use it indoors, outdoors, and in all places unexpected. For instance, next to my sink I have a small boxwood topiary (see below), that adds such a sweet element of chic. So check out these boxwood beauties, and let me know if you have more “boxwood” favorites to share!


Fun Fact: A reader once reminded me that the plural form of “boxwood” is “boxwood.” There is no such thing as the word “boxwoods.” A good reminder to all of my readers and plant fans.


Boxwood Garden Advice



The more boxwood the better.

Terrain Boxwood placemat for parties

Terrain Boxwood Placemat

The better-in-person boxwood placements that I am absolutely in love with!

Preserved Boxwood Balls

Preserved boxwood spheres from the namesake Boxwoods in Atlanta.

Boxwood Interiors Houston

Boxwood Interiors in Houston is on my list of places to visit. It looks like their boxwood style is right up my alley!

Preserved Boxwood speheres via Resteration Hardware

Restoration Hardware always does a great job with their preserved boxwood. Just remember, it doesn’t go outside (It will fade/yellow).

Preserved Boxwood Topiary



I love the style of this boxwood topiary tree. All you need is to place it in a beautiful blue and white urn!

Boxwood Linens

Again, another Houston store I need to visit. Judging from their unique and exquisite monogrammed linens featured on instagram, I am already a fan!


Several of these miniature boxwood were surrounding my stocking this Christmas. I keep one by my sink, and bring out the set for a luncheon or dinner tablescape.


One of my favorite (and most all time viewed) posts, “A Tale of Two Boxwoods.” It features this Nashville Boxwood Estate.

Rollins Residence

It also features Danielle Rollins former home designed by Miles Redd, The Boxwood House in Atlanta.

Green Rule of Thumb

While most of the county is covered in a dreary cold (although my snowy topiary post is anything but dreary), there is one state laughing all the way to the beach. California tends to enjoy 70 degrees and sunny for the majority of all seasons. There is one home in California that always captures my attention time after time. Green is certainly my favorite color, and this home has no lack of it.

Designers Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley created this Newport Beach home that is classically refined and elegant, yet has a California warmth and approachability. They didn’t overly pattern or lacquer anything, they just applied soft and steady color throughout. The mix of rich textures and botanical elements will leave you yearning for this timeless oasis. The grounds are just as well thought out, but shouldn’t that always be a rule of thumb?


Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 8

A perfectly flawless sage green entry. I love the oversized potted plant on the round table.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 12

Now that is a gorgeous screen! People tend to underestimate the power they have to scale down a large room. Such a serene palette of color.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 6

A simple sitting area, complete with a bird cage. Very livable and relaxed.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 3

One of my all time favorite dining rooms. A gallery of botanical prints and a great influence of greens and grays.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 11

A sweet and ideally textured nook. I love the intimacy of the light fixture.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 9

Another casual living space. Notice how they mounted a picture on the upholstered screen to add dimension and depth to the room.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 14

White washed floors and a white custom banister allow the green walls to pop in this upper landing nook. The light fixture is beyond.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 2

An elegant, yet casual bedroom retreat. Not easily aged.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home

A bathroom with mirrored paneled walls centered around the tub. Timeless details and execution.

Hallberg and Wiseley California Home 5

Classic architecture and landscape design. How beautiful are those provence citrus planters!

Snowy Topiary

Ice days, followed by a snow day. They tend to happen once a year in Dallas, and when they do it is always part magical, part terrifying. It is magical to see and enjoy inside, yet it is horrifying to get on the roads with Texas drivers (not so friendly y’all) and poorly treated roads. If you watch the news, you will see SUVs skating along overpasses like a little girl stepping onto an ice rink for the first time. Needless to say, staying inside is the best bet. However, I love gardens, topiaries, and boxwood, and to see them covered in snow is a sight to see.

While I refuse to skate around town in my SUV,  I will instead bring you photos of lovely gardens covered in the magical white dust of winter. To maintain a garden is a tremendous responsibility. One must cover during a freeze, and do all they can in the winter to save the plants from a bitterly cold end. These gardens below demonstrate how beautiful a landscape can thrive in any season, even with snow falling down.

A dreamy and dreary winter garden

A dreary winter garden with an ice covered pond. Charming, even in winter.

Beautiful snowy garden entry

Oh how I would long for this to be my entrance. A perfectly polished black door and an enchanting courtyard entrance.

Mrs. Verey garden via the telegraph

The iconic frosty gardens of Mrs. Verey in England via The Telegraph.

Paris in the snow via My French Country Home

Nothing quite like snow covered topiaries at Versailles. Simply breathtaking.

Prince Charles Highgrove Garden via Daily Mail

A frosty dusting lays across this garden gate in Prince Charles’ Highgrove. Love the use of boxwood. Via Daily Mail

Snow covered hedges and benches

Love the snow covered arches in this garden landscape.

Snow covered lollipop tress via Lushome

Like rows of lollipops iced with frosting. Via Lushome

Snow topiary in Ladew's gardens via Southern Living

Triangles of snow cover the hedges in Ladew’s garden via Southern Living.

Versailles covered in snow via Zimbio

More of Versailles covered in snow. I just can’t tire of this topiary haven. Would love to see it in the winter one day. Via Zimbio

Snow covered garden

Enchanting symmetry and dimension in this snow garden.


Les jardins Agapanthe beautifully covered in fresh snow.

Stuck In The Mud

Hello! I’m back! I literally left you all hanging on sconces, and for that I do apologize. Last Monday night, my temperature decided to party like it was August in Texas. Then, it never went back down. Needless to say, I had a yucky virus that was anything but chic, and put me in places where the bedding was less than sub-par. While I am on the mend, an always delightful ice storm has decided to visit Dallas making staying indoors my new norm.

The ice storm may have schools closed and given everyone excuses to bake treats, yet there are negative factors of the ice storm. Once it all melts, it turns to blackish/brownish slush that can easily navigate it’s way into the home. Cue the mud room. They exist for a purpose, normally near a side door or garage entrance.  They are life-saving in the way they can gather, organize, and maintain chaos in one single hall or nook. Besides their functionality, like all things, they can be very well decorated and received.

Don’t be a stick in the mud, start planning your next room for the dirty Loubs (I mean shoes).


Mud room via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

These gorgeous brick in lay floors provide the perfect surface and ambience to take off your muddy hunters. Via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Caroline Scheerers Country House

Less functional and more timelessly pretty, this mud room in Caroline Scheerer’s country house is lined with riding boots and objects to admire. Via Pinterest

Coastal style cottage mud room via Style at home

Perfectly narrow and full of black and white contrast. I adore the low seated wooden bench. Via Style At Home

Mud room via House Beautiful

Seamlessly uncluttered thanks to a row of custom wall cabinetry. However, the sink and skirted side counter give such a wonderful juxtaposition of country elegance (not to mention my love of dutch doors!). Designed by Garden Variety Design Via House Beautiful

Joross Greenwich Home by Miles Redd via AD

Miles Redd creates this sage mud room with a playful edge of decor. The upholstered  wall of cabinetry takes it to another level. Via AD

Mud room bu Nina Little Design via House of Turquoise

A clean coastal mudroom washed in white by Nina Liddle Design. Via House of Turquoise

Mud room in a Buckhead residence

A polished and sophisticated wall of shelving (and a bench) for a mudroom in Buckhead. The oriental rug keeps the hallway from becoming too sterile.

Great mud room via Houzz

Clean and classic. Love the width of the cubbies and the etched compass rose into the hardware. Mudrooms can get away with being more playful and adventurous with design Via Houzz

Femine and Fun mud room

Feminine and eclectic colors and elements (hello chandelier) are used in this mudroom.

Tea And Sconces

I love tea and scones. In fact, on a dreary Monday there is nothing more I would prefer than taking on the British tradition and indulging in high tea at The Dorchester or Brown’s Hotel in London (been to both and both are beautiful). While I can’t teleport myself to London this morning, I can dream of having a cup of tea and installing beautiful sconces throughout my future home.

Sconces are underutilized in my opinion. If you remove all published homes from your design mind, it is rare to find sconces in places other than a guest bathroom. In my opinion, that is a sad state of affairs. Sconces were originally created to replace torches. They add an interesting element to a room. You can place them on bookshelves, by bedside tables, and use them to add symmetry in a living or dining room. Sconces are a way to expect the unexpected, while adding warmth and light (which every room needs). So, forget the scones (and calories)…I’m all about tea and sconces today.

Enjoy your week!

P.S. Apologies for the absence (but not really), I was in Aspen this weekend… be sure to check out pics from my trip @thepottedboxwood on Instagram and @pottedboxwood on twitter! Love to all of my 5k instagram followers!! What a Valentine’s way to show the love and, of course, such a privilege!


Thorton designs, sconces by the front door

Thorton designs created this outside entry flanked by potted boxwood and two sconces on the side. Via Decor Pad

Sconces Via Elle Decor

Gorgeous candelabra sconces in this perfectly appointed living room Via Elle Decor

Sconces on Bookshelves via Elle Decor The Height of Style

Scones on the library shelves are such an excellent incorporation. Via Elle Decor: The Height of Style

Sconces in this bathroom Russia AD

Sconces make a pop in this bathroom Via Russia AD

Sconces in Hall designed by Kelly Wearstler Via AD

Kelly Wearstler knows how to add shape and dimension with her three tiered sconces in this hallway. Via AD

Sconces via Southern Living Idea House

Lantern sconces flank the front door of the Southern Living idea house. A modern rustic entry.

Sconces in a home designed by Rob Stuart Interiors via House Beautiful

Color, gold sconces and shades of gray. Beautiful and eloquent by Rob Stuart Interiors. Via House Beautiful

Sarah Richardson  design via HGTV

Large shade sconces by the bed designed by Sarah Richardson Via HGTV

Richard Mishaan's Columbian Home via AD

Hanging bedside sconces in this boy’s bedroom make for such a great play of symmetry. Via AD

Matthew Knowles Via Lonny

A perfect nook with a black shade sconce by Matthew Knowles. Sconces work so much better than lamps for certain sitting areas, also easier to access. Via Lonny

Gold Leaf Sconces via Elle Decor

Such a cool use of gold leaf sconces and Moroccan poufs! Via Elle Decor

Bette midler's Penthouse via AD

First of all, the fireplace is incredible. Second, those sconces add a polished and completed look to this living area. Nothing less would be expected for Bette Midler Via AD

Baby Gold Sconces via Lonny

Baby gold sconces add a nice surprise to this light and airy entry. Via Lonny