Piercing White

I don’t know about where you live, but in Dallas it is incredibly hot right now. Today, I want to take you to Houston. Where I am positive it is just as hot, stifling, and even more humid. While I should be showing you fall images of deep velvet, dark glossy rooms, and fur blankets, it is just not a reality at the moment.

Instead, I am going to show you the perfect house to beat the heat, without veering off of my signature beat. Pamela Pierce’s Houston home was the very first residence that came to mind. It is finished in shades of white and timeless architecture. It is not overly formal, nor does it lack sophistication. It is rustic, refined and cool with warm accents. It is exactly where I would like to be at the moment to celebrate Labor Day, the demise of white, and the everlasting Texas summer.

I’ll be back Tuesday to let you know if I follow the No White After Labor Day rule, or if I am a rebel to the cause. What do you think? Have a happy long weekend!

Photos of Pamela Pierce’s home are by Laura Resen for Veranda.

Exterior of Pamela Pierce's Houston house in Veranda

Potted boxwoods, shades of beige, and beautifully shuttered. So many people (like me) would be tempted to do black shutters, but this works wonderfully.

Light and White room in Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

White and a bit rustic. Not expected from the look of the exterior, but I always like a good surprise.

White and Rustic Dining room of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

In most houses white provides the backdrop for colors to pop, in this house it is the natural earth-tone elements.

The casual dining room of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

A perfect dining area that blends into the kitchen and living room. Notice how Pamela framed the kitchen entrance with white curtains and a wooden-track. Adds a fantastic soft texture.

The kitchen of Pamela Pierce via Veranda

I love the stainless island, the more modern windows, and the relaxed atmosphere.

A casually elegant bedroom of Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

Doesn’t this look like the perfect place to sleep on a hot summer night?! I love an all white bed.

A lovely white marbles bathroom via Veranda

Just perfect. That is all. Look at how the mirror suspends!!

Tuften twins in Pamela Pierce's Houston home via Veranda

A lovely tufted twin bed combination. Elegant, simple, and incredibly cool.



The Potted Hydrangea

I love a beautiful boxwood garden, but I love it even more with abundant hydrangeas. While peonies and tulips are a continual favorite, hydrangeas never disappoint with their full nature, plethora of colors, and always classic appeal.

I am always placing hydrangeas in vases (almost always white ones) around my house for an instant and complete finish to a room. Like potted boxwoods, potted hydrangeas are also highly effective to make your outdoors appear polished and elegant. Here are several inspiring images of potted hydrangeas (often paired with potted boxwoods) that will have you yearning for it to be summer all year round.


Hydrangea Potting Information:




Beautiful Blue and White Potted Hydrangeas by Mary McDonald via Belcalire House

Blue and white pots of dreams by Mary McDonald. Photo source: Belclaire House Blog

Clay Potted Hydrangeas via Pinterest

Gorgeous clay pots full of enchanting shades of purple and pink. Photo source: Pinterest

Entereance with Boxwood via Brooks and Falotico

Another fantastic entry with blue and white potted hydrangeas. Architecture and photo source: Brooks and Falotico

Furlow Gatewood Driveway Photo Max Kim-Bee via Veranda

The Georgia estate of Furlow Gatewood is surrounded with oversized pots of hydrangeas.

Furlow Gatewood Potted Hydrangeas

Another beautiful image of the Gatewood landscape. A perfect use of white pots with blue flowers. Photo source: Veranda

Green Potted Hydrangeas

Gorgeous green hydrangeas with recycled pots via Pinterest.

Hydrangeas with Ferns via House Beautiful

A lovely mix of ferns, sweet potato vine, and hydrangeas. Photo source: House Beautiful

Potted Hydrangea via Elle Decor

The ideal outdoor centerpiece in this rustic setting. Photo source: Elle Decor

Potted Hydrangeas and Roses via Style Me Pretty

Incredible urns of white roses and hydrangeas. Photo source: Style Me Pretty

Potted Hydrangeas by the Pool via Three Dogs in A Garden

I think hydrangeas are the perfect flower for by the pool. Photo source: Three Dogs in a Garden

Potted Hydrangeas via The Fuller View

Aren’t hydrangeas the ideal companion for boxwoods? Photo source: The Fuller View

Potted Topiaries with Hydranges via Things That Inspire

Swoon. Drool. Gasp….Total perfection. Photo source: Things That Inspire

Purple Shades of Hydrangeas via Flowers Gardens Love

This overly abundant potted hydrangea clearly steals the show. Photo source: Flowers Gardens Love

Single Potted Hydrangea via Pinterest

For an opposite approach, this single urn of hydrangeas provides the perfect contrast against the green lush hedges. Photo source: Pinterest

via Belgian Pearls

Notice how they collectively bunched the pots together. It gives a much fuller effect. Photo source: Belgian Pearls

White Hydranges by a white bench via Pinterest

A dreamy place to begin or end a summer day. Photo source: Pinterest

White Potted Hydrangeas via The Pink Pagoda

Blue and white with potted hydrangeas. So much detail just in this small part of the landscape. Photo source: The Pink Pagoda 

Potted Hydrangeas and Boxwoods via Claire Mee

Saving the best for last. A potted hydrangea, a potted boxwood, and a sweet pug. If you follow me on instagram, you already know my love of pugs (and boxwoods).

Savor summer while it is still here. We will be wishing it wasn’t cold soon enough!


Take A Gambrel

There are often images that I have seen time and time again, and leave me in awe of the immense design talent that exists. Undoubtedly, Steven Gambrel is responsible for a great deal of them. Steven uses clean lines, classic furniture, and perfect shades of color. His work is not only timeless, but also relevant.

Every room Gambrel designs is polished, inviting, and full of seamless surprises. That combination can be so rare in the world of interiors. Gambrel has perfected his craft, and it shows in the images below. If you aren’t familiar with his designs, please make yourself at home.

Steven gsambrel Staircase with green lacquer hall via Elle Decor

This high-gloss green entry is incredible in every way. The stairs may be narrow, but the personality is not! Photo source: Elle Decor

A Hamptons Kitchen by Steven Gambrel via AD

A lovely and light Hampton’s kitchen featured in Architectural Digest. Look at the detail on the door!

Bathroom by Steven Gambrel via Elle Decor

The bathroom that I compare all bathrooms too. How could you not? It is clean, sleek, and totally timeless! Photo source: Elle Decor

Beautiful Blue in this room by Steven Gambrel via Shelterness

A pretty play of blue in this children’s room. I adore the trim on the moldings and the stunning doors. Photo source: Shelterness

Black Laquer by Steven Gambrel via Domaine Home

Black lacquered magic with a stunning yellow ceiling. How every den should be: rich with texture. Photo source: Domaine Home

Charming Kitchen by Steven Gambrel via Delight By Design

I love this rustic chevron cabinetry in this country home by Gambrel. Photo source: Delight By Design

Foyer of Chicago TOwnhouse by Steven Gambrel via HB

What a fantastically bold personality in this foyer equip with it’s red runner, matted wall, and octagon checkerboard floors. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Bedroom by Steven Gambrel via Elle Decor

A lovely and serene bedroom that is full of lush texture and classic design elements. Photo source: Elle Decor

Long Island Staircase by Steven Gambrel via House Beautiful

A naturally classic entry with architecturally phenomenal lighting. Photo source: House Beautiful 

New York Apt by Steven Gambrel

Color so perfectly incorporated, collected, and distributed. Look at that green parsons desk! Remember: Curtains to the ceiling people!

Steven Gamrel checkerboard floor via CocoCozy

Divine contrast of glossy black and white. Once again, those light fixtures steal the show! Photo source: Coco Cozy

Purple Tufted Sofa by Steven Gambrel in House Beautiful

A purple tufted sofa adds a punch of color to this lovely den. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Robert A.M. Stern anf Steven Gambrel  combine to make thsi dreamy bathroom

This bathroom is chic, sophisticated, and incredibly dreamy! Blue and white perfection. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Steven Gabrel Built-In Bookshelves via Dering Hall

These aren’t your average built-in bookshelves. Outstandingly executed. Photo source: Dering Hall

Steven Gambrel Bathroom via AD

An incredibly masculine, rich, and refined shower. That bench is excellent. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Steven Gambrel Closet

A sophisticated and glamorous closet of red, black, white, and soft texture. Photo source: Pinterest

Steven Gambrel Kitchen via Houe and Home

Again, Gambrel uses amazing contrast in his kitchen designs. The shelving on the sides of the stove allow for a wonderful pop against the black backsplash.

Steven Gambrel Living room in New York via AD

A modern and sophisticated living room in this New York home. Incredible molding and symmetry. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Steven Gambrel Red Kitchen via AD

This kitchen uses Gambrel’s wonderful application of red, white, and black. The height of the ceiling, the use of color, and the  beautiful application tiling make a big impact. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Steven Gambrel Southampton via via Mark D Sikes Blog

A lovely vignette in this Southampton home. I have very mixed opinions about port-hole mirrors. What are your thoughts? Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Steven Gambrel Staircase via Foo Dog Ate My Homework

A perfectly pale blue entry with a stunning red runner staircase. Those columns are phenomenal. Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Steven Gambrel via House Beautiful

A deep blue high-gloss den. I tended to gravitate toward Gambrel’s blue rooms. They are so cosmopolitan and luxe. Photo source: House Beautiful

Steven Gamrbrel Bedroom via House Beautiful

A lovely juxtaposition of sharp and soft in this bedroom featured in House Beautiful.

Steven Grambrel hallway via high street market blog

A look at Gambrel’s rustic and contemporary approach to this home featured on the High Street Market blog.

Wall Covering and Blue Built In Sofa


An incredible wall covering behind this built-in blue sitting area. Also, notice those bright blue and brass chairs to the left- LOVE!





Animal House

It is often said that you should not wear leopard on a first date. I have really never understood that. I get that it may “scare” a guy, but if leopard scares him then chances are a second date is not in the near future. I admit a whole outfit of leopard may be much, but what is the harm with a splash of it. I love leopard shoes, they go with just about everything. Honestly, this is the same philosophy I have with leopard in decorating. I love pops of animal print throughout the house.

I recently bought these leopard print pillows at Furbish Studio. They add texture, pattern, and neutrality to my space. Animal prints can stand-out if you choose, or blend in seamlessly. It is up to you, your placement, and your light. Yes, light is a huge factor for the tone of your animal print. A dark space with animal print sets a dramatic and opulent tone. Leopard and zebra in a space with plenty of light sets a sophisticated attitude.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Just don’t go overboard.


“As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”

-Jenna Lyons

A small bit of animal print via Pinterest

A perfect touch of leopard in this neutral and airy room. Photo source: Veranda

Leopard runner via AD

A gorgeous green latticed stairway with a leopard runner and zebra rug. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Barclay Butera vie his website

Comfy leopard chairs in this dining room by Barclay Butera.

Charles Spada Sofa via Veranda

My all-time favorite leopard sofa in this Normandy home designed by Charles Spada. Photo source: Veranda

DVF's penthouse via AD

A splash of zebra in the NYC penthouse of Diane Von Furstenberg. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Animal Print Staircase in Hutton Wilkinsons home via Bazaar

A dramatic use of leopard on this spiraling staircase in the home of Hutton Wilkinson. Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar

Leopard Bench via Lonny Mag

A wonderfully collected room with a leopard bench for a coffee table. I love the piped lining. Photo source: Lonny

jimenez leopard rug in AD

A neutral leopard rug in this dining room by David Jimenez featured in Architectural Digest.

Leopard walls by Windsor Smith via Veranda

A kelly green desk pops in this room of a leopard linen by Peter Dunham. This room designed by Windsor Smith was featured in Veranda.

Mary McDonald's wall via Interior Design Chat

Lots of print, yet this room works beautifully! Interiors by the glamourous  Mary McDonald. Photo source: Interior Designer Chat

Michelle Adams Leopard Stools via Lonny

I love these incredible ottomans at the end of the bed. A fun mix of black and white in this room by Michelle Adams. Photo source: Lonny

Jeffert Bilhuber leopard sofa via AD

An incredibly worldly and eclectic room by Jeffery Bilhuber featured in Architectural Digest.

Miles Redd den with animal print pillows

A lovely little den by Miles Redd with a bold use of red and leopard.

Nina Griscom Lepard Pillows via AD

Leopard pillows accent this sofa in a room designed by Nina Griscom. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Miles Redd in Boxwood House ATL via Town and Country

Another room by Miles Redd at the Boxwood house in Atlanta, the former home of Danielle Rollins. I have featured this house previously, but it is too good not to post again. That carpet!


A Gorgeous Greenway

Dallas can be a tricky town. It is large, but it is small. It has beauty, and it has beauty disguised as beasts (pretty houses with hideous interiors/ thirty-thousand dollar millionaires). Much of the focus is on the ritzy and well known Park Cities and Preston Hollow areas. However, I love a sweet neighborhood called Greenway Parks. It is lush with landscape, full of distinctive architecture, and is oozing with charm.

In the last issue of Milieu Magazine, a Greenway Parks home by interior designer Shannon Bowers was featured. It is eclectic and enchanting. The home encompasses modern features with traditional design. Basically, it has a little bit of everything to love. Speaking of love, Milieu Magazine is a new favorite publication of mine that has so many unique and high-end design elements, as well as up and coming designer features.

So have some fun and head to greener pastures today. Happy Weekend!

Photos of this home by designer Shannon Bowers were photographed by Peter Vitale and featured in Milieu Magazine. To see more photos of this home, visit www.Milieu-Mag.com

House by Shannon Bowers in Milieu Mag

The landscape lives up to the name of Greenway Parks. How lush and lovely is this greenery with the boxwoods flanking the walkway.

Bowers Living Room via Milieu

A hint of pink and a splash of yellow add a nice tonal element to this neutral room full of natural light.

Dining Area by Shannon Bowers in Milieu Mag

An early-nineteenth century Itaian chandelier provides a glamorous focal point over the Moorish-chairs and simplistic dining room.

Bedroom by Shannon Bowers in Milieu Mag

A serene and clean master retreat. The custom shades and upholstered headboard give-off a sense of calm.

Sitting area by Shannon Bowers in Milieu Magazine

Designers Guild wallpaper showcases the phenomenal arches in this upper-story sitting area.  This once again proves wallpaper doesn’t have to be bold (a misconception). Pick a soft pattern or a neutral texture.

Garden at Greenway Parks home of Shannon Bowers via Milieu Mag

A side garden of the home.  If you have the space, utilize the the side of your house. There is so much emphasis on the front and the back, but no one likes a bad side profile!

Wallpapered Bedroom by Shannon Bowers in Milieu Mag

A divine Quadrille wallpaper covers the walls in the daughter’s luxe room.