It’s My Party…

This week I should be celebrating my upcoming birthday, but instead I am feeling like my flu shot failed me. Since tomorrow is a day of celebration, I thought I would share one of my favorite birthday parties that was featured in Vogue. Hamish Bowles is a name synonymous with style, so it is no surprise that his birthday would be the chicest of them all.

The Great Gatsby celebration included guests from the elegance of Marina Rust to the island style of India Hicks to the fashion icon Tory Burch. Of course, when Anna Wintour is the host you can be certain that no detail will be left undone. From macaroons passed on fine china to a tented dinner under the sky, beauty was truly everywhere. The long day of celebration at the Long Island estate was surely an unforgettable party, as every birthday should be.

Aren’t birthdays fun? Even if getting older isn’t…

With late dinners this week, TPB will be back here Monday! I have some presents to open and an apparent flu to fight.

Pictures of Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday are via Vogue.

Anna Wintours Invitation to Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday

Simple invitations are always best. PS: That fabric on the chair…In love!!!

Beautifully displayed macaroons for the party via Vogue

Macaroons on beautiful china and serving trays.

Place setting at Hamish Bowles Birthday

I love how this isn’t overly formal or forced. A casual and relaxed setting with different heights for vases.

Table placesetting for Hmaish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

A luncheon tablescape. Flowers, branches. and shades of blue.

The Long Island Estate of the Party

The Long Island estate.

Hamish Bowles with his portait

The man of the hour, Hamish Bowles with a portrait by Hugo Guinness.

Oscar de la Renta at Hamish Bowles Birthday via Vogue

Oscar de la Renta walking though the garden. May he rest In Peace.

H cake display for Hmaish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

H croquembouche cake in honor of “H”amish.

Tory Burch and Marina Rust among the guest at Haish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

Ivana Lowell, Tory Burch, Marina Rust, Ian Connor, and Bill Ford among some of the most stylish guests.

Evening gathering for Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

More beautiful people. You can just tell the atmosphere was enchanting.

Tented dinner for Hamish Bowles 50th brithday via Vogue

A picture perfect birthday soiree.

In The Tradition of Good Taste

Instagram is always an interesting outlet and way of meeting people with similar interests. As a blogger, I feel it is important not to get too elitist with whom you choose to follow (sounds crazy, but it is a thing). My phiosophy is simple. If you have a great eye, exceptional taste, and are a supportive follower, I want to connect and see what glorious decor ideas you share.

This sentiment holds true for the amazing Charleston project I am featuring today. Lisa Hilderbrand of Wehil Interiors is a Dallas- born, Connecticut interior designer whom I met on Instagram. Our likes and comments created an “insta-friendship,” so imagine my delight when one of her projects was featured in this month’s Traditional Home.

When Lisa’s good friend moved to Charleston to renovate a home formerly occupied by her grandmother, the two decided to make a fabulous retreat of old-meets-new, with a main thread of classic intertwined with more modern conversation pieces. The home is fresh for a family, but stays true to it’s traditionally superb architecture. As Lisa puts it best, “We wanted it to be current, but not trendy, and traditional but not old fashioned, and most importantly, we didn’t want it to look overly ‘decorated.'” I think Lisa succeeded in her mission to make this Charleston home perfectly charming.

Pictures by John Bessler in Traditional Home. Architecture by McAlpine Tankersley Architecture and Landscape Architecture by Mike Kaiser of Kaiser Trabue. For more pictures of this home, pick up a Traditional Home today!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 2

I love the chic paint tones of the shutters and painted brick. What classically magnificent architecture!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 4

I feel this room really showcases the eclectic mix of classic and modern. Bright light, modern art and classic furniture make for a superb combination.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 11

I really admire how they incorporated the marble on the sides of the island and on the backsplash. Very smart looking!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 3

I love a dark den, and this is no exception. It has an intimate, yet approachable feel.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 10

How can you not just obsess over the draped walls. It adds so much warmth to this traditional dining room. The chandelier really inorporates that modern flair that is intertwined within the home, giving it the right amount of consistency and surprise.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 9

Kaiser Trabue really understood how to interplay the landscape with the architecture and interiors, which is very visible with the many windows.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 7

Again, Lisa and the homeowner used draped walls to give such plush texture to the room. I also adore that gallery wall!

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 5

Wow. I don’t think I have ever seen the window go below the sink. I am in awe of just about everything in the master bathroom. Everything.

Charleston Home by Lisa Hilderbrand via Tradtional Home 6

A poolside retreat, perfect for a hot Charleston day. This home is elegant, classic , and very easy to love!


Homes Of Hampton

Alexa Hampton is a name that many know in the world of interiors. Many know her from her father, the late Mark Hampton, who was a celebrated and honored designer that created interiors from the likes of President Bush, Sr. to the most architecturally significant homes across the country. Continuing in her father’s legacy, Alexa is fearless in her application of pattern and contrast in her interiors.

Alexa understands that homes need dimension in order for the decor to thrive and subtly stand out. Her materials are luscious and intriguing, without being overly trendy or traditional. She is the perfect mix of eclecticism, yet still timeless in her execution of taste. I love her texture and transitions from space to space and interiors to exteriors. She is a genuine master of her craft, and living legacy of her name.


Alexa Hampton for Kips Bay 2012 by Jamie Meares

A true favorite room in the Kips Bay 2012 room designed by Alexa Hampton. So very luxe from the fur throw to the oriental screen. Photo by Jamie Meares

Home decorated by Alexa Hampton i

An exterior shot of a home designed by Alexa. Simple, yet effective landscaping.

The Louis XV oak paneling is beautifully carved.

A romantic and plush room fit for a stately home via The Language of Interior Design.

Alexa Hamtpton hom ein New Orleans via The NYT

A dining room of hand painted wallpaper and stylishly chic dining chairs in a New Orleans home. Via The New York Times

Alexa Hampton Kips Bay Showhouse via Quintessence

Kips Bay 2014 shophouse designed by Hampton is full of bold punches of pattern and prints. Via Quintessence

Alexa Hampton shelving design via Interior by Alexa Hampton

Smart shelving and clean living. I love when designers use framed pictures against the books.

Alexa Hampton via AD

More shelving and casual neutrality. Such an inviting room via AD.

Blue and White Vignette by Alexa Hampton

A blue and white vignette that is simply divine. I love the low placements of the framed mirrors and artwork.

Kitchen by Alexa Hampton

An incredible kitchen of contrast and light.

Serene dining area by Alexa Hampton

A serene dining room with the perfect compliments of blue and white pattern and neutrals. I love the artichokes on the dining table!

Alexa Hampton Kips Bay Show House

My idea of perfect. Now if only I could find a way to stay in this room all day…

Marvels Of Malachite

Malachite, a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral,  is constantly appearing in many design magazines. It is sleek, sharp, and bold when used in a home. As you know, I love the color green. I can’t get enough of it, and not only for the fact that it is the color of boxwood. It has a mysterious and natural appearance when it is an accent in a living room or wall covering in the dining room. Sometimes you need a good pop of contrast, and why use black when you can add a shot of green mineral stone!?

While malachite is on trend, it is one that will last a lifetime.


Dining room side table via Lonny

A stunning malachite side table in a light filled dining room via Lonny.


Gorgeous Malachite room via AD

A remarkable malachite wall covering with pops of orange and red. It really works and holds a traditional twist. Via AD

Malachite shades via AD

How divine are these malachite shades!?! A true focal point of the room. Via Elle Decor

Malachite side table and brass lamps via Elle Decor

Green and white are always striking. How incredible are those brass lamps too!?! Via Elle Decor

Malchite room via Elle Decor

A blue ceiling, whimsical peacock chairs, and a pop of malachite! Via Elle Decor

Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson room via Lonny

Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson do not disappoint in this living area. Superb and divine. Via Lonny

Wendy Schwartz via Lonny

The wallpaper, the table, the lamps. It is all quite perfection. Oh, and look at those floors! Via Lonny

Les Jardins

I’m not one to speak French. I know several words, and wish I knew more for the beauty of how it sounds, but Spanish is far more practical living in Texas (and in all of the U.S. for that matter). On a trip to Paris a few years ago, I purchased a beautiful coffee table book that I lugged home in my suitcase called Les Jardins de Russell Page. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but I knew I was entranced by his breathtaking landscapes. Jardin, meaning garden, is one french word that has stuck with me over the years.

From exploring the gardens of Versailles to the beauty of the city streets of Paris, it is clear that Parisians understand the importance of eye-pleasing landscape architecture. They embrace the ideology that design is not just something that needs to be applied to the interiors, but the exterior landscape as well. I have fallen in love with another landscape architect in France. Dominique Lafourcade is currently constructing gardens of dreams which are timeless and thoughtful with the right amount of unexpected beauty. She is masterful at her craft and is undoubtedly my current inspiration in the world of Les Jardins.


Dominique Lafourcade

Incredible landscape sketches full of fantastic details!

Dominique Lafourcade2

A fascinating cityscape pool area.

Dominique Lafourcade3

Phenomenal layout of hedges, pots, and boxwoods.

Dominique Lafourcade4

Marvelous design.

Dominique Lafourcade5

How idyllic is this property?! Dreamy.

Dominique Lafourcade6

Lavender, cypress, and manicured grounds.

Dominique Lafourcade7

Boxwoods with a dust of snow.

Dominique Lafourcade8

Dominique Lafourcade9

Dominique Lafourcade11


Dominique Lafourcade12


I love the symmetry she uses in her design, yet somehow it doesn’t seem overly formal.

Dominique Lafourcade13

Green is all you need.

Dominique Lafourcade14

Dominique Lafourcade15

Dominique Lafourcade16


Happy Tuesday!