Aspen Architecture

While my escape to the cold Colorado air was wonderful, it is time to go back to Dallas. Before I rush off to the airport, I thought I would give you a glimpse at the wide range of Aspen homes that I saw during my stay. From the well-known Victorian style homes to the contemporary dwellings to the mountain manors, Aspen has an eclectic vibe and relaxed architectural atmosphere.

While some call it “Malibu in the Mountains,” I think it is a unique clash of cultures.  A woman dripping in jewels and a ski bum dripping in sweat may not have a lot in common on the outside, but deep down they both can share a love of Aspen. In my opinion, homes in Aspen take the same approach. Every home is so very architecturally distinct, but each pay homage to the land and picturesque town that they occupy.

A special thank you to the wonderful family I stayed with in Aspen. If you are traveling or visiting friends this summer, tomorrow I will share great hostess gift ideas!


Aspen, Colorado


A view of the town from Red Mountain.

Pop of Orange in this Aspen Home

Orange Pots by the front door of this Aspen Home

This home has wonderful contrast and a playful pop of color. The inside was just as delightful!

Aspen Victorian

A true Aspen Victorian home. As I mentioned before, I am drawn to more modern mountain homes, but you can’t help but admire this quaint and charming style.


Aspen Cottage

The lush landscaping during the summer is truly breathtaking. Everything was just so green!

Aspen Cottage Contemporary

Another traditional Victorian with contrasting paint and landscaping.

Aspen Courtyard

So many sweet little gardens!

Aspen Blue VIctorian

Aspen Home and Guest Cottage

Again, abundant flowers and a quintessentially picturesque Victorian. I love the guest cottage too!

Aspen Home 1

Oversized windows and distressed shutters on this Aspen home with shades of blue. Phenomenal!


Modern Lines on Aspen Home

A super modern Aspen estate full of architectural lines and lush greens.

Aspen Home Flowers

A tiered garden in front of this yellow Victorian.

Aspen Home with Bridge 1

Aspen Home 2

A true mountain style home. While the landscaping is stunning, I especially love how they have a bridge to the front door.

Aspen Home with great lines

I am a big fan of the copper gutters on this simple, yet significant home. Fabulous roof lines and a wonderful mountain view.

Blue and Brown Aspen Home

Shades of blue and brown on this home with modern landscaping.

Aspen Landscaping

I mentioned this in some of my earlier posts, but I really appreciate the use of different natural elements and textures that are often incorporated in the building of these homes.

Aspen Porch with pretty flowers

Lovely hanging baskets and potted plants.

Aspen Home with Frosted Gate

The mailbox looks like a leather clutch. Anyone else think so?! I love the copper details around the home.

Aspen trees and pretty landscaping

A set-back contemporary style home.

Aspen Trees lining the entry to CO Home

I love the sweet fenced in side yard and the abundant Aspen trees that flank the property.

Beautiful Aspen Home

I seriously can’t get enough of this house. The row of trees brings such great symmetry to the home. Just imagine it at Christmas!

Contemporary Aspen Home

A mix of texture. I admire the wild landscaping in the yard that makes the house have a softer edge.

Cottage Contemporary in Aspen CO

This photo does not do this house justice. It truly is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new.

Distressed Wood Aspen Home

A distressed wood house. So unique!

Contemporary Lined Aspen Home

Super contemporary, but I love the rock landscaping in the grass.

Flower Potted Entry in Aspen

Beautiful barrels of potted flowers line the steps. Summer here is magical for growing.

Green and Brown Aspen Home

A perfectly styled mountain home.

Ivory Covered Aspen Home 2

I adore the wall of green on this home. The windows are the perfect fit as well.

Large Garden in Front of Aspen Home

A larger Aspen Victorian. The front garden is charming.

Modern Aspen Home

Such a cool home. The gorgeous purple flowers lining the steps soften the home’s sharp lines.

Picture Window in Aspen Home

A large picture window provides the picture-perfect mountain view! What a great porch for entertaining.

Stone Aspen Home

A perfect Aspen home.

Potted Flower Entry in Aspen Home

A great use of stone on the front pillars. The potted plants really add a nice element to the entry.

Yellow Aspen Victorian

The historical society is very strict on any renovations to Victorian homes. Notice that wood contemporary looking structure to the back right? Well that is part of this house! A major mix of old and new.

Window Boxed Fence in Aspen

Another fabulous piece of property that has an equally beautiful home. This is the gate surrounding the property. Those flower boxes are spectacular!

Aspen_Woody Creek

While the homes are beautiful and the shopping is great, it is the nature surrounding that makes Aspen such a unique gem.

Photos By Christina Dandar For The Potted Boxwood.


Zen in Aspen

Being on vacation should automatically put you in a state of zen. There is something about the stillness of the mountains in summer and winter that brings a calming and serene presence to your being. When a friend of mine told me about an Aspen home that described the very essence of a calming mountain retreat, I knew I had to find it.

The home she mentioned was designed by Gretchen Greenwood Architects & Associates, with interior design by Lynni Hutton. The Arkansas owners are frequent travelers to Asia, and wanted to create an expansive mountain space that could house their gorgeous Asian antiques. After decades of visiting Aspen, they selected the prime location for their multi-level home perched on Red Mountain. The residence  offers expansive views of the town and Aspen Mountain, unlike any other piece of land in the area. It would be impossible to wake up in this home every morning and not feel like you are on vacation.

Take a peek inside this sophisticated, refined, and clean-lined Aspen home. Photos were originally published in Aspen Peak Magazine.

Zen Entry in Aspen Home

The large glass door in the entry way allows you to see into the home’s abundance of natural stone and wood textures.

Exposed Wood Beams and glass railing

Beautiful exposed wood beams and glass staircases allow for an open layout in the main living area.

Open FIreplace in the Main Room in Aspen Home

An architecturally significant fireplace and sunken seating area. The lights on this fireplace can change colors. Fun for a holiday party or event.

Asian Inspired Bathroom in Aspen Home

A beautiful guest bathroom. Every part of this house has a sanctuary feel.

Green sofa in this media

The downstairs media room. I love the calligraphy brushes on the coffee table.

Basement Kitchen and Game Room in Aspen Home

More of the downstairs media room. A kitchen, card table, and unique pool table fill the space.

Geisha Wall in Aspen Home

A beaded Geisha disguises this elevator in the home. Incredible!

Multi Level Staircase with Art on The Walls in Aspen Home

The multiple landings have doors to each of the different terrace suites. Contemporary art lines the walls and the windows allow for plenty of natural light.

A gorgeous Wood Chest in Aspen Home

A lovely guest bedroom.

Master Bedroom with screen headboard

The master suite has a beautiful Asian screen as the headboard. My favorite room in the house.

Asian Red Chest in This Aspen Home

Another view of the master bedroom shows off an antique red chest that gives a pop of color.

Fireplace and wood finishes

A private sitting area in the home. The whole house has a resort like feel with softer finishes.

Patios on the Multi-Level House

Terraces off of each of the eight suites give access to the multi-million dollar Aspen view.

Aspen Home on Red Mountain

A view of the home that is situated on Red Mountain and features 13,000 square feet of sophisticated, contemporary, and warm Colorado living.




A Modern Mountain Retreat

As I have mentioned before, I love a modern mountain house. If you are going to have a vacation home, you may as well keep your space clean, simple, and refined. Everyday life brings enough clutter as it is! The home in Aspen, which I am currently staying as a house guest, took a modern approach in their remodel, and let me tell you it feels right. Your interiors should compliment your exterior surroundings, especially when your view is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Today, I wanted to feature an Aspen home that takes a more sophisticated, simplistic, and contemporary approach to decor. This home is built by Studio B Architects and designed by Studio Sofield. They did an excellent job making the mountain view apart of the indoor design. The wood paneling and beautiful marble work is awe-inspiring.

The home was featured last year in Architectural Digest. Photos by Scott Frances.

Aspen Home designed by Studio B Architects

The home sits directly on Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. I love the stone and mahogany exterior.

Wall of Windows in Home by Sudi Sofield Interior Design

The house is full of windows that bring a great amount of light into the clean spaces full of texture and natural materials.

Living Room by Studio Sofield Architects

A modern glass railing and allows the upstairs to take-in the view.

Accordian Corner Window Gives this Banquet a Fresh View

An accordion window in the corner banquet gives breathtaking views and really allows the outdoors to be the focal point.

Kitchen in an Aspen Home by Studio B Architects and Studio Sofield Design

A stainless backsplash and sharp lines help the kitchen blend into the home.

Mountain View in Aspen Home by Studio B Architects and Studio Sofield Design

A perfect space for entertaining. I love the wood walls and ceiling. No corner was left unaccounted for.

Media Room in Aspen Home by Studio Sofield

A sleek oak-paneled media room. The back of the custom Studio Sofield sofa is very interesting.

Staricase in Home by Architects Studio B

A black-walnut staircase. I can’t get enough of the great juxtaposition of natural elements in the home.

Incredible Marble Wall in Aspen Home designed by Studio Sofield

Can you believe this Burma-teak marble wall? Seriously, that just looks phenomenal against the Waterworks tub.

Master Bedroom with incredible walls by Studio Sofield Architects

The master bedroom is adorned with perforated suede wall panels. A soft and warm look. I love the oversized kimono hanging from the ceiling.

Stone Wall and Wood Ceiling in Aspen Home

A little marble, a little wood, a little stone, a little glass. A lot of design!

Guest Room with Wood Headboard designed by Studio Sofield

A vintage George Nakashima bed. Incredible for a guest room.

Dressing Room of Aspen Home designed by Studio Sofield

A simple and modern dressing room. I love how the doors go all the way to the ceiling.

Incredible Marble Bathroom

The intricate mottled details of the Esmeralda onyx are showcased by the wide plank wood floors. It gives the appearance of a gorgeous sheet of Florentine paper.

A modern guest room designed by Studio Sofield

Serene, simple, and clean.

Windows and Wood Walls by Studio Sofield

This home is a little different from my personal style, but I love many of the elements used for a mountain house.


Aspen Moss

Growing up in Florida, every winter would bring a flux of people from the North coming to the sunshine state to escape the snow. Floridians somewhat-kindly refer to these people as “snowbirds.” This term is used not only to describe what they are fleeing, but often the color of their well maintained hair. Traffic is miserable, but it is always fun to guess what Cadillac is adorned with what northern license plate. A very similar type of migration happens in Colorado in the Summer. Only instead of snowbirds flocking the Rockies, it is Texans.

The heat in Dallas is truly miserable in July and August, so it is no wonder that many families from Dallas to Houston drive their oversized SUV’s and make their way to the Mountains of Aspen to Vail Village. Currently I am waking up in Aspen on this brisk morning and staying with a fabulous Dallas family. This week I thought I would pay tribute to beautiful Colorado homes. It is so hot out, so why not enjoy some Christmas styled homes in July.

Here is the beautiful Aspen home of Charlotte Moss (which has since been sold I believe) that was featured in Elle Decor. An oldie but goodie! Photos by Pieter Estersohn.

Stay Cool!

Charlotte Moss' Beautiful Aspen Home

Moss is a mastermind at incorporating blue and white into the home. I especially love those red velvet ottomans!  Her home is not a typical “mountain-decked-in-plaid-house” which is probably why I am drawn to it.

View in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

A room with a view.

Lots of Blue and White in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Another view of those red ottomans.

Wood Paneling in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Gorgeous woodwork in this paneled den. A truly timeless home.

Dining Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Tablescape in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

I love the fresh simplicity of the dining room. Not overly formal and full of natural light.

Beautiful Tapestry in Charlotte Moss' Aspen House

A gorgeous tapestry goes all the way up the wood planked ceiling. A tapestry is a great way to fill a space if you want to avoid another gallery wall or lack a nice large piece of art.

Vingette in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

Moss ties-in blue and white every chance she gets!

Living Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen House

A perfect home in the winter or summer.

Guest Roon 2 in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

A guest bedroom. I love the light fixture and two large beds.

Guest room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Ticking on the walls makes for a smart and classic bedroom. The leopard pillow on the bed adds a feminine and soft touch.

Antique Desk in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

Green Hallway in Charlotte Moss' ASpen Home

Windows are ideally placed in order to prevent this home from looking dark and somber. This gorgeous green hallway is nice and wide.

Master Bedroom in Charlotte Moss Aspen Home

The master bedroom. Clean, refined, and elegant. Clever how Moss has her bed posts resembling tree branches.

Dressing Room in Charlotte Moss' Aspen Home

This fur throw adds a punch of deep color and texture to this soft master bathroom.

Charlotte Moss on her Aspen Patio

Charlotte Moss sitting on her patio. Are you ready for winter? I would be if I could call this home.

See y’all tomorrow for more contemporary mountain design.  As always, follow me on instagram for up-to-date Colorado pictures.


Around The Townhouse

I once heard someone compliment a house by saying that they loved how they could open the front door and see straight through to the back. I was 11 years old when I heard that remark and I distinctly remember thinking that it was anything but a compliment. While open floor plans seem to be a popular concept, I like the the idea that each room can be distinct on it’s own and yet still blend with the house. One’s house can flow without having a whole floor encompassing one large space. This philosophy (which many won’t agree with) is why I love townhouses.

There is something about townhouses I find to be incredibly chic and sophisticated. A majority are three stories, but never very wide. It feels almost like a tree house, with each floor a layer and every room a story. They often hold a great deal of character and leave guests guessing what fabulous room is around the corner. I plan to feature plenty interiors of terrific townhouses on the blog, but today I am only going to give you a glimpse of just how chic the outside can be!

A reminder: Just because you live in a townhouse, it does not give you a right to sacrifice good landscaping. If that seems far fetched, just add two potted boxwoods by the front door- they really do make life better!

Be sure to follow The Potted Boxwood on Instagram next week for great design-inspired pictures from Colorado!

Townhouse in Lincoln Park Chicago via TFDAMH. jpg

A Lincoln Park, Chicago townhouse. Beautiful boxwoods and window boxes. Lovely architecture as well! Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Bunny Mellon's Townhome via FDAMH

Speaking of boxwoods….ahhhh! Bunny Melon’s townhome is my kind of heaven. The shutters are perfectly shaped and everything is so serene and wonderfully appointed. Photo source: The Food Dog Ate My Homework

Gorgeous Window Boxes via BJD Haus Design Blog

Incredibly designed window boxes make a statement! Photo source: BJD Haus Design

Greenwich Village Townhouse by Sawyer Berson

Look at the organized landscaping and sharp black shutters. This Greenwich Village townhome designed by Sawyer Berson would look perfect in every season, especially Fall!

London Townhouse on House Beautiful

A phenomenal South Kensington townhouse designed by Rob Southern. This entry is everything! Photo by James Merrell for House Beautiful 

Andrea Anson's NYC Townhouse via AD

Andrea Anson’s New York City townhouse is timeless and classic. Photo source: Architectural Digest 

Breakfast at Tiffany's Townouse

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s House has so much character (pun intended).

Charlotte Moss Townhouse

Charlotte Moss has such a flair for stylish living. A well landscaped courtyard in her NYC townhome.

Classic Townhouse via Flickr

Incredible architecture in this classic townhouse. Photo source: Flickr

Gorgeous Townhome and door via Pinterest

Seeing green in this chic a soft townhouse that packs personality. Photo source: Pinterest

Amazing Black and White Townhouse via Pinterest

Having quite a bit of fun with these statement steps and black glossed front door. Photo source: Pinterest

Townhome with Contrast via Pinterest

Lot’s of contrast between the black and white on this elegant townhome.

Great windows in this NYC townhouse via Little Green Notebook

Another great architectural townhome. The doors look so European! Photo source: Little Green Notebook

Gorgeous Townhome Entry via Pinterest

A lush and fresh townhouse entry. Photo source: Pinterest

Hewitt Horn Builders in Lincoln Park via FDAMH

The Lincoln Park area of Chicago is full of wonderfully built townhouses, like this one designed by Hewitt Hown Builders. 

Miles Redd's Townhouse

Miles Redd has such a gift for the use of color. It is no surprise that he let his NYC townhouse reflect his vibrant and design-genius personality.

Robert AM Stern Architects Townhome in West Village

A modern townhome in the West Village by Robert AM Stern. Lot’s of windows and great landscaping make the back visually appealing and functional.

Gorgeous Black Door and Topiaries via Habitually Chic

Lovely. Photo source: Habitually Chic

Townhome Photographed by Max Kim-Bee via Cote de Texas

A fabulous door. I love the serene and stately presence of this townhouse. Photo by Max Kim-Bee

Townhome vie Elle Decor

Quite the roof on this incredible Washington townhome via Elle Decor

Townhouse with Blue windows via The Fuller View

A statement, soft blue paint line the windows of this townhouse. Photo source: The Fuller View