Living Like Lauder

Inside the interiors of aerin lauder

Estee Lauder is a world-wide name synonymous of beauty. Fabulously packaged lipsticks, perfumes and powders have helped women feel their best since the brands inception in 1946. It is evident that Estee’s granddaughter Aerin is living up and exceeding expectations to the family name. Aerin Lauder is a true tastemaker, who approaches all types of style with a fresh and timeless elegance. From her new cosmetic line, AERIN, to her line of luscious fabrics from Lee Jofa, Aerin Lauder is making a name for herself in the sphere of beauty and design.

Obviously a woman who is sharing her good taste with the world would also have incredibly tasteful interiors. Her homes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Aspen reflect her effortless style with the perfect juxtaposition of classic and contemporary. Her homes, like her brands, are sure to inspire people to live more beautifully.

Interior design switches off from the equally chic Mark Hampton and Jaques Grange.

Aerin Lauder in Vogue

Aerin Lauder radiates elegance and effortless style. Photo source: Vogue

New York City and The Hamptons

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home

The den of her NYC home. What a wonderful paint color- navy meets charcoal. This room is featured in Aerin Lauder’s fantastic book Beauty At Home.

Den via Architectural Digest

Here is another view of the den. It has a wonderfully collected feel. Photo source: Architectural Digest.

Aerin Lauder Library via Elle Decor

Here was the older version of the library I featured on my post last week. Which one do you like better? I honestly love them both, but the navy looks sharper in my opinion. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Kitchen

Aerin Lauder’s NYC kitchen. I love the color of the floors combined with that chic and blue and white print. Her children’s artwork makes it feel playful and inviting. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC Home Elle Decor

The living and desk area in her NYC home. Notice how she takes more traditional fabrics and mixes them with modern art. It is such a refreshing look. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Elle Decor

I know some people have mixed emotions about rooms with repeated prints, but when you find a fabric you love you might as well use it to the fullest! Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder Living Area via Vogue

I really love how the coral on the side table pops in this room. Lots of pretty blue and white patterns. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Sudy House and Garden

I really enjoy the mix of navy and black in this study, as well as the contemporary art. Photo source: House and Garden

Aerin Lauder Dining Room

Aerin Lauder’s dining area with a beautiful tablescape. Her use of fabrics and color never ceases to amaze me. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder NYC dressing room via moodboard

Here is her iconic dressing room with gorgeous Gracie wallpaper. Notice the different arrangement of the room compared with my earlier post on closets. That desk really adds life to the room. Photo source: Moodboard

Aerin Lauder Bar via NYT

Aerin Lauder’s tabletop bar area as featured in the New York Times. Those miniature lamps really add character to the already interesting furniture piece.

Aerin Lauder Hamptons home via la doce vita

The Lauder family’s Greek Revival style Hampton’s Home. White house and black shutters=my personal heaven. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons front door

Another great picture of the front door flanked by two topiary trees. I love the white-painted floorboards. Photo source: Quintessence

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home yard view

The grounds are simply stunning. Wonderful landscaping throughout. How a Hampton’s home should be!

Aerin Lauder Country House via Vogue

A beautiful sitting area in the Hampton’s house. Lot’s of blue and white throughout. Look how the coffee table sinks in to display her blue and white china. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Living Room via Elle Decor

Another living area in the Hampton’s home. As you will see with the next picture, this is the older arrangement of the room. I do love the orange walls with plum chairs. Photo Source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder East Hampton Home in Vogue

Here is the more updated version of the room. I love the incorporation of green velvet. Happy to see that she kept the leapord sofa as well! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder The Potted Boxwood

The dining area of the home. Notice her consistent use of blue and white throughout the home. Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Kitchen via Elle Decor


Her Hampton’s kitchen in Elle Decor. She has such a fresh and casual approach to this room. Those bar stools are swoon worthy!

Aerin Lauder Hampton Master via Elle Decor

Again, Aerin loves the use of patterns throughout. This fabric by Michael Divine really allows the white in the bedding and rug to pop against the cream and brown colors. Photo source: Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder child's room Hamptons via Elle Decor

Back to a more modern mix for one of her son’s bedrooms in the Hamptons. How fun for a boys room! Photo source: Elle Decor

Guest Bedroom in Aerin Lauder Hamptons Home

A guest bedroom in their Hampton’s home. I would never leave! Photo source: Pinterest

Aerin Lauder Beauty at Home outdoor area

The outdoor/indoor living area as featured in Aerin’s book Beauty at Home. I love how the window displays the fabulous greenery outside. Photo source: One Kings Lane 

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Beauty at Home

Another view of the space. How lush! Notice the blue and white pots by the french doors. Photo source: One Kings Lane

Aerin Lauder South Hamoton Home via La Dolce Vita

Another view of the back of the beautiful home. Photo source: La Dolce Vita

Aerin Lauder Hamptons Pool House via Quintessence

The pool area. What a great tablescape for a summer luncheon. Photo source: Quintessence


Aerin Lauder Aspen Home via dicorciadesign

Changing gears for cooler weather at her Aspen home. Personally, I loathe the whole “cabin-lodge” look that is in most winter homes. The contemporary vibe and large windows let the focus be more on the mountains than the inside. Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Home

How striking is that black wall and glass staircase. Sharp! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Aspen Bedroom via popbee

A simplistic and stunning wood wall. Love the fur pillows! Photo source: Vogue

Aerin Lauder Office via AD

Aerin Lauder’s office designed by Jacques Grange is clearly just as chic! That sofa is everything! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Beauty at Home by Aerin Lauder

This is one coffee table book you don’t want to miss! Even more of her stylish interiors. Purchase on Amazon

Aerin Lauder Fabrics via AD

Some of her fabric designs for Lee Jofa. I love the green and white combo! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Aerin Lauder Lamp

One of her gorgeous gold lamps. To see and purchase her light fixtures visit

Aerin Lauder Beaty Products

Her beauty products come in the prettiest of packaging. The Aerin lip conditioner is a personal necessity of mine. Available at Neiman Marcus. Photo source: The Beauty Gypsy 


A Little Bit of This

When summer comes around I feel the sudden need to edit my surroundings. From dishes to dish soap, I switch out the warmer tones to those that are more seasonally upbeat.  My faux fur blanket becomes an oversized turkish towel, and bright colors become more prominently placed.

I’m going to keep it simple today, it is Friday after all. Here are a few old and new summertime housewares, accessories, and links I am loving at the moment.

Click the pictures for links to the products.


C Wonder plate 2 C Wonder plate


C. Wonder coral melamine plates in nautical blue. Perfect for by the pool.

JA Pop Rock Glass white

I just purchased these Jonathan Adler Pop Rock glasses in white. They can be used for a summer dinner party or chic dinner on the patio.

JA Pop Rock Glass orange

JA Pop Rock Glass Turquoise

How fun and fabulous are the orange and turquoise shades!?!

cucina orange dish soap

Normally I use the classic Cucina dish soap, but during the summer I love to switch to the blood orange scent. Makes washing a dish a little more pleasant!

Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash

This body wash by Molton Brown is not the typical Eucalyptus scent that comes to mind. It makes your shower smell like an upscale spa, and helps waking up a little more enjoyable.

Crema Per Le Mani Santa Maria Novella

Speaking of spa, this creme by Santa Maria Novella is a spa for your hands. Non-greasy and smooth as summer silk.

Brigg's Freeman Home

Brigg's Freeman Home Part 2


Wilson Fuqua is designing this Dallas home that is currently pending. All of his work is incredible! I have several pictures of his homes on my instagram and didn’t even know it was him! New favorite find.



OKL Mayville Cofee Tables

I adore this coffee and side table currently featured on One Kings Lane. From modern to classic, they can find a home in any house!

wisteria large basket

I recently purchased this Iron Mesh Basket from Wisteria (it is on crazy sale!). My woven basket that held my blankets was used a chew toy by my pug puppy, so I had to think fast. Luckily, iron is not as easy to destroy and this looks great next to the sofa!

Mark D SIkes puppy HRH Lily in Veranda

In the August issue of Veranda, Mark D. Sikes‘ perfect home is featured (I literally mean perfect- there is not one thing to change). They also have an interview with his adorable frenchie, HRH Lily. How cute is she lounging by the potted boxwoods? Follow the princess pup on instagram @hrhlily.

Also, I wonder if Lily and Emmie would be friends? ; )Emmie

Emmie and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Into The Designer Den

I love summer, but the Texas heat makes me like summer better indoors. While laying by the pool with a good book sounds appealing, being covered in sweat and bug bites (and getting wrinkles) is not. Lately, there have been plenty of fabulous thunderstorms that call for lounging on a comfy couch, reading a good book, and just watching it pour (while I pour a drink).

I believe dens and libraries should be small, collected, and full of books and personal items of treasure. I also think they should be perfectly painted. Correction: I REALLY think they should be perfectly painted- every inch of the space. I like dens that have a jewel box feel, and that are heavily high-glossed and full of texture. Happy study-ing!

Markam Roberts via Arch Digest

Isn’t this fun? Between the animal print rug, the tree stump table, and the gorgeous shades of blue, this room is certainly a talking point. It is a magical mix of chic comfort and color. The room is by Markham Roberts in Architectural Digest.

Aerin Lauder Library via Elle Decor

Gorgeous texture and gold accents in Aerin Lauder‘s library featured in Elle Decor.

Black shelving Hermes blankets via design shuffle

Contrast is key in this little den. I adore the black shelving and the pictures mounted on the outside. Also, I can’t tell if that is a dark plum rug? If so, I love it even more! Photo source: Design Shuffle

Navy Den House Beautifuljpg

As you will quickly see, I am having a blue moment in this post today. I also adore all things velvet. It gives such a great element of texture and luxury to a room. I especially love the wallpapered ceiling and sconces throughout the room. This library is by Jeanette Whitson, featured in House Beautiful 

Dark Paneling via design chic

High-gloss dark paneling with a nailhead and white sofa. It is a combination of masculine and feminine. Photo source: My Design Chic 

Garoow Kedigan via Habitually Chic

This lacquered lively blue den is designed by the talented Garrow Kedigian. Everything he does is so chic! I love the contrast on the bookcase shelves.  Photo source: Habitually Chic

Grey Library Ann Holden via Veranda

Here is velvet, high-gloss and gray again…I know, I am somewhat predictable. But, this does have a more modern edge, without being overly trendy. It really is a great room by Ann Holden featured in Veranda.

Rob Southern via Veranda

This den has a lot going on. A pop of zebra, shocking royal blue seating, and a contemporary acrylic coffee table. All of that is toned down by the more classic wooden panel walls and stately brass accents. The decor is by Rob Southern in Veranda.

Laquer and Gold Den via Pinterest

I am not a big red person in decorating, but pink doesn’t scare me. I love the combination of the two in the study, with the pink walls and fabric along with the red lamp and garden stool accents. So fabulously feminine! Photo source: Pinterest


Nate Berkus via Pretty Stuff

Navy has arrived again! What a phenomenal gallery wall. Honestly, the rest of the room could be decorated with bean bags and it would still look chic because of the walls! If you couldn’t already tell, this room was designed by Nate Berkus.

Lee Radziwell via T Mag

As timeless as it’s owner. Lee Radziwill’s library featured in T Magazine. Full of natural light, classic pattern, and hues of pink.

Navy Library via east coast collge kid

A great shade of navy and a wonderful tufted leather bench. Actually, the desk may be my favorite part of the room. They don’t make them like that anymore! Photo source: East Coast College Kid


Dark Den via Domaine Home

Black is back. Well, it never really went away…except in bathrooms (that awful late 80’s trend with black toilets and tubs…yuck!) I digress…I love how the black in this room makes all of the furniture, art, and fixtures more vivid and noticeable. Also, do you see that gorgeous gold lamp next to the sofa!? Photo source: Domaine Home


Library via SanMarcousa

A breath of fresh air from all of my paint-focused rooms. This is a soft and inviting library. I like how they used two arm chairs instead of a bulky sofa, it makes the room feel more open. Photo source: San Marcousa

Library with color W-Cdesign

Back to color and paint. I adore the pattern on these shades and the window bench. Also, that leather and steel chair adds such a contemporary classic feel to the library. Photo source: Pinterest

Miles Redd Study via Tear it Out

This is the collected feel I was talking about. The type where you can leave a magazine open with a coffee on the desk and not feel like it is making a mess. Cozy and chic. The room is by the ridiculously amazing designer Miles Redd. Photo source: Tear It Out

The foo dog ate my homework

Oh hello blue, long time no see! Notice how they used the paneling and color all the way to the fireplace door. What a great space for the use of the oriental rug as well. The colors from the rug keep the room from looking too monotone. While this room is pretty during the day, I bet it is even better looking at night (that’s what she said ;). Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Elle Decor Quote

“My colors are blush and bashful.” “Your colors are pink and pink.”-Steel Magnolias. This room makes me happy and the quote by Alejandra Redo could not ring more true to my design style. Have a great day! Photo source: Elle Decor



Wedded Bliss

Wedding is a word that has become an integral part of my vocabulary over the past two years. I’m at the age where all of those around me are tying the knot and setting high standards for the other brides that follow. While I am not on the train headed towards wedded bliss and a 7 carat emerald cut, I sure enjoy riding along and seeing what the brides choose for their ideal day.

However, weddings should not be a race to out-spend or take the award for the best “wow” factor, instead they should be a reflection of the couple. A true testament to their (well maybe just the bride’s) tastes and personalities. While the weddings below are definitely extravagant, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that have more intimate and personal ambience. Starting with my absolute favorite…

Dainelle Steele Daughter Wedding 2

Danielle Steele Daighter Wedding 1

I love the formality and the intimate ambience. Notice the sole use of candles to light the room and different types of white flowers that line the table. This is the wedding of author Danielle Steel’s daughter Vanessa Traina in Steel’s San Francisco home. The photos are by one of my favorite wedding photographers Samuel Lippke Studios and originally appeared in Vogue.

Rustic Glam wedding Photo by Braedon Photography via Style Me Pretty

A gorgeous use of gold and blue. The colored floral arrangements are almost a surprise on a table where white flowers would surely be expected.  Photo by Braedon Photography on Style Me Pretty.

Samuel Lippke Photog via Style Me Pretty

As much as I love round tables for talking, there is something so much more glamorous about a long table, especially for displaying height. I couldn’t imagine a prettier use of white orchids on a very tasteful tablecloth. Completely updated and classic.  Photo is by Samuel Lippke Studios on Style Me Pretty.

Scott Snyder Tabletop via The Glam Pad

While not a place setting designed for a wedding, I sure think it would be refreshing in a reception. I love the use of Chinese porcelain patterns for the china and arrangement vase.  Table setting by Scott Snyder. Photo source The Glam Pad.

Simple and Perfect via Southern Charm

Look at this. Gold chairs. White Tablecloth. White flowers. A pretty chandelier. So simple, yet so elegant. Less is often more. Photo source: Southern Charm 

Soft entertaining via Pinterest

Between the boxwoods in the background and the classic chairs with white linens…this is a backyard wedding to make Annie Banks envious. Total soft elegance. Photo source: Pinterest

Todd Events Blue and White

While Todd Events is based in Dallas, they will throw a grand party all over the globe. How can you not admire the use of blue and white and green (my favorite color combo)?

Tropical Chic via David Tutera

If I were to get married anywhere tropical, this would be my inspiration. The simple white scheme is only made perfect with the palm leaves on the back of the chars. The differing heights for the flowers allow for across table talk, without sacrificing the need for height on the long tables. Photo source: David Tutera

Yellow and Lemons via Todd Events

Here, Todd Events proves once more that they know the art of florals and tablescapes. While I would never choose this color combination on my own, it works together to form a timeless centerpiece. Yolanda Foster and her lemons would approve.

Acryllic Chairs and fraping hydrangeas via bippity boppity boo

A table runner that drapes with green hydrangeas. Say no more. I am drooling. Also, I’d love your thoughts on acrylic chairs- do you think their moment has passed? I have mixed emotions- I own one, but feel it is often overused these days. Photo source: Bippity Boppity Boo

Blue and white flowers via Luxodefesta

Blue and White and nothing I don’t like. Classic for any wedding, big or small. Photo source: Luxodefesa

Carats & Cake

This is so effective. A gorgeous oversized arrangement, yet very uncomplicated. Photo source: Carats & Cake

Chandelliers in Bird Cages via Todd Events

Chandeliers in bird cages. Just another creative element of Todd Events.

Color Branches and Candles via Pinterest

I feel like this tablescape would be ideal for the girl who wears Anthropology dresses and has a really cool and eclectic personality. The branches, lights, colors, and candles give a more earthy and bohemian feel. Photo source: Pinterest

Flower Balls via David Tutera

Balls of flowers. This is reminds me of something I would see in the lobby of The Wynn in Las Vegas. It is impossible to not appreciate this true floral creativity.  Photo source: David Tutera

Flowers for days via luxe city guides

Preston Bailey has a flair for the dramatic, especially when it comes to flowers. These floral candelabra sticks are no exception. Photo source: Luce City Guides

Fun for a Wedding or Rehersal via Splenderosa

This would be my ultimate rehearsal dinner space. Cafe lights and with lots of greenery. It creates a magical and calm environment, perfect combination for a great party. Photo source is the fabulous Splenderosa blog

large green arrangements via My Favorite and My Best

Limelight hydrangeas look spectacular in large settings. I love how they used no other flowers or fillers. Photo source: My Favorite and My Best

Leslie Shipp Wedding

My good friend Leslie’s wedding. I love the romantic feel of tea lights, differing heights for the flower arrangements, and the phenomenal floral chandelier. Photo by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood.

Miane Wedding Todd Events

What a great way to host a Lobster bake or any type of coastal affair. So smart to use the steel buckets as vases. Photo source: Todd Events

MIndy Weiss The Bridal Detective

Mindy Weiss is a genius at weddings because no details is overlooked. Blue vases and pink florals pop on the black and white striped linens. I really adore this! Photo source: The Bridal Detective.

Mindy Weiss via Inside Weddings

I appreciate the different flowers (all grouped together consistently) and the different colors and heights. Flowers make a huge difference at weddings. This tablescape is timeless. is Table by Mindy Weiss. Photo source: Inside Weddings 

Mindy Weiss Weddings

This tent is flanked by the prettiest flowers. Just hope it doesn’t rain! Photo and design by Mindy Weiss.


Meyers Magic

You may not recognize Nancy Meyers’ name at first glance, but I guarantee you know her movies. Her titles include Father Of The Bride, The Parent Trap, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It’s Complicated. When you think of all these movies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For most people the immediate answer would be the spectacular houses. Yes, the movies are funny and smart, but the decor is so chic it is hard to peel your eyes away.

Meyers’ creates homes in her movies that are inviting, timeless and reflective of the personalities of her lead characters. Her impeccable taste shines through, which is why so many people gravitate towards her movies and lust after the homes in them. See some of her chic movie homes below!


Nancy Meyers in Elle Decor

The mastermind writer, producer, and director Nancy Meyers featured in Elle Decor.

The Parent Trap


The Parent Trap Napa House via All things Luxurious

The Napa Valley home known as “Parker Knoll” in the movie. Photo source: All Things Luxurious


A panoramic shot of the home. I love the layout of the estate and the tiered landscape. Photo source is the real-life architect Mark LaRoche (see more of the vineyard here).


The open living room layout with an oversized fireplace and interior shuttered windows. Slightly dated furniture, but the space is still beautiful.  Photo source: Sophisticating




The front of 7 Pinprick Lane in the Parent Trap. A classic London townhouse look. I love window boxes. Photo source: Pinterest

The Parent Trap London Entry via Pinterest

The entry of the London home. These stairs are perfectly curved, and the orange color would be hard to replicate- it is the perfect shade! Photo source: All Things Luxurious

Something’s Gotta Give

The Hamptons


The front of the Hampton’s Home in Something’s Gotta Give. Photo source: Hooked On Houses

Something's GG Living Room via Mcubeddesign

The living area is so fresh, clean, and comfortable. Photo source: Mcubed Design

Something's GG Living room via Hooked on Houses

Another view of the living area. The perfect beach house design. Photo source: Hooked on Houses


What a great idea to use different shades and shapes of white plates and platters. Photo source: Cote de Texas


A very livable kitchen. Classically white and comfortable. Photo source: Pinterest

Something's GG via Collage of Life

The bedroom (Diane Keaton at the desk there). Everything about this house is relaxed, inviting, and spacious. It is the kind of house that would look good with a little sand from the beach mixed in. Photo source: Collage of Life

The Holiday


The Holida LA house via pinterest

A fabulous home with a beautiful breezeway above the door. This house is full of contrast! Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Backyard LA House via Pinterest

The back of the house. Great navy loungers with white pillows. As you can see from the back of the house, it is a perfect modern spanish colonial. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday LA Bedroom via Pinterest

The master bedroom. The textured rug makes for a more inviting space. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Living room LA via Pinterest

The living room in the movie. This house loves contrasting neutrals. I really enjoy the wide paned french doors. Photo source: Pinterest

The Holiday Living via Cottonwood Interiors

This house a great reminder that white walls can bring in great light, and really allow for your furniture to be the focal point.

English Countryside


A sweet and charming English cottage. A great shade of blue/green lines the windows, door, and gate.

The holiday Cottage Living via Sophisticating

So English in every way. That tufted ottoman would look great in any space, modern or traditional. Photo source: Sophisticating

The Holiday Cottage Living Area via Modern Country Style

Another view of the cottage’s living area. It feels like a grown-up doll house. Photo source: Modern Country Style 

It’s Complicated

Santa Barbara


The charming house in It’s Complicated. A perfect placement for a front yard swing. Photo source: Pinterest

It's Complicated via lattelisa

The bricked courtyard area. Photo source: Latte Lisa

It's Complicated Kitchen via House Beautiful

The kitchen includes open shelving, cararra marble island and picturesque window overlooking the courtyard. Photo source: Pinterest

Living Room of It's Complicated House via Pinterest

The living space. There isn’t anything not to love. A perfect space to gather with family and gossip with friends. Photo source: Pinterest

It's Complicated Living area via My Lucious Life

Another view of the living room. Fabulous arched wood ceilings. Photo source: My Luscious Life

It's Complicated Hallway via My Luscious Life

The hallway leading to the master bedroom. The courtyard allows for windows and doors to be present in all areas of the home. Photo source: My Luscious Life

  It's Complicated Bedroom via pinterest

The master bedroom. A complete collected California vibe. Photo source: Kelly Green Interiors